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Star Rating 8/12/2009
Don't be fooled, this place is the definition of a dump. Cost of living is higher then Minneapolis and rivals most higher populated city's, pay is a joke. This is the only NORTHERN state I have ever been to that considers itself to be a southern state, Texas to be exact.

I have had the unfortunate "experience"' of living here for 5 years. Everyone drives a truck, chews tobacco, drinks "Bud" and are far and few in between to have a full set of teeth. NO CULTURE!

For out in the middle of nowhere, and in a semi-arid climate, these folks believe they are the cream of the crop of the US. Quite the opposite.

I have lived in Chicago, LA, Cleveland and Minneapolis to name but a few, this is the worst place I have ever lived. I plan on moving back to Minnesota within the month BTW.

People are rude, drive like maniacs, dress up like 1800's cowboys, NO INDIVIDUALITY at all. Either you are one of the "'good ole' boy's"', or you are an outsider.

Nightlife and things to do: As a 30 something male, there is absolutely NOTHING to do but the bar scene, I ain't kidding.

Save yourself the wasted time and effort at looking at this city, let alone Montucky.

Do not be fooled, this place is to be avoided at all costs, unless you are from the south, then it will feel just like home. ;-)



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Charles M.

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You describe the place as having no "culture," but culture is exactly what you describe. I suppose you'd prefer a place filled with yuppies with no real cultural distinction? Perhaps they dress a bit like what you'd see on television? That's it? Where do you think culture comes from? It's not from diveristy: it's from years of isolation and forming a solid identity amongst a group of people. There are plenty of place where you can go where no one carries a common community identity and shares no values. It doesn't tend to create the most friendly or amicable place in the world, but some seem to like that. And as a 30-something male, if you can't find something to do in the beautiful surroundings of a place like Billings, well, you're not using your vitality and youth the fullest of its extent. There's beautiful scenery all about this city. I've lived across the world--London, Atlanta, New York, small farming towns... I'm happily calling a homogenous place home. Somewhere with a real culture as opposed to a mishmash moving to nothingness.



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