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 Jim MacNamara
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Star Rating 8/26/2010
We moved to Burlington Township (08016) 3.5 years ago. I've lived in three other states (PA, IL and OH), visited many, others, as well as other countries. While we do have relatively high property taxes (compared to other states), this is by far in a way the best place that I have ever been. Why, you ask? 1) Moderate climate: the biggest natural disaster we get is so much snow once every five years that we can't go to work the next day... Ooooh; no earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, wild fires, mud slides, sustained suppressive heat or cold, routine flooding, etc. 2) Trains, busses and multiple highways providing access to NYC, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Boston. 3) Mountains to the north and west, and the Shore to the east. 4) Safe and peaceful. 5) Very friendly (that southern hospitality and midwest friendliness crap is highly exaggerated by folks who don't have too much more to brag about). 5) Reasonable home prices (by NJ standards). 6) No significant congestion, especially relative to the nearby big cities and their NJ suburbs. 7) Incomparable access to professional sports venues (NY Giants and Jets, NY Mets and Yankees, NJ Devils, NY Islanders, and Rangers, NY Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers, Eagles, Flyers and Phillies). These are all within an hour or two of this town. 8) Nearby quaint and historic towns full of the absolute best restaurants and bars in the country such as Burlington City, Mount Holly, and Bordentown. 9) Tremendous diversity which brings along with it a rich and diverse culture including food, arts and social discourse. 10) Abundant open space. 11) Residents of NJ and particularly the Burlington Township area are tolerant and welcoming of people regardless of religious belief, ethnicity, sexual preference or political view point. In summary, NJ is always ranked number one, two or three on the list of the most affluent states in the nation. These are some of the reasons why people who could live anywhere, choose to live in NJ, and Burlington Township is in perhaps the most ideal location in the State. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. Perhaps someday if saving money becomes my number one priority in life, I'll move. But not a chance, until then!



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Jim MacNamara
Burlington, NJ
Awesome Place to Live
We moved to Burlington Township (08016) 3.5 years ago. ...
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