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neshon l.

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OMG!!!! LOUISVILLE is awful place to live. You are so right.



Angie Pangie
Rio Rancho, NM
Well, I wrote a post for Louisville earlier, but I'...
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Jennifer Jansen
Lyndon, KY
Favorite Place to Live
I've lived in a lot of cities and small towns up and do...
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Tre Pryor
Louisville, KY
Small Town Feel, Big City Amenities
Louisville truly has everything! From all the seasons t...
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Lisa Teron
Lyndon, KY
bad bad
Beware self centered city , They hate all transplants. ...
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V Lotta
Louisville, KY
The Only People Who Love it Here Have Never Lived
The people here are some of the dumbest I've ever met. ...
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Jill Lupo
Louisville, KY
Louisville is the worst!
I moved here 5 years ago and I hate it. People here are...
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