Phx AZ the Great Dissapointment in the West!

 ghostrider Mr.
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Star Rating 12/5/2011
My wife and I moved her about 4 yrs ago. It has truely a struggle to cope with the backwards communities and the horrible State and local Gov. If you looking to be here please revisit that.
Realitors are a joke around here and I have went thru a dozen looking for suitable house for rent. These folks say they are full service but they are truely not. They fail to realize by planting a few seeds to the weary traveler they just might get some to invest. But we are talking about lacklust West coasters.
They think this is the place and everybody should by in. HOG WASH!

Restaurants,malls and groceies store all practive poor service. What really strikes me is . These people jsut don not care and are here to collect a check!
Everything is a pill. The State saying should be"You can do that its a against the city ordinace!" by the way you are out of compliiance and you will be accessed a fine. That is exactly how these people are!
I you from the Mid West anf my beloved South East. do yourslf a flavor and do not move her. I have one year before we can transfer by to life that is less stressful.



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You hit the nail on the head!! Chandler and the rest of the county are filled with the most rude, ignorant people in the nation! Not to mention the smog, traffic, crime, brutal heat, and poisonous insects. I cannot wait to leave this place!



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