Crestview Climte

Star Rating 4/7/2008
Hurricanes, tornados, insects.
We're moving WEST



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Reviews for Crestview, Florida

marc mason
Crestview, FL
Its humid here. you will stick to everything...
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Rodney Nichols
Crestview, FL
Interesting Place
I just relocated to Crestview. Been a very big roller ...
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Antionette Brown
Crestview, FL
I Absolutely HATE This Small Country Town
I just moved here and I absolutely hate this town! The...
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Tanya Bennett
Lake Park, GA
Southern Hospitality Not To Be Mistaken For Ignora
I actually read a review of Crestview that was from 200...
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Sandra Abbott
Crestview, FL
I have a comment. We are all having a hard time findin...
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jas Smith
Crestview, FL
Big Mistake
Moved to Crestview and ever since have regretted it. I ...
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