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 Thomas Boller
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Star Rating 5/10/2007
Obviously Russ, you haven't done your homework about Rapid City's Cost of Living. High cost of living? Ask any of the full-time RVers (I used to be one) what the clear choice for a low-cost home base is: South Dakota. Believe me, for 20 years of my life, I've had the pleasure of being assigned in many different areas of this great country. Expensive car insurance? I don't think so. SD is 48 out of 50 states for the lowest auto insurance. Renters and Homeowners insurance are among the lowest in the country. No State Income Tax. OK, we've got a Sales Tax and Property Taxes (which compare vary favorably (lower) with the rest of the country. We have a one time 3% Excise Tax on vehicles (pretty cheap as well). No, the jobs are the best paying but you just keep networking until you get it right. The people here are as nice as I've met anywhere. Plus, we have some of the most beautiful scenary around (can't put a price on that) The only distrubing trend that I see now is the out-of-staters (mainly big $$$$ Californians) buying cheap land and trying to over-develop the Rapid area. If you want over-development, go to Sioux Falls, Denver, or just about anywhere in CA. This used to be a best-kept secret, but I fear not for long.

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