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WARNING: THIS PLACE SUCKS! First of all, the correct pronunciation of "Louisville" is indeed "Lew-ee-ville". Its origin is French and "Louis" is pronounced "Lou-ee". Stop with this diminutive topic of discussion. Only the brain dead locals pronounce it "Loo-ah-ville".

Now, time to post my THOUGHTS on this hell hole that is mistakenly called a city. I have lived here for most of my life and am finally getting out of here THIS YEAR!

-The PEOPLE here are AWFUL. They are IGNORANT, BORING, rude, mean, fat and useless. Lots of conservative old farts, surly rednecks, delusional fat suburbanites, wannabe hipsters and an unhappy ethnic population. Racism is alive and well with a lot of African-Americans living on the West End. White flight continues as the East End continues to expand. There are lots of shitty neighborhoods -think Portland, Germantown, and the entire South End. The population seems to missing any idea of common sense and decency. People are passive-aggressive at best and downright hostile at worst. If you don't fit into a certain clique (churchy people, elitists, etc) you will NOT fit in here at all. YOU WILL FEEL LIKE AN OUTSIDER YOUR ENTIRE STAY.

The dating scene sucks, The men are substandard and the women are a joke. Fat people who actually think the are sexually attractive. Boring-as-hell people that think they are interesting. PEOPLE ASK YOU WHAT HIGH SCHOOL YOU WENT TO AS IF THAT DEFINES YOUR EXISTENCE!!!! REALLY? REALLY?

No individuality-females are either named "Sarah" or "Jennifer". Are those the only two female names in existence?

Everyone feels the need to dress the same, act the same, and like the same things. BOR-ING.

Owning a 1995 Volvo is some type of status symbol here. I can't figure that one out.

People walk around with this zombie expression. Lights are on, but no one is home.

Racism is alive and well. I mean people you just meet will tell racists jokes or make a derogatory comment about someone's background as if that's completely normal.

The JOB market is terrible.
No successful corporation wants to set up here. No REAL talent will relocate here. I have heard numerous people say their employer is closing offices in Louisville.
Again, people here act like graduating high school is some sort of crowning glory.
The "good ol' boy" network is in full swing here. Rich daddies buy their unqualified daughters positions as city judges. YOU WILL NOT GET A JOB HERE UNLESS YOU KNOW SOMEONE.

There is NOTHING to do! Bar culture? Oh yeah, right! Bars suck. Shitty beer/wine selections, annoying frat boys, and lame music all make for good times. NOT!
Hang out at 4th Street Live where you can have the chance to catch a glimpse of an overweight, sorority girl waddling down the dirty street drunk at 1AM. So exciting!
The city planners must be stoned teenagers who are constantly out to lunch.
I could go on forever, but I ran out of characters.




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neshon l.

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OMG!!!! LOUISVILLE is awful place to live. You are so right.



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