"Living in Savannah is like living in a 3rd World

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Heard this comment on TV this morning about 5 shootings last night. CRIME IS RAMPANT here with the gangs, drug dealers and users, and the small time hoods.
New Police Chief named yesterday. Hope he can do something about the crime. Someone else needs to do something about the dirty streets and the rude people.

It is sad that a city as beautiful as Savannah is, in the historic district and the parks, Tybee Island, etc., has these problems. It is dangerous for tourist to come and walk around to see the sights. After dark you are taking your life into your hands, if you go outside of your door.

This is my hometown and I moved away almost 30 yrs. ago with a job transfer. Moved back last year and have been SHOCKED daily with the crime, nothing to do, dirty streets, etc. No advancement for the schools, culture, etc. It is like living 40 yrs. ago. The smalltown thinking and all the above problems makes me want to move immediately. Many people have already left and moved to other areas or are planning to move.

If you have every lived somewhere else that you loved, you will HATE living here.



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cindi jo c.

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I just read about Savannah Ga, we just moved here, and I am experiencing discrimination like you would not believe, we are looking to move elsewhere, I am shocked but not really surprised, ok to vacation but not ever to come back to for my husband and I again.



Veronica T.

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I am selling my 4 bedroom/ 2 bath house on Wilmington Island for a great price! Realtor buyer's commission included!



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