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Star Rating 2/24/2009
I've worked with retirees relocating and really enjoy hearing their comparisons to the stated and cities they have moved from. Silver City has them all beat and that is what is making this town a retirement destination. I would say the majority of the comments are about the fine weather in Silver City.



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Reviews for Silver City, New Mexico

Penny Donnelly
Silver City, NM
Silver City
I have lived here for a large potion of my life. Silver...
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Melody England
Spokane, WA
I love reading the comments
I just wish that there was a lot more of them, the last...
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Tom Hester
Silver City, NM
Five Times Its Census Size
We moved to Silver City because we wanted a community w...
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Daniel Cook
Silver City, NM
I've worked with retirees relocating and really enjoy h...
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Aaron Archuleta
Winfield, IL
Not the place to raise a family...
I lived in Silver City from 2nd grade through my sophom...
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Mary Walker
Silver City, NM
living in silver city
Hi all --- I've been here 9 month. I moved here with no...
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