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"Getting Better"

Getting Better - 3/18/2008
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General improvement on arts and culture,the weather is still a problem.

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Orange, CA

It's a dump! - 11/26/2016

I grew up and left at 18 because, well it's depressing in the Cuse. If you're a recent graduate, leave, period! There is no future in this city for you if you want to go and make any $ whatsoever. Weather sucks and there's really nothing to do. I read this posts and people say go to the mall? Hello, I did that when I was a kid and bored. In fact it was PennCan mall which closed eons ago like most things in Syracuse. Now I have a lot of great friends there and love to see them when they come to CA, however, I haven't been back to SYR since 09, why? Because it's depressing and I can't wait to leave. Culture and a good place for foodies? Paaalese....c'mon folks. If I do go it's pizza, sausage and the clam bar all week! Other than that you can get great food anywhere. This was a blue collar town back in the industrial age and a great place for our parents to be, for you guys graduating or thinking to take a job in the case, fa-get-about-it! You will get stuck, have 3.2 kids and be totally depressed in short order while you continually look for work. Speaking of work, all the plants have left and what's left? Server at Denny's, bartender, DR at the end of your career? Anyone that stays there as a professional graduating wasted $200K at SU, K? Nuf said on that topic. Skiing at Song Mt, again lame, it's a hill. And why does everyone where a SU T-shirt? Weather is depressing, rains a shit ton, girls barley wear makeup and don't take care of themselves, r U kidding me? Who's writing these positive posts out there? Yeah there's no traffic cause the population is so small, it's generations of the same folks that have never ventured out anywhere else. I'm going to yell now, "FOR YOU GUYS AND GALS THAT HAVE A DEGREE OR THINKING ON TAKING A JOB IN THE CUSE, DON'T DO IT! You'll thank me later in your life. I left at 18 came to CA, saw opportunity and seized that opportunity. R U kids listening to me? Running around the lake and whatever museums are left ain't putting any jack in your pocket so forget these lame posts on it being a great place to live, it sucks now more than it ever did when I was a kid, (dropping mic from hand)! Boom!

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Rochester, NY

Not Bad at All - 8/20/2015

I'm a transplant from Los Angeles, CA. The housing prices are great, but there is not a lot going on in Syracuse. If you want a more "happening" city, you will need to pay the price. I was sick and tired of warm days all year long, and dumb apartment managers. Destiny USA is good, but one mall in a city is not enough. Shoppingtown is dying rapidly. Due to their size, Target, and Wal-Mart are both on the outer edges of the city. I steeled on my home at the end of January, just in time for the February snow, snow, snow; wow, lots of snow. The public library is adequate for most, and the health care could be better. There are not many doctors in this city. The Downtown farmers market is a nice treat each Tuesday, but the are only 4 food vendors. Even at the Park St. market, there are not a lot of vendors; why am I complaining? In Los Angeles, I always ate in the mall next door, rather in the markets--they had only a few as well. As a person who values education, Syracuse is not the "smartest" city. Although there is more than one college here, few attend. I think the crime rate is inaccurate, some crimes are not worthy of a report (some vandalism), and the officers do not take the time to write reports on all crime (I am a victim of this). Nevertheless, Syracuse is still a lot safer than Los Angeles. The University area seems to be the favorite child here. Services, restaurants, and an indoor strip mall are located there. If you're a cyclist, most of Syracuse, south of Erie Blvd., between Valley, and S. Salina is relatively flat.

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Syracuse, NY

Born and raised here - 4/30/2015

Bad:Syracuse is a mediocre city at best. It just can't compete with any other city, of it's size, as it is slowly going bankrupt. The actual city is in debt and is totally reliant on state and county government to help it limp along. The crime rate is off the charts. School buses have to re-route to avoid being damaged by hurled bricks/rocks. The weather is absolutely great, for 2 months out of the year- July and August. Other than that, it is cloudy and raining. Syracuse ALWAYS wins the snowiest city (Golden Snow globe award), for the entire US. They got over 150 inches of snow this past winter. If you are looking for a good school, go outside the city. There ARE some great schools in the surrounding areas. However, the students run the show in the Syracuse city schools. Good: The summer and fall are mostly great. There are plenty of parks, hiking, swimming, lakes, hunting, sports, and fairs/festivals. Come to the NYS Fair at the end of August (through Labor Day) and you won't be disappointed. It is awesome. On a sour note: they are not doing big name music acts at the grandstand anymore. The county moved them down the road. What a rip off! Notice how the 'Bad' outweighs the 'Good'? I will be moving in a few short years. See ya Syracuse.

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Jordan, NY

Syracuse, NY - 2/16/2015

Syracuse, Aside from being the snowiest city in the North East has a divers culture and good schools for the most part. There are allot of recreation areas and travel in the area is fairly easy. Manufacturing in the area has been on the decline for many years and those types of positions are slim. The big draw is the NY State Fair and many other cultural events year round including one of the largest St Patrick Day events in the Country. If your not fond of winter and driving in the snow, then Syracuse is not the place to be in the winter!!

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Syracuse, NY

Centrally Located - 2/2/2014

Syracuse is within a few hours drive of so many cities (Boston, NYC, Toronto) as well as the Adirondak National Park.

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Camillus, NY

Left NY State 19 Years Ago and Came Back - 7/1/2012

Seeing it now through new eyes now that I've returned. It's a very quiet area. The suburb I live in doesn't even have a movie theatre. People seem to have spent their entire lives here. Many look like they are not educated or professional. There is no sophistication here. I used to hear about upstaters being "woodchucks." Now, I know it's true! Didn't see it when I lived there. Now, after being gone, I do see it. Probably will be leaving in a year. It's really not for the intellectually inclined, just a small town feeling.

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Syracuse, NY

CIty crime goes souburban - 5/23/2012

Help the suburbanites say, we now have crime in the suburbs. Well I say "PP PANTS"! You know what makes crime? Peoples natural nature to get frisky. We're all animals and we just want to skip, hop and jump. Many suburbanites are ex-city "offenders". You moved to the burbs for a "better life" but when you had kids you forget they have your genes and they want to pick up where you left off. One day soon the crime will go down in the burbs as the teen population matures. Then fast forward to the teen years of their future offspring and yup you got it. We're back in the saddle again. Yee Ha!

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Syracuse, NY

Amazing place - 3/15/2012

So after reading all these comments, I'm deducting that most of you live in the downtown area. I'm a 20 year old who has grown up in the outskirts of syracuse (onondaga hill) and I definitely disagree with a lot of things said on here. It is very true that Syracuse is known for a rediculous amount of snow, crime in the inner city, and a downtrodden downtown area. That does NOT mean that its a bad place to live! I have lived there my WHOLE life and been to the actual downtown area maybe 5-10 times total. Syracuse's greater/metro area is MASSIVE. There are sooo many things to do with just a 10 min car drive. Sure, the heart (and I mean heart) of downtown is a little past its prime, but thats about 0.1% of the total area of syracuse itself. So, coming from a pure native, come to syracuse, explore, and have the best life you can ask for. I live in NC now and I MISS SYRACUSE! Thats coming from a person who sees no snow and no crime year round!!

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Syracuse, NY

Last one out of Syracuse,turn out the Lights - 8/4/2011

My entire family and I have lived in Syracuse all our lives . I am still here ONLY because it lends me the ability to spend time with my nieces and my extended family . I am fortunate enough to own my small but successful festival vending business which does 100% of its sales OUTSIDE of the over taxed ,pathetic basket case economy of Syracuse & new York State. My friends and I always refer to living in Syracuse,NY as living in SEWERCUSE. Living here is like living in the gutter . Most of the city is a crime ridden Ghetto with no job opportunities to be had regardless of your level of schooling... I own a 2 family house here bought a few years ago for $38,000....Thats right folks ! $38 grand gets you a house that will never go up in price..For this the City of Sewercuse and the rats that run it charge me $4100 per year in property taxes ! I gave up trying to rent the upstairs apartment after getting nearly killed by my crack head tenants who like many other welfare recipients was getting $1800 per month to sit home and do nothing(with my tax money).....but thats Sewercuse for you,as the only jobs here are working crap wages for the state or exercising those legs to walk in and get a check from the welfare office in a Downtown.....which I should add is absolutely vacant (warren street)...Yeah,they all moved away and the main drag downtown is all boarded up.....I remember when I was a kid how beautiful it once was 30 years ago . But that was before they moved all the jobs & economy to china and mexico. There really is NOTHING to do here except get drunk,watch TV and wait to die....slowly of boredom and poverty. I will be leaving next spring for a new home in texas and just about everybody I know has told me they wish they could escape this rat hole with me. After 42 years ,I have had it with this dead end town that's lost it all long ago . Texas,here I come and the following year my family may follow me.......All I can say is don't come here unless you enjoy ,long freezing winters,high crime, boredom and the deadened rust belt - pipe dream that Syracuse has become ...Last one out of this toilet,turn out the lights !

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Syracuse, NY

Syracuse Area - 4/24/2011

Great place to raise a family

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Syracuse, NY

Great place! - 4/15/2011

Here's the thing about Syracuse, the people who grew up here and remember the industrial glory days tend to have a very negative attitude about this city and region. As someone who grew up in Pennsylvania and has lived in Virginia and Connecticut before settling here, I can tell you Syracuse has grown on me. There are great companies and opportunities here if you have a college education in the right field. This city is clearly transforming into a white collar city, which is what makes the blue collar natives furious I think. For a city it's size, there's great theater and restaurants. Shopping options are improving. The airport is so easy to get in and out of and less than 5 minutes from the city center. Day trips to the Adirondacks or Finger Lakes are great in the summer (all seasons, for that matter). The winters are denying that..but most of us embrace it. The best part is you learn to cherish every spring, summer and fall. I've never appreciated seasons as much as I do here. So, welcome all newcomers!!! I think you'll Syracuse can make anyone feel at home.

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Baldwinsville, NY

Don't Believe the Cranks - 7/10/2010

Silly crazies like that should really just move. Very little of what "K" says is true. If you have a skill and a college degree this is a great town, plus all the little surrounding villages are great. It's an amazing place to raise a family. I've lived in Henderson, NV; Clarksville, TN; and am originally from Los Angeles CA. Believe me when I tell you, this is a great place. The 4 seasons, especially fall are gorgeous, and if you like winter sports this place is just awsome. The funny thing about CNY is that most of the people that love it actually have moved here from other places and really appreciate it. The people that hate it usually have never been anywhere else. Read into that what you will.

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Cazenovia, NY

Pros & Cons of Living in CNY - 12/6/2009

I grew up in CNY, then moved away and stayed away for 33 years. I moved back with my family a few years ago. Having come from Washington, DC and abroad, we found the Midwest-style friendliness of people here refreshing. Also, you won't find more polite drivers; a traffic jam is a rarity. For nature-lovers and sports entusiasts, Upstate NY can hold its own with almost any other region. The air is clean; lakes and streams are abundant. Finally, CNY's proximity to Canadian cities as well as places like Boston and NYC makes for plenty of fun getaways. The cons, however, are equally weighty, if not moreso. NY's long dysfunctional political system has given us the highest combined taxes in the country as well as very high energy costs. The punishing and rising property taxes alone are driving tens of thousands from the region. This and the lack of jobs (even in good economic times) cause Upstate NY and Syracuse to actually depopulate. At over 216,000 some 30-40 years ago, Syracuse is now at 139,500. The out-migration of people from the region, in fact, gives it somehting in common with N. Dakota. The very low housing prices must be seen in context with the onerous property taxes. Most cities and towns here have a rundown feel to them; and the more rural locales resemble any down-and-out holler in Appalachia. While indeed friendly, people generally are very parochial and oblivious to the outside world. Politically, this is Red State America -- though still fairly centrist. The region does not attract immigrants, nor the "creative class," as defined by Richard Florida. Diversity is fairly lacking, though Syracuse does have a sizable, though quite poor, black population. Cultural outlets and good restaurants are very limited. Finally, the weather can be very depressing, with cloud cover and precipation matching those of the Pacific NW and snowfall being the heaviest in the lower 48. The high taxes and related imposts and the perennially depressed economy are compelling us to seek to move to a more dynamic and affordable state.

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Syracuse, NY

Don't move here unless you are ready to retire... - 11/8/2009

Syracuse is a place for retirees to volunteer,stay at home and wait for death... It's cold from the end of September to May. It's depressing with all the abandoned and brown toned buildings. Downtown has no cheap parking. Our governor (wich was not even elected, but appointed) is milking the hell out of us in taxes and fees. There is nothing coming thru here culturally and when we get something we HAVE to go to one of our ugly, beat down theater or crappy centers, and pay ridiculous prices to make up the fact that only a few people will go. The city is putting ALL the eggs in a SUPER mall that is suppost to be build "soon", but the project has been in the works for DECADES.In the meantime the malls are losing tenants. We have a few universities, but if you ask the students maybe a handful stay, out of graduating classes of thousands. The students are always getting in trouble, drinking and drugging because there is only a few things for them to do. The city and county have parks but only 10 or so are pet friendly. The lakes are some of the most polluted in the USA. There is HIGH crime in every Side of the city, I mean North, South, East and West rundown drug infected areas. Downtown has bus stop, a Rescue Mission and a YMCA right in the heart of Downtown that keeps all the homeless, crackheads and undesirables walking all day downtown so don't think that in a beautiful summer day u csn hang out and have lunch downtown. The politicians take positions to basically get the only few good paying jobs, they don't give a crap about the city. I feel a hostage here, I didn't know what seasonal depression was until I got here. I have three years left and sometimes I wish I could abandon everything and just drive...

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Pullman, WA

Looking to relocate to Syracuse - 11/6/2009

For a job at the university--now living in eastern washington--is Syracuse as dreary as people say? I am not a cloudy all the time person--what is it like to leave there?

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Syracuse, NY

Cheap but nice - 9/29/2009

Syracuse is cheap but nice. With 2 roommates I pay about 500 a month in rent and utilities.

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Syracuse, NY

Poor Self-Image Plagues the City of Syracuse - 7/27/2009

For anyone unfamiliar with Syracuse, I think it is important for you to realize what many of us here think of ourselves and the place we live first before you take any of the comments to heart. One of the area's biggest problems, and this is not just coming from a resident but was also identified in the 2007 American Institute of Architects' plan for the city, is the poor self-image and illogical desire of many residents to put themselves and Syracuse down any chance they get. Like all Upstate New York cities, Syracuse suffered quite a bit from the loss of industrial jobs and good paying blue collar positions beginning in the 1970's and continuing into the late 1990's. Having lost the very institutions which provided a sense of identity and pride that came from living in a hard-working, American idustrial center, many people never seem to get enough opportunities to bemoan the city's "deplorable" state and impending doom. Being a post-industrial city of over 135,000, it naturally has its good and bad areas, some crime, and some unemployment, though I think, and I think many new residents and visitors would agree, that things arent nearly as bad as some people will have you believe. For starters, Syracuse is situated in the midst of great natural beauty, with myriad parks, lakes, beaches, waterfalls, and hiking trails right nearby. The winters are long, but there are many opportunities to make the best of the situation, from tons of great hills for sledding right in the midst of the city to several skiing and snowboarding slopes less than an hour away. The city and county have invested heavily in increasing the amount of cultural and entertainment options, and there is at least one major festival or concert being held every week downtown or in the nearby areas. Syracuse University's varsity athletic teams are a source of great regional and state pride, with the university's Carrier Dome playing host to many big nationally televised football, basketball and lacrosse games each week in the fall, winter and spring drawing tens of thousands. If there isnt enough to do, it is an easy four hour drive to Toronto and New York City, and five to Boston and Philadelphia, though it is possible to get cheap plane and train fares at the local airport and train station. In addition, the city possesses strong urban form and lots of historical architecture, as well as many new developments just outside the city center. Many young and elderly people have begun moving into downtown for the ease of walking and good public transportation, which has spurred the restoration and renovation of many vacant downtown buildings in recent years, even through the recession. The growth of small and medium-sized industries had been slow, but many new companies in green and sustainable technologies, advanced materials, electronics, and computing have been seen greater and greater success over the past few years. The city has continued to be a regional center for education, healthcare, legal practices, and financial and engineering services, and these sectors are only expected to grow over the coming decades. All of these things, which are just a fraction of the reasons to be positive about living in Syracuse, are so often forgotten or written off by the residents who would rather you look somewhere else before even considering Syracuse. My biggest advice to anyone interested is to do your own research, disregard the negative posts by residents on this site, and come see the city and the area for yourself.

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Syracuse, NY

4 Seasons in One Day - 5/6/2009

Syracuse is known for "changable" weather. Like the Day I got married in April many years ago. The sun was bright in the morning, it rained by noon, and by 3 pm it was snowing. We have a huge amount of snow in the winter, around 150 inches or more, rarely less. But this only makes or springs more beautiful........because of the long long winter. If you are into winter're gonna love it here.

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Syracuse, NY

Economy - 4/2/2009

Though we are having job loss, which now is reaching unemployment about 9-10% the economy is still holding fairly strong. Conservative as this area is, people are carefully about spending and that does hurt some of the business in are area. We seem to have a positive attitude just the same.

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Syracuse, NY

Snow - 4/1/2009

If you like a lot of snow, Syracuse is the place to be. The first snow is like white diamonds, beautiful. But than it goes on and on and on. The political state leaves a lot to be desired. Think about the Boston tea party. Taxes is a priority for the whole state. Up, up and away. My goal is to do the same thing.

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