only drug addicts like aiken county

 tammy craig
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Star Rating 5/3/2011
there is nothing good about aiken county, the people in windsor, s.c. have no transportation offered to them, and they are 20 miles from a grocery store, the roads in windsor are to dangerous to drive on, they need to be paved, there are no jobs in aiken county, and the workers at the employment office on richland avenue know that, they treat people bad, and laugh at them, I lost my job, I have no income, my umemployment was denied, I can't get social security, there are no lawyers in aiken county that will help me, I tried to get food stamps, they told me I have to wait 37 days, I tried to go to acts to get food, they always help every one, they made me wait 2 hours to tell me they can't help me, there should be more help for people in this bad economy,
the police officers of aiken county are supposed to answer calls for the windsor area, they tell people to solve there own problems in windsor, all people do in windsor is suffer, and wait to die, there is no help, the home I live in is filled with bugs, and mildew, and cat mess every where, aiken county is not a great place, graniteville, s.c. is a terrible place filled with ghosts that torture people, there is also evil people all over graniteville, the air is polluted bad, most of the people in graniteville rapes young children, aiken county is not a great place to retire, the ambulance service is a nightmare, the workers are not concerned with people's health, they are concerned about giving tickets to innocent people



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Brian S.

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As identified by the poster. Choose Aiken SC specifically and you will not choose any location in Florida. As professionally communicated to me by a paid evaluator. See you really have to read the all posts. I recently retired.



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