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Santa Fe, NM
re: I still love it...but
Posted On: 3/4/2018 2:53:12 PM
I have lived in NM for thirty years with my husband. The same experience was ours. We stayed below in Placitas. It's sad that they dont know how to preserve what they have. I will never forget how it impacted our lives living there but much of the rich true culture has been polluted. Horrible governor, and she's from El Paso.

Alpine, TX
re: Blue Collar town full of low life law enforce
Posted On: 6/26/2017 12:33:45 PM
I dont see not allowing dogs in an establishment a criteria. I wish places would not. Its not sanitary.

Pueblo, CO
re: Your city is appalling
Posted On: 6/26/2017 12:28:11 PM
we're not allowed to say why

Albuquerque, NM
re: Cool and beautiful little city except for....
Posted On: 6/25/2017 10:56:11 AM
It was once what it was knicknamed, The Land of Enchantment. Truly the most magical place we have ever lived and bought our first home here. The beauty was so breathtaking at any moment it could change, as it did hour to hour, month to month, season to season. I have actually had to pull off on shoulder to keep from wrecking for the breathtaking atmospheric phenomena. We had starry skies, open high ways and great New Mexican cuisine, mission churches, water in the rio grande, the smell of pinon fires now overwhelmed by auto exhaust, true traditions, a smaller but well sponsored balloon fiesta, which is now a tacky overpromoted overgrown farce, petroglyphs untouched, all UNTIL the developers found us for the mortgage bubble, raped and scraped the desert bringing all their big corporate crap in their wake. And that was the end of enchantment. I will never forget the life we had here. It was truly magical. When Bush robbed the labs to go to war, and federal funding was cut back we were left to sink. Entirely too much crime per capita. Totally unacceptable.

Tucson, AZ
re: Tucson Really Sucks!
Posted On: 4/20/2017 7:59:43 AM
Thank you. I almost made the mistake because of the natural beauty of the Sonoran, instead I stayed in NM just a couple notches above your description, sadly.

West Ocean City, MD
Reclaimed Swamp Land
Posted On: 4/19/2017 8:41:00 AM
Tried living here with my son to see if I wanted to move. But the area is prone to flood even in a downpour. Its flat. Featureless. Thrives only on tourism. Boring. People are dull. Nearest airport is a two and half hour drive to Baltimore or you can take the shuttle for 106$ one way. The mid Atlantic is hostile. The weather is harsh year round on this tiny peninsula. Everything is always damp. Its in process of trying to rot or rust. There are no stores convenient with any goods you would want. You will know the same roads to run in a few days. Its trying hard to be some kind of destination as I suppose it is for many but it wasnt for me. I could never call it home.

Albuquerque, NM
re: My hometown used to be awesome now it's a $#!
Posted On: 4/19/2017 8:25:39 AM
I currently live here and am too looking to get out. It wont be easy for my heart is truly attached here. Have been here since '84 so I can vouch for everything you say. This loser Mayor looked for every magic boondoggle he could find to make his legacy which has been disastrous for the city. This place was an undiscovered paradise when my husband and I moved here. We thought such places only existed in dreams but once developers were allowed to come in and rape and scrape the desert with no regard for planning it was a done deal. Ugly homes. Corporate crap restaurants ran away off the true cuisine. I have yet to understand how they can justify the real estate prices here and the desparity between rich and poor is apparent particularly in what goes on in Santa Fe. The history here was the richest and most romantic of any state in the union but they trashed that too. My most beautiful memories will be here as we bought our first home but like everything else being ravaged by development and overpopulation I am looking to say farewell.

Missouri, MO
Gateway Has Become Getaway
Posted On: 4/19/2017 8:14:09 AM
There was a time St.Louis was the last civilized jumping off point before one embarked upon the wild prairie. For me and my ancestors, it was the best place to grow up with everything going for it, old European style neighborhoods, no crime, dedication to arts and architecture, restaurants, schools and the best in medicine. Now the sad lament. Everything stated in the negative about St. Louis is true. My son refers to it as the city two farts away from becoming Detroit. I fault the city's management over the past nearly forty years. They are all criminals who should be jailed for what they let happen to this once great city. I would move back if I recognized anything! The overhaul of the riverfront is a bogus sham that should have never been authorized. Total waste of money. It was beautiful the way it was. They actually paved over a part of historical front with asphalt!! I was mortified. The vortex that is now Chicago has put St. Louis in a windtunnel which I fear it will never free.


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