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"The undesirable life style "

The undesirable life style - 3/19/2013
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Lakeland, FL is like living in another country all together. The closest thing I've come to it is old Russia under communist reign. The people here are very poorly educated. Even those with four year degrees, who seem to think that makes them very educated, haven't a clue. The lack of social graces, compassion, kindness, and the ability to relate to other human beings can certainly change the views of those who truly believe in evolution. An example a man and a child were shot at a local flea market what did people do? They walked right over top of them and continued shopping. This is common behavior and normal for them! The majority love their tattos, drugs and drinking and partying and have no vision or plans for the future. Other than who or what they will be having sex with that night. They do not care who you are and they do not want anything to do with you unless your going to give them something for "free". The area is in a state of despair. The people here think they should be paid to sit on their butts because they are them but do not think they should have to pay you! Four degrees and 15 years of experience in one field and they will only give you $8 an hour! No kidding. They seem to believe that they have a right to everything that is not theres. We are on a street that has the lowest crime rate in Lakeland, which doesn't say much and have been robbed four times. The quality of life..well there just isn't any. People here are so full of themselves and hostile that it will rob you of any hope of life, dreams, desires and any type of real future. The longer you stay the worse it gets. This place will suck the life out of you and then laugh and pat its self on the back. Where in the world do these people come from? The locals blame the snowbirds but they behave the same way. The locals say its because it's a melting pot well I got news for you so is most of America and people do not behave this way in NC, SC, GA, or TN..hell not even AL. So it is simply a lame excuse. Do not bring your children here! This is the worse place for children. The schools are awful and the future of your child will be robbed. Horrible place.

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re: The undesirable life style - 3/19/2013 - 11/4/2014
Hi Melissa, Your post is very disheartening. I have heard similar stories about Florida in general. I am trying to find a safe low crime area outside of New York Metro area. Most of the southeast, the crime is through the roof. Eugene Oregon seems to have it all, "almost". It rains all the time. Any suggestions?

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