Just a horrible place to live

Star Rating 7/15/2011
I totally agree with some of the reviewers here. Bremerton is absolutely not a good place to be. We are a military family. We moved from California. All I had heard about Bremerton and the whole Kitsap County area was that people were "militantly polite" and the place was "just beautiful" so I was excited to get up here. I have been here for a little over a month, and I can tell you that I can back up what a lot of the reviewers have said. I lived in San Diego and the people there were not half as rude and impolite as the people I have encountered here. Yes, the scenery is absoultely breathtaking, but after looking at it for ten minutes, you find there is nothing of substance in this place. There is nothing to do, nowhere to go, and I feel absolutely sorry for all the people who reside here. It is great for retirement, but we are a young military family of three, and we expected a lot more, being as it is supposed to be a "navy town". I totally regret coming here, I cannot wait to leave, the racism is abundant, I cannot believe a place like this actually exists, and I am looking forward to us getting new orders. In the meantime, Hell is my new residence and it is called Bremerton.



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