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"not a good place to live"

not a good place to live - 6/19/2006
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The only thing to do in evansville is go out to eat or see a movie. Summers are humid, winters gray and wet. To much high school sports. Stressful, boring, 'new rich' people. School board has unfair politics and poor organization.

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re: not a good place to live - 6/19/2006 - 11/22/2013
I agree, Thats one reason why I moved in 2006 actually when you posted this..We now live in Jacksonville, Fl.. close to the beach too ! You hit the nail on the head with everything you said..

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Evansville, IN

Not friendly. I am sorry I moved here. - 10/19/2016

I live on the south-east side. I have lived here eight years, am an outgoing person, love people, but, considering Indiana is known for Hoosier hospitality, it somehow missed the boat. People rarely speak and I have to take the initiative to start a conversation. For the size of the city, there is very little to do. It does seem to have opportunities for education but, if I were a student, I'd get out of town as soon as I graduated. I see population is down; now I understand why.

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Imperial Beach, CA

The armpit of the Earth. - 1/14/2016

The title pretty much sums up my sentiments on this place. Out of the 15 different places I have lived, including out of the country, this one takes the cake on sucking. Everyone pretty much hit all the negatives, the only plus is that housing is incredibly cheap and traffic is not an issue. There's not much to do. The 4-H fair and a few restaurants downtown aren't what I would call a cultured and lively city. If you dig cornhole and mudding you might like it. Run. You couldn't pay me move back.

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Evansville, IN

A Welcoming Community; A Place to Call Home - 10/14/2015

I attended college in Evansville, obtained an internship, found a full time career and started a family in Evansville. After reading previous reviews on this site from others around 2009-10, I disagree wholeheartedly with their negative thoughts/opinions. Evansville is a welcoming community, and if you’re the type of person that likes to get out and do things, there is plenty to do. In fact, there is so much to do that you can’t do it all. My calendar for this weekend alone has three community events that I would love to attend that include: A Farmers’ Market/craft show, Mainkin Beer Run, Wondering Owl Wine & Beer Trail and Boo at the Zoo, a favorite for my two-year old. Evansville is evolving, growing, expanding and improving and it’s been a pleasure to watch over the last couple of year. If you’re serious about moving to Evansville, I recommend getting your hands on some local publications (and epublications) regarding what’s “happening” in Evansville. Examples: Evansville Living Magazine, Love IT Evv!, Evansville, Woman, Evansville Business Journal and any download from the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau. Best! Abby

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Rockport, IN

Evansville, IN - 10/10/2014

I have been in this area for 4 years now. There is not much to do in this town. Housing prices are very reasonable. School district is ok. Lacks a good park district and parks! Just an average town.

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Evansville, IN

Has potential - 1/31/2013

My wife and I moved back to Evansville after living in central and northern IN for many years. As of now, there really is not anything to do in Evansville. I understand why we received the award for fattest city in America the other year, because the only thing to do here is go out to eat and go to bars. Evansville has the potential to develop into a nice city to live, but it seems as if no one-politicians, community groups, neighborhood associations...really seem to care about developing the city. Its sad. The other downfall is that there is no public transportation to other cities from Evansville. The Amtrack was here at one time, and they go to a lot of small towns (alot smaller than Evansville) in Indiana; no train or Megabus. With HWY 69 being built Evansville has the opportunity to evolve, but no one is moving here with nothing to do or no way out. Overall I'm really disappointed since moving back here.

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Evansville, IN

Climate - 9/26/2011

Evansville has nice springs and Autumn. Spring can be a bit on the rainy and stormy side but once July arrives the rain becomes mostly of the scattered variety and the heat and humidity set in through August. Temperatures usually are in the 90's and the humidity can be oppressive. Fall is nice with pleasant temperatures and the winters are tollerable with usually smaller snowfalls.

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Mount Vernon, IN

Four Seasons - 8/14/2011

Southern Indiana has very well defined seasons. Summers are hot, humid as a result of being in the Ohio Valley, Fall is beautiful, winter is cold enough for some snow and spring yields an abundance of flowers.

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Evansville, IN

The MOST BORING place on the planet! - 11/3/2010

I returned here after two years of unemployment because my current job pays about double that of anything offered by any other company I had interviewed within the past year. This is, by far, the most boring place I've ever lived. Most people cannot drive here. They cut you off every day, they don't signal at any time and they don't follow the simplest of the driving rules. They turn from the wrong lane, they don't GO when the lights turn green. They sit and look around and then drive 30 MPH in a 55 MPH and take a mile or two to get up to a normal speed. The worst thing of all is that people here are extremely nosy! They are constantly gossiping and worrying about what everyone else is doing and never stop talking about, criticizing, and going on and on about the personal business of others. I can't put it into words how bad this is in this area. I've never witnessed anything like this in any other part of the United States.

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Evansville, IN

Qualify of Life - 10/17/2010

I was born in Evansville, IN and I've lived all over including Dayton Ohio, Fayetteville Arkansas, Altanata Georgia, Chicago Illinois, and San Diego. Over the years, I have taken several jobs that have allowed me to position myself to work from home and as a result to be able to move back to spend more time with my family. I have recently (3 years now) moved back home and I enjoy the place a lot. I think it was an excellent place to to grow up. I could live just about anywhere in the world. Evansville and the people here, really instill a good work ethic as well as a good sense of community. I am not sure why Evansville has not made the Sperling top 100 list but it should at lease be considered for the list.

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Evansville, IN

Evansville - 3/22/2010

Cost of living is cheap. It is prettier than I thought. Drivers here are very bicycle friendly. I am an avid bicyclist. Hard to fly out of here but that is ok.

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Evansville, IN

Evansville - Great for Raising a Family - 9/7/2009

Evansville has a low cost of living and is very family friendly. There is a fair bit of entertainment and the city has grown a lot over the last 10 years

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Warner Robins, GA

Evansville, Indiana - 9/23/2008

I was born and raised in Evansville, until I graduated from Evansville College and entered the USAF, where I was moved from city to city over a 20 year career. I have lived in Texas(pilot training), Florida (Homestead, south of Miami)California (near Sacramento), Ohio (Dayton), New Mexico (Clovis), Georgia (near Macon, where I eventually retired) not to mention overseas tours in Vietnam and Korea. I have been severely homesick for Evansville since I left in 1965. I spent all my vacation days returning to Evansville to visit family and friends. The reason is the people, not the place. Evansville people are the most friendly, generous, warmhearted folks I have met. The closest I have ever found is my curent home here in middle Georgia (Warner Robins, just south of Macon) If not for my career, I would have stayed in Evansville my whole life and been very happy.

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Evansville, IN

Hot, Humid Summer and 4 months of gray winter - 6/29/2008

Cheap place to live (low cost of living and very affordable housing), but non-existent culture and outdoor recreation activities.

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Evansville, IN

Truly broing - 9/3/2007

Evansville is a good place to raise children. Low crime and good schools. And, that's where it ends. The only saving graces about this town, is that it's close to some really neat cities. St. Louis, Nashville and Louisville. The humiidty will kill you and the dreary winters(no sun) will depress you. Think twice about moving here is you like outdoor activites. I moved here from Denver in 1999 for family reasons. And, can't wait till I retire again, and can get back to the land of sun and healthy lifestyles.

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Evansville, IN

Depends on what's important to you... - 6/13/2007

Hello- I am an Evansville native that has returned after sixteen years away. I would have to say that I am never bored here. I am a divorced mother of an eight year old. I find that our quality of life here is much better than Chicago where we lived prior to moving back to Indiana. I can afford a much better house here. True, there are not as many fine restaurants or bars or nightclubs as there are in larger cities- but there is also not as much traffic, crime or property taxes! If you are looking for hundreds of bars, nightclubs and professional sports events around the corner- this is not the place for you! In recent years, Evansville has started to really get things going again in the dowtown area. Right on the bend of the Ohio River, it is a beautiful site. I feel with the growth of an urban dwelling population, more retail and restaurants will want to be downtown. Evansville benefits from having two Universities in town, a good museum of arts and science, a new children's museum,a fun zoo, a wonderful philharmonic orchestra, reguar community festivals, nationally famous acts, and plenty of places to dine and shop. You may not read reviews of any of these restaurants in national magazines, but that is not unique to this mid-sized town. Because of the reasonable cost of living, I am able to send my daughter to an excellent independant college prep school. Evansville Day School ranks as one of the best schools in the state and is a wonderful asset to the area. There are many parochial school options in addition to the public school system. Evansville has alot of activities for children- many, many sports facilities, a new soccer complex, a fun Minor League baseball team, Wesselman Park Nature Center, a new Greenway, pools and lakes. The climate is very pleasant, with the few really hot and humid days in the summer. Lovely spings and falls with gorgeous trees. I remember a few hot and humid days in Chicago as well, with less reliable air conditioning! True, we do not get that much snow as a rule, but we had 24" in a day a couple of years back-so it happens. I di notice an attack on the air quality here, but if you check the stats on that in this web-site- Evansville fairs better than many of the other areas I looked up-Austin, Nashville, Chicago, Charlotte, etc. In fact it is right under the national average for air quality- so don't let that scare you. There are also many groups to join for business networking and social opportu

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New Albany, OH

Pretty boring - 5/29/2007

I grew up in Evansville and lived there for 18 years until I left for college. Evansville is not a horrible place to live, but I must admit that it is pretty boring for young people. There was never much to do other than go bowling or go to the movies. They have the Evansville Otters baseball team, but we didn't ever go to those games. The weather is decent, although there are a lot of tornadoes that come through and also the summers are very humid. The nightlife is not very great (well not compared to a bigger city anyways) and consists of a few bars and Casino Aztar. I wouldn't say it's the worst place in the world, but growing up we did a lot of complaining about how boring it was.

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Evansville, IN

Jobs - 5/19/2007

This city has a low unemployment rate, but that is only because of the plethora of $6 per hour jobs. Many jobs here are in the retail, health care or education industries.

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Sara Anne
Evansville, IN

in defense of my home town - 5/18/2007

I was born in Evansville but my family left when I was seven and I did not return until I was an adult. That was more than 30 years ago. I raised and educated a child here who, despite becoming a very successful professional adult denigrates her "home town" in much the manner some of the posts here reflect. Know what? If everyone on the planet wanted to live in the same place, the earth would tilt off its axis. Diversity of landscape, like diversity of people, is a wonderful and enriching thing. Bashing one place while lauding another is just plain wrong. I, too have lived in seveal parts of the country, and I too, have found some aspects of each to be good and bad. San Francisco for sure has the best climate. New England has the best "high brow" cultural opportunities. Chicago's architecture (and food!) is not to be missed. But each of those places also has negative aspects. BIG negative aspects. A place is a place. Do not blame geography for your own shortcomings. Here is what I think: people -- especially young people (under age 30) -- who need to meld their personalities with their physical surroundings, i.e. "I must be cool because I live in Denver which is a cool place" probably should not consider any mid-sized Midwestern community as a place to settle down. People who are self-starters, who do not need their environment to constantly feed them, encourage them, support them or otherwise assuage their fragile egos, will do extremely well in a place like Evansville. As a gardener, I like that all four seasons here change almost exactly when the calendar says they should. And that the winters most often include some snow but I can depend on daffodils being in bloom for St. Patrick's Day. As a former mother, I liked the feeling of safety I had, concerning my child's day-to-day welfare. We were not wealthy, but we lived in a neighborhood where it was safe to let kids play outside unsupervised. To this day, if a kid shows up in school with a knife or a gun, it is going to be front page news for a week, because of its rarity. To this day, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus live and work in the same environments; clashes are so rarethat, again, they make front page news for a week. Same sex couples with high-profile careers are not just tolerated, they are invited to posh dinner parties. We have two universities with stellar theater programs, University of Evansville has a national ranking right up there with Yal

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Evansville, IN

Sweet Tea - 1/15/2007

Evansville is a nice place to live. Just wish I didn't have to drive over the Ohio to get good sweet tea.

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Evansville, IN

17 Coal-Fired power plants in a 62 mile radius - 8/26/2006

There are 17 coal-fired power plants in a 62 mile radius of Evansville. I wish someone would have told me I was moving into the largest concentration of coal-fired power plants in the nation before I moved my family here. The air quality is appalling- just check www.scorecard.org. Moreover, there are also a few other industries, Alcoa and GE within just miles of the city, which provide jobs, but also compound the pollution problems. Unfortunately the community and political leaders of this area deny there's even a problem, instead of doing something about the problem. If you don't mind pollution that potentially puts you at risk for cancer, especially leukemia, MS, dermatological ailments, asthma, and a number of other conditions prevalent here, Evansville is a nice place to live. The cost of living is affordable. The schools are good. The people are pretty nice, pretty conservative, and also pretty racist. This is a very white area, and I think that's how people around here want it to stay. The Mesker Zoo really is a top-notch zoo. The Evansville Philharmonic is excellent. And I like the Otters baseball stadium. It's just the right size for this size of town; it's a lot of fun for the family. The area is green with trees and quite pretty except for the hazy pollution that is predominate for most of the year. If you are single, there is not much of a nightlife; you will have to meet people by going to church. If you have a family, and want to take your young kids to the park, you have to drive to a park. The parks are few and far between. Besides, you wouldn't want to walk there anyway, there are no sidewalks in this town. I myself found this site when I was searching for a new place to live. Newsweek called this place one of the top 100 places to raise a family. Well, they forgot to look at the environment. While there are many great things about this area, the potential cost to your health may be great. If you are an environmentalist, and want to set up a green utility company, please move here.

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