great town but expensive

Star Rating 3/1/2006
I recently moved to Yardley just before the 2005 floods. Yardley is a great town, perhaps one of the best in the whole Philadelphia metropolitan area. Yardley has a small downtown with historic homes, all perfectly preserved. No chain stores here, and the only stores that are here are built with historic ambiance. There is a lake in the center of town that people ice skate on in winter. The light up the town like a Old New England town during Christmas. The town is chock full of old stone houses, old churches, rocky streams, and of course, the Delaware river is the eastern edge. When the snow falls, it may be the prettiest town in all of Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the town has been engulfed into the Princeton area, so while it is still suburban, a lot has changed. The people here can be a bit snobby, and there are currently no homes outside the flood zones that are under $350k. Still, I enjoy living here, and will remain here as long as I can afford to do so.



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great town but expensive
I recently moved to Yardley just before the 2005 floods...
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