Please tell me about Enid.

 Jason Janusch
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Star Rating 5/11/2006
We're thinking about relocating to Enid. Please tell me the pro's as well as the con's. Thank you.



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Enid has a low crime rate but recently rent has went up and wages are low unless you have a degree. Lots of fast food restaurants. not very many large employers and the ones that are here cant keep help because most people dont last, starting wages are $8-$9 hour for these two companies. Every where else wages are lower. Not much to do here except bars, a mall and movies.



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This town is corrupt. Too many problems to list here. I...
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Hot, little rain, and in Winter cold with howling winds...
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McLoud is a great place to live!
McLoud is a growing bedroom community east of the OKC m...
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Move here if you like a stagnant town!
We moved here 3 years ago in 05. At first you look at ...
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Dallas, TX
Entire Presentation
Having living in Enid and of course proud of the same (...
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Enid, OK
I was born and raised in Enid. Enid is full of fast f...
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