Don't move here unless you are ready to retire...

 Karen Feliciano
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Star Rating 11/8/2009
Syracuse is a place for retirees to volunteer,stay at home and wait for death... It's cold from the end of September to May. It's depressing with all the abandoned and brown toned buildings. Downtown has no cheap parking. Our governor (wich was not even elected, but appointed) is milking the hell out of us in taxes and fees. There is nothing coming thru here culturally and when we get something we HAVE to go to one of our ugly, beat down theater or crappy centers, and pay ridiculous prices to make up the fact that only a few people will go. The city is putting ALL the eggs in a SUPER mall that is suppost to be build "soon", but the project has been in the works for DECADES.In the meantime the malls are losing tenants. We have a few universities, but if you ask the students maybe a handful stay, out of graduating classes of thousands. The students are always getting in trouble, drinking and drugging because there is only a few things for them to do. The city and county have parks but only 10 or so are pet friendly. The lakes are some of the most polluted in the USA. There is HIGH crime in every Side of the city, I mean North, South, East and West rundown drug infected areas. Downtown has bus stop, a Rescue Mission and a YMCA right in the heart of Downtown that keeps all the homeless, crackheads and undesirables walking all day downtown so don't think that in a beautiful summer day u csn hang out and have lunch downtown. The politicians take positions to basically get the only few good paying jobs, they don't give a crap about the city. I feel a hostage here, I didn't know what seasonal depression was until I got here. I have three years left and sometimes I wish I could abandon everything and just drive...



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