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 Gregory White
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Star Rating 10/26/2010
I have lived in the Reno area for 21+ years. Here are the Cons: Downtown is dirty, homeless, bars, casino controlled, not family oriented, adult only community, concentration of crime. State has no idea how to fund or improve primary education- yet. Downtown and core of city has over 2,000 gang members. Currently poor area for jobs, high unemployment, ranks bottom of states in most social criterias. Reno is alpine looking about eight months of the year with about four being brown, brown and not pretty- the summer and early Fall time period. No real hot or real cold.

Here are the Pros: Almost all areas surrounding the city core, including many older and all newer housing subdivisions are excellent places to live, sans Sun Valley area. Low crime in the burbs. No environmental issues to speak of- water and air quality are very good most of the time here. Excellent, top notch recreation. Tahoe Basin 20 minutes from South Reno. Virginia City same time to the SE of Reno. Lassin NP three hour drive. Yosemite NP 1/2 day drive as are many Playgrounds os CA- Napa/Sonoma/Shanandoa Valley/SF/Mendocino/ N CA Coast, etc., etc., etc. Exploding arts scene in Reno. Top notch arts entertainment in SF. Reno has EXCELLENT climate- dry, but with mostly four seasons, some rain and snow, but allows ability to be outside mostly ALL year long. Lots of sun. No state income tax. By the way, HOUSING is AT AN ALL TIME LOW now- median price $169k and dropping. Great for new families to afford now. Great Shopping. Two top notch shopping centers opened in last seven years. Great food city. Great for hiking, best of class skiing, mountain biking. So, you get my drift- Reno city core sucks. Reno burbs and extended surrounding areas are OUTSTANDING. Take the good and leave the bad here.



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