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Could Agree With You More - Philly is Not a Good P

 Cheryl Larkin
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Star Rating 6/19/2011
This comment is in response to the person who wrote in July 2010 (I believe)that Philadelphia is not a great place to move/relocate. I am a 45 year old African-American woman, born and bred in the heart of Philadlephia. Philly seemed like a great place grow up, attend some to the best colleges (Temple Univ. grad), find a decent job and raise a family. Instead all of the big companies have exited the city, including Budd, TastyKake, Botany 500 and others. The jobs are scarce and if you want to raise your family in a nice neighborhood, be prepared to pay nearly $150,000 - $225,000 for a row home or twin home...not even a single/detached home. The crime is so through the roof that I don't watch the local news because it's too depressing. I watch CNN, MSNBC and HLN instead. Police officers are gunned down everytime you turn around. The sections of the city like West Philly, South Philly, North Philly, Mount Airy and other sections are so segregated...not so much by race but the fact that South Philly people don't venture into West Philly and North Philly don't mess with South Philly and people in Mount Airy are "too good" and don't mess with people in any of the other sections of Philly. Just giving you an idea of the mentality. No one trusts anyone and the people are rude to the 10th power. I dread going to the Pathmark Supermarket or the local CVS Pharmacy because the shoppers/patrons and workers are so uncoof and unprofessional. People grit on you...look you up and down. If you smile or speak to someone you don't know be prepared to be looked at like you're crazy. Everyone cuts you off while you are driving and like the guy said in the earlier post, if you intend on commenting or getting involved like when someone is throwing trash out the window, etc., be prepared for a fight. It's not worth losing your life because Philly folks are on the edge, disrespectful and non-caring. I have live in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn for a three year stint early in my professional career and never encountered the problems and total disrespect that exist in Philadelphia. Nobody has your back and that's really sad. I can't wait to move away from Philly!!! Don't get me wrong there are bad people everywhere and there are certainly good people in Philadelphia. As for neighborhoods, I love West Mt. Airy, Abington, Horsham, Wynnefield Heights (where I currently reside), Bala Cynwyd, King of Prussia...most of these are suburban surrounding areas. The teenagers are tearing apart downtown Philly/Center City with the flash mobs, smash and grab acts of violence. So if you are planning to relocate here, please think again. The glossy brochures glamorize downtown...the Liberty Bell...Besty Ross House...Rocky Steps...we'll you get what I'm saying but please investigate the real deal about Philth a del phia...City of Brotherly Hate and Sisterly Non-Affection.



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I'm not sure where you lived in Brooklyn but I feel the same way you do about going to my supermarkets (all 3 of them have the rudest workers EVER) AND to my local CVS!? Maybe it's just a city thing? I/m with Kathy with her answer!



Kathy S.

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Awww Philly, I surely miss it. My whole family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and of course I followed. Philly will always have my heart! You have to be a part of it ..to know it...to understand it and to love it! It will always make me smile knowing I was a part of Philly and Philly will ALWAYS be a part of me! I am not rude nor am I stupid! Like my Mother always said you are judged by the company you keep....Maybe you just need to choose better friends!



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