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 Robert Diaz
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Star Rating 12/24/2007
I have say Tampa is not a bad place to live. Tampa is much more affordable than living up north. It's easy to work and save money living in Tampa, buy a home and raise a family.

CONS: People generally have no culture and no sense of style. The young people are BIG football fanatics (If you don't like football they think something is wrong with you). Sports rule in general. I once went to a play with my girlfriend and we were the only young people there.



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Tiffany J.

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First of all, Tampa is not a great place for young people to live or any people. Forbes magazine voted Tampa as one of the worst places for young professionals. In comparison to other large cities, Tampa does not have lots of fortune 500 companies. In Tampa, most college grads work at call centers, so imagine where high school grads work. Most jobs pay minimum wage. Also, a mass transit system has not been approved in Tampa. Therefore, people will be forced to drive their cars everywhere. In other cities, residents can park their cars and ride the train around the city. If people from large cities went to downtown Tampa, they will think it’s a joke. The skyline is a joke, also. Downtown Tampa definitely needs redevelopment. In addition, cities such as Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, LA, Minneapolis, New York etc., continue to grow, and Tampa has remained the same. Basically, in comparison to other cities, Tampa’s at the bottom of the barrel. The shopping and dining in Tampa is o.k. I think there are eight malls in the entire city, lol. Half of those malls are not even worth any one’s time. However, there’s a nice shopping center at Channelside. Okay, I do have some nice things to say about Tampa. The weather and beaches are nice. Oh, yeah, there’s a high speed rail being built from Tampa to Orlando. Maybe this can help Tampa create jobs, attract more people and companies, redevelop downtown, and approve mass transit. Hopefully, the HSR can convert Tampa into a REAL CITY. Tampa/Orlando is nice for vacation, only. After being there a couple weeks, you’ll realize how much you love your own city.



Marie A.

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Yes, rude uneducated redneck, ghetto and douchbag central. Low paying jobs, high rent in comparison. The girls dress gross and trashy, the guys all wear baggy shorts. The arts are almost non existent and there is nothing to do but drink all the time. The restaurants are terrible and everything is so spread out you need a car to drive everywhere. Terrible public transportation. The beach is great though and Sarasota nearby is wonderful but small and like the rest of Florida full of older people.



Ms. Ann T.

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You must be from NY. All New Yorkers think Tampa is heaven. Tampa sucks and will continue to get worse.



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