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Having lived in the town of Naperville since 1989 it would be wrong to state that the climate is either too hot or too cold. Instead, Naperville is a city which experiences on average a wide shift of weather conditions and the ambient temperature that comes with them. Due to it's location and relative topography, Naperville is exposed to traditional Midwestern weather in addition to the occasional shift brought on by Lake Michigan. Temperatures in the summer traditionally hover around the mid to high 80s, but the region has had the occasional extreme day in which temperatures reach triple digits, though these are traditionally limited to a couple times a year. Winter (especially January) is a period in which Arctic air from Canada is known to push down into the region and keep temperatures well below freezing. Coupled with the ever present 'wind chill' factor that comes with living in the Midwest, temperatures can often times go below zero degrees and in extreme conditions as low as -40 F. Yearly percipitation is to be expected with an emphasis on Spring being the primary season of rainfall. Additionally, Humidity should be considered as a factor in the spring and summer weather as relative humidity can reach high levels (as has been seen this July) making warm temperatures even more difficult to live in. In summation, the weather of the region is neither hot nor cold, nor temperate, but a mix of extremes.



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