stay out of Rockford,IL.

Star Rating 10/23/2009
Rockford is truely a living breathing nightmare. Recently, a young bi-racial man was gunned down inside of a chuch slash daycare. He'd had a dispute with his girlfriend; police were called;the young man ran across the street to avoid the police. He was shot in the back by two white officers. The same officers that had priors of shooting other victims. There were children and adult witness that saw the terrible incident. This is not the only racially sparked evil that has lingered throughout this town. Unemployment in this town is the highest in the whole state. Drugs, crime and police brutality laces this den of doom!



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Carrie Cleary
Rockford, IL
SO much to do!!!!
The Park district and golf courses are beautiful & so a...
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Rockford, IL
Property. taxes
We are planning on moving. This city is raping its citi...
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Rockford, IL
Moving ASAP
I currently live in Rockford IL and need to get out of ...
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Elgin, IL
Crime Stats for City of Rockford for zip code 6110
Lookimg for crime stats in zip code 601103...
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Rockford, IL
This is Where I Stay
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Christine Stott
Rockford, IL
It makes me sad, such a shame
Rockford could be SO much better than this. But high un...
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