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 sarah kearns
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Star Rating 2/25/2011
I've lived in Tucson for 16 years and just recently moved about two weeks ago to North Texas. (best move weve ever made) This place is okay for Students and retirees but if your a average middle class family, this is a terrible place! Unless you come here with money, it's very difficult to make a good life for your family. Nothing to do, no jobs, if your not bilingual even less jobs, horrible schools, some of the worst in the nation. Tucson is poverty with a view. Yes this is a pretty place but underneath it all is very ugly. I have never met so many unfriendly, backstabbing, ignorant, rude people in my life. I'm from the midwest. Alot of liberal democrats, it's become a mini-California. Minus the jobs and money of course! It's not the cool old-west that it was 25-30 years ago. Housing is a joke, unless you like cookie cutter stucco homes with a freeway in your back yard! If you have a lot of money and don't have to work for a living, if you like California, if your single with no kids, if your a liberal democrat, or if your hispanic you may like Tucson. If your trying to raise a family and want a better life for your kids, you have goals, and you believe in the American dream, you may want to reconsider moving here or even living here!



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