Missoula and Western Montana

 Craig Connor
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Star Rating 11/7/2007
Western Montana has a very strange mentality. There is this belief that it is absolutely sinful to leave the area. Everybody says it is nice because of the scenary. While I will agree that is nice consider this, the average house is well over 200,000, the pay is very low, in Missoula you are fighting against a lot of college students to try to get a job. Most of the college students who stay there do it due to a fear of leaving their only home away from home. There are landlords in the area who are slumlords. People in Missoula also often think that they are the center of the universe. When I was looking to rent they actually wanted me to come to the office even though I was living over 200 miles away. Every business in town is like that, they cannot fathom people being out of the area. In a nutshell, unless you want a paltry wage but think pretty mountains to look at are good enough, stay out.



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