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Retirement - 2/24/2009
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I've worked with retirees relocating and really enjoy hearing their comparisons to the stated and cities they have moved from. Silver City has them all beat and that is what is making this town a retirement destination. I would say the majority of the comments are about the fine weather in Silver City.

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Spokane, WA

I love reading the comments - 1/28/2016

I just wish that there was a lot more of them, the last i just saw here, was from way back in 2009 & it is now Jan 2016, i really enjoy this site, it appears to be needing a bit more word to get around about it, so i'll do my very best at getting the word out, because i'd hate to see this great site close out, so i'm hoping to learn more about Silver City, NM & anything about Carson City, NV, would be very helpful, thanks everyone.

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Silver City, NM

Five Times Its Census Size - 10/25/2009

We moved to Silver City because we wanted a community with a university, close to Mexico but without the desert blast furnace. We found all those items and plenty more. It's packed with interesting people who have done interesting, important things during their lives. We usually experience conflicts among two or three events when we plan our weekends. It boasts good medical care, a great lifelong learning program associated with the university, first rate hiking and biking, some solid restaurants and some gourmet experiences one can't find in Santa Fe, progressive voices, and delivery (in town) of the Sunday NY Times.

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Silver City, NM

Retirement - 2/24/2009

I've worked with retirees relocating and really enjoy hearing their comparisons to the stated and cities they have moved from. Silver City has them all beat and that is what is making this town a retirement destination. I would say the majority of the comments are about the fine weather in Silver City.

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Winfield, IL

Not the place to raise a family... - 2/22/2009

I lived in Silver City from 2nd grade through my sophomore year in high school. Yes, Silver has arguably the greatest geographic location of any city in the state..The town is great for hiking, biking, bouldering, camping, fishing, just about anything for an outdoor enthusiast. However, it has a dark underbelly of crime, gangs, drugs and corrupt government. I have a lot of fond memories of being really young in Silver. We lived on 5 acres when I was in elementary school and it was great. I have watched so many people's lives be sucked into the troubles of Silver..maybe it is a great place to retire, where you don't have to be involved in it's problems but, I would never ever recommend raising a family in this town.

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Silver City, NM

living in silver city - 4/20/2007

Hi all --- I've been here 9 month. I moved here with no idea as to what it would be like. My first months here were quite difficult but finally with a new job, I'm settling in. The key is getting involved with a group so that you can get to know people. Wages aren't the best here and I figure that's why the cost of living is so low. If you have other income or retirment is coming in, you will do fine. Going into the work force -- well, the pay scale here isn't great and I figure that's why the cost of living is said to be low. I am able to get by only because I also have some social security coming in. Many people work more than one job. There are some higher paying jobs, but many applicants for them. I thought I was in high desert but was told no, that this is the foothills to the Gila National Forest. Five miles up the mountain is the Continental Divide. About an hour and 15 min. away to the north are the Gila Cliff Dwellings and hot springs. About 35 min away to the south is the City of Rocks (park) also with hot springs. The weather is nice. I love snow and there isn't much of that in this area. Most of the time snow usually comes during the night and melts by 10am. Or, it will snow during the day but melt as it touches the ground. I didn't find winter to be exceptionally cold. Once I wore a coat. And summer wasn't really hot either. In July/August they have their monsoon season and by afternoon clouds come with breezes and then the rain, which cools down the temperature. They have fantastic thunder/lightening storms. Oh yes, the leaves did turn during fall this past year. And, id anyone is like me, if you want some snow you can drive up the mountain a bit. Usually there are a lot of things going on. This weekend is the Earth Day event at the park. Next weekend is the Festival of Spring. There is a university here so there are cultural events also. On the 4th of July they have a large parade, ending up at the park. They also have a wild wild west rodeo and wild west parade. At Christmas time they have a lighted Christmas parade downtown. It's not a sophisticated parade, but sweet. Gas is supposed to go up to $2.91 this weekend. All stations charge the same thing. BUT the good news is that you can most of the time, get by on one tank of gas per month. Everything is close by -- rarely do you go more than 3-5 miles to get anywhere. Downtown is "quaint." Lots of art galleries and antique type shops in old buildings, some brig

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Durham, NC

What Causes the Pollution - 2/3/2007

It seems that the air is very polluted for the population. Does the pollution come from El Paso or is the air as polluted as this site indicates? Is the pollution worse in the winter do to temperature inversion? Thanks for your feedback on this.

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Bartlesville, OK

Quality of Life in Silver City, NM is Great - 9/23/2006

Hi April, give Silver City 5 stars in so many categories. I had intended to retire there--I have 5 acres just outside the city limits with beautiful views (paved road, too). However, I think I'll go back to my native NY. However, it's a tough call. The low humidity in SC is wonderful for the health. It's a good elevation. The four seasons are all comfortable. Lots to do; also easy to get away. And, you can be in tall pine Ponderosa or desert in 45 minutes or less, depending on which way you go. So you can experience a lot of different kinds of beauty. I highly, highly recommend it. As I said, it's a tough call for me, because I can build a house in SC for retirement, or a vacation home; or go back to NY. Truthfully, SC has NY beat as far as health and cost of living go, in so many ways. Suggestion: go and spend a month there. Warning: you'll fall in love.

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Yucca Valley, CA


I would like more info on the quality of life in Silver City. Air quality, health resources, seniors (where do they go for joint/hip replacement, cancer treatment. Do they have to go to Las Cruces? As a future retirement home this is very important. Crime, is it bad? Also anything else about the area would be appreciated. The real climate etc., as I get different info from one source over another. Is golf, fishing, other things to do good? Are there mostly dirt roads if you live on an acre or more. We lived in Santa Fe in 1985 for one year and stayed in Carlsbad for three months in mid winter. I know this is a tall order but I really am interested in all info & comments good or bad. I have read a lot of forum comments about Alamorgodo (more golf there as we can play on base.) which I first had the most interest in and we are going to look that area over also when we come out in September. What bothered me the most was forum comments on the blowing fine powdery sand. My husband has lung & severe sinus problems. We have been there in 1985 when we in Carlsbad. Also have been to Las Cruces, it's to big for us. We live in Yucca Valley CA at this time and it is a nice small town with similar home prices and quality of life. My husband does not like it here and I am thinking about accomodating him. We have moved around a lot and are for the most part Californians, but the nicer smaller places from no. to so. Cal. We are not big city people, but need basic conveniences. I would appreciate all comments on both places from people who know the area well.. Thank You, Gypsies

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