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 james johnsen
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Star Rating 11/17/2010
I have been in this hole for almost a year and as soon as I can I am moving as far away from here as I can. There is nothing here, well except alot of drugs. The local cops are not worried about the drugs they are more worried about stopping someone doing 26mph in a 25 zone, and what ever you do don't drive around with out of state plates on your car. It would be nice if this S--T hole would just dry up and go away. But as long as the old timers are still around it won't they like it small after all they all have their retirement or are on welfare. If you read this and don't believe me just come here and look for your self. The north end of town has a truly beautiful lake BUT what ever you do don't swim in it you will get something you really don't want, and if you have dogs that like the water let them jump in they come out green. The people here are true meaning of small town small mind, very simple minded and most very mean spirited. again if this is in doubt just go into the downtown gas stations and other local businesses. Come to Klamtucky and find, well nothing. For the area homes that sell for the upper 100,000 to millions what a joke. There is nothing here oh wait we do have the GREAT store Wal-mart and of course the great K-mart and if you like resale shops we have a good will that sells Wal-mart and K-mart items for twice as much, oh how great this little back woods town is.. No jobs well unless you want to be a wal mart greeter or always ask the customer would you like to super size that. And of course there is always the gas stations, where you too can make not enough to live on. but if you just have to move to a small town, and you like drugs, no jobs, and one business after another closing COME ON DOWN.



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