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cindi jo

re: "Living in Savannah is like living in a 3rd Wo - 6/2/2015

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re: "Living in Savannah is like living in a 3rd Wo - 5/14/2011
I just read about Savannah Ga, we just moved here, and I am experiencing discrimination like you would not believe, we are looking to move elsewhere, I am shocked but not really surprised, ok to vacation but not ever to come back to for my husband and I again.

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re: "Living in Savannah is like living in a 3rd Wo - 4/21/2010
I am selling my 4 bedroom/ 2 bath house on Wilmington Island for a great price! Realtor buyer's commission included!

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Sherman Oaks, CA

re: - 11/28/2009

Hi. I'd like to know if you still feel the same way about living in Broomfield. I went there this past July to check it out (along with Lafayette, Boulder (can't afford) and Louisville). I'm leaving Los Angeles in the summer of 2010. I'm a divorced mom with 2 younger kids (5 and 7) and would like to hear what you're thinking now. Thanks.

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NC For Me
Apex, NC

re: - 4/2/2009

Apex is perfect for what you are looking for. It's close enough to Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill to find a job and Cary the next town over, is a little more expensive but they have everything you would need, parks, bowling, and skating. If you are looking for a good school system, stay in Wake/Durham/Orange county. CHeck out Greatschools.net for help. Clubbing and restaurants in downtown (both Ral & Dur) only 15 minutes away. Right now jobs are tough everywhere but I am sure you can find something

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