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"There is a lot to be desired..."

There is a lot to be desired... - 3/16/2007
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There is a lot to be desired...

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Old Lyme, CT

Climate of Conncticut: - 8/5/2016

Lived in New Haven on the Connecticut coast (Long Island Sound) for 5 years in College. Summers are hot and often humid, but I like the beach and warm weather so I loved it. Springs and falls were nice and often sunny (much better than WI were I come from). Winters were moderately cold with snow on a few occasions, but not winter is not long and very cold snowy like the far northern states and upper Midwest.

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Columbia, CT



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Hamden, CT

Connecticut - 1/30/2016

Connecticut offers a good diversity of cultures, religion,heritage and employment opportunities. We have a variety of geography ranging from the shorelines of Long Island Sound to scenic mountain ranges, and an established highway system crisscrossing the state allowing easy access to seaside restaurants, vineyards, orchards and ski slopes and all business and vistas in between.

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Hamden, CT

Cost of living in CT - 12/6/2015

In the state of CT not only do we pay state income tax, but we have very high property tax. For a home about valued $200,000 we pay over $5000 annually. In addition we pay property tax on our cars, motorcycles, and boats. Then we have the sales tax of 6.35%. Painful. The pay is more here becuase of the cost of living, but so are every other cost. Food, clothes, cars, houses, etc...

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New Haven, CT

Want Out - 8/18/2015

Very general statement: very expensive and the people are nasty.

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Farmington, CT

compare qol - 3/9/2015

Farmington/Hartford Connecticut (New England in general); Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids, Michigan (MI in general) (M), and Walnut Creek/Bay Area California (CA in general, which doesn't really exist there). Assuming an income of around 200,000. E, barely haning in there. Housing in desirable areas with top school systems, you will need more with kids factoring in sports and recreation singce nothing is free, it's all clubs, like the cadillac days of the 60s and 70s. M is manageable for a more modest decent education. There is a lot more that s free, like lakes and beaches and other recreation. Both Kalamazoo and Farmington share the inbetween two great and divergent cities, Chicago and Detroit and NYC and Boston, respectively. So access to culture and entertainment is the same better or worse depending on your cultural preferences, but cheaperin the M to be sure since CT, NYC, and Boston boast the highest COL anywhere in the country. To be sure you can afford anything anywhere at great sacrifice. The M is the easiest place to sacrifice without living in a crime ridden down and out city with bad public schools. On the W, it's more complicated because of the diveristy of economies in the Northern and Southern halfs of CA-NoCal and SoCal, and really within these spaces there is a lot of variation, but overall, places can be found that rival the M, but on the higher end of things in terms of QOL and of course, CA is the BIG CITY, anywhere you go you are permantly on vacation. Having said that, there is a somewhat homogenous feel to CA, fast, light, bright, grandiose, minimization of problem reality, but it's inescapable because of the environment and the weather and "possibilities", unless of course, you're in traffic. Speaking of which, there is only decent mass transit in NYC and to some extent, Boston. Both CA and MI are severely limited. The AMTRAK runs along the 95 corrider in the E from NYC (also to DC) to almost RI and up to Hartford. But it's slow and more expensive than you would think. The easiest lifestyle is in the midwest, all things considered. If your are into glizt and glamor, finance, and all things money, then the E is a good choice, if you are a dreamer and warm weather outdoors person, then the W is the best. On the E you will find more people who have lived there all their life (remember I'm talking NE, not South of CT), in the midwest some of the same but more movement, in fact, there's a lot of exchange between MI and CA mostly heading W but so

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Bridgeport, CT

Bridgeport Lumber - 1/8/2015

Northeast Building Supply offers a variety of products and services designed to meet the needs of our customers. Our specialized inventories and the expertise of our team members at each of our three locations are second to none. We are proud of our unsurpassed product quality, personal attention, and courteous service that have made us the valued choice of building professionals and homeowners throughout Connecticut since 1868.

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Farmington, CT

Worst State On Almost Every List - 12/13/2014

I grew up in CT; it is a very beautiful state with miles of coastline. There are extremely poor, crime-ridden cities (Bridgeport, Norwalk) but there are also extremely expensive safe cities. Farmington is one of the latter; although parts of it are dominated by woods, the Farmington River, farms, etc., it is right next to Avon and Simsbury, two extremely expensive suburbs of Hartford. CT is a one-party state with an abnormally large number of federal, state and municipal workers, all of whom have pension/health plans that they and and their unions guard jealously. CT is the bluest of blue states with a high income tax, high sales tax, high property tax, and punishing taxes on small business and the creation of small businesses. Bonuses are given to big, extremely successful companies for staying in the state. I've been priced out of my home state because my income hasn't changed in 10 years while the value of my house has gone down, the taxes on it have gone up, utilities and food have gone WAY up, cable/internet are very high, and there are 0-no job opportunities that would allow me to increase my salary. As I near retirement, CT becomes even less appealing because they tax Social Security and investments the same way they tax income. All my retirement $$$ will go to making sure that state workers, teachers and other union members will retire comfortably while I'll be lucky to be able to stay in my home. I'm getting out ... and so are 30,000 other people/year.

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Trumbull, CT

why dont the people get a job - 9/28/2014

stop robbing people get off your butts and get a job.

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West Hartford, CT

One of the only places where you get the full expe - 2/24/2014

My favorite thing about CT is definitely how true the climate is to each season: you get the most beautiful autumns, the freshest springs, as well as the harshest winters, however that is what makes CT one of the best places to live.

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Oxford, CT

CT TAXES - 2/17/2014

Politicians here can't find enough ways to take your money. TAX,TAX, and more TAXES. Their favorite sport is to chase seniors out of the state.

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New Milford, CT

Very liberal, very expensive - 12/26/2013

I like the CT town I live in, but it is becoming more and more expensive to live here. I hate the New England politics and with that, the cost to live here is high.

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Newark, NJ

Beautiful - 11/17/2013

I am from the Northeast area NY, CT and Jersey. I can say the best thing about living up here is being so close to NY and always having something to do and being able to experience and enjoy the 4 seasons. Certain areas are absolutely beautiful but unfortunately the cost of living is just getting to out of hand therefore I'm looking to relocate to Valdosta please provide any information that would help aid me in my transition.

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Waterbury, CT

CT. - 9/25/2013

CT. Is a beautiful state.

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Glastonbury, CT

CT schools - 8/10/2013

The schools in CT are considered over average but the have similar problems as others. The problem is not the school or curriculum or location but the system which presumes miscommunication between the educators- each teacher cares only about his/her subject. The new trends are encouraging though- particularly teaching chess in middle schools.

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Not good for asthmatics - 7/20/2013

CT is becoming so lush, in the summer it's more like a rainforest. If you are allergic to mold, this is not the place for you to live. If not allergic, CT is a reserved area except for the larger cities. The area is absolutely beautiful in spring and fall. Winters are icy and snowy, with average temps in the high 20s. Summers vary, but this current summer is sweltering with high temps and high humidity.

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Ronkonkoma, NY

Education - 5/9/2013

Why did this website stop providing information about education levels in the places it's covering? It's very helpful information to have about an area.

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Brookfield, CT

Living in Brookfield, CT - 3/19/2013

I love it here. It's a typical suburban, white, middle class to upper middle class community. It was a great place to grow up. You feel safe and because it's a small town you tend to always see people from high school. It quiet, not too much craziness goes on around here. If you're considering a move to Fairfield County look into the greater Danbury area and the surrounding towns. It's a nice place to live.

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Woodbury, CT

cost of living in CT - 3/13/2013

Way to high. State ioncome tax, sales tax, real estate tax, car tax, gas tax. You name it CT taxes it

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Wallingford, CT

Living in Connecticut - 2/26/2013

I've living in CT my entire life. My entire family (children, mother & siblings) are all here as well. As you're probably aware, Ct is a small state, but packed with plenty to do and see. It's a wonderful place to live and raise a family. We have a shoreline, mountains (it's certainly not the Rockies), casinos (if that's your thing), historical sites and much, much more. The economy is no better or worse than most states these days. We enjoy 4 beautiful seasons each year and for the most part, the weather is more than manageable. It's not paradise, but it's home!

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