Commute From Richmond To DC Now Much Better

 Pam Polmateer
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Star Rating 12/31/2009
There are tons of us commuting daily from Richmond (a great place to live) to the DC metro area (better paying jobs). Most of us have tried all the options to see which one works best for us. A few months ago, however, a new option appeared on the scene. Spirit Tours is now providing a luxury motor coach (soft reclining seats, overhead storage for luggage, bathroom, dvd screens) with professional drivers that departs Richmond (and a few other places) each morning and drops off at the Pentagon (metro access to all of DC), and a few other places. Unlike Greyhound and Amtrak, the cost is reasonable, can be paid per month, and qualifies for the government Transportation Subsidy benefit. To me, this is the best option so far, by far. It's so very comfortable, and because we commuters aren't having to share the driving, everyone is pleasant and stress-free. I could never go back to the cramped, drama filled vanpool scene. This is the happiest I've been with my commute for years, so I thought I should share the information with my fellow Richmonders or potential Richmonders. Spirit Tours contact number is: 804-517-4974.



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