White Plains NY

Star Rating 10/7/2005
This city is rapidly changing. We now have 2 Starbucks coffee shops in the city, movies and a performing arts theater. We have 5 shopping malls and brand new hotels being built. Please update your site to the new White Plains.



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Reviews for White Plains, New York

Dennis Morrissey
White Plains, NY
The city does a very good job promoting youth sports. T...
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Marvin Chandler
White Plains, NY
Culture and Recreation
I love living in White Plains there are many activities...
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John Malone
White Plains, NY
Just Too Expensive
It's a fantastic place to live and I wish I didn't ...
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Yong Liu
White Plains, NY
Transportation of White Plains
This city has metro north rail road to Manhattan. It ta...
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Kenneth Matinale
White Plains, NY
pedestrian hostile
White Plains is the most pedestrian hostile place I kno...
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Marcia Ames
White Plains, NY
Cost of living
Very high cost of living. You even have to pay to park ...
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