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The unemployment rate in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is 7.00%, with job growth of 0.88%. Future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 34.80%.

Colorado Springs, Colorado Taxes
Colorado Springs, Colorado,sales tax rate is 7.63%. Income tax is 4.63%.

Colorado Springs, Colorado Income and Salaries

The income per capita is $29,064, which includes all adults and children. The median household income is $54,351.

  ECONOMYColorado Springs, ColoradoUnited States
  Unemployment Rate  7.00%6.30%
  Recent Job Growth  0.88%1.18%
  Future Job Growth  34.80%36.10%
  Sales Taxes  7.63%6.00%
  Income Taxes  4.63%4.72%
  Income per Cap.  $29,064$28,051
  Household Income  $54,351$53,046
  Family Median Income  $68,796$64,585
  Income Less Than 15K  11.45%12.61%
  Income between 15K and 20K  4.92%5.33%
  Income between 20K and 30K  10.19%10.57%
  Income between 30K and 40K  10.16%9.90%
  Income between 40K and 50K  9.09%8.95%
  Income between 50K and 60K  8.61%8.08%
  Income between 60K and 75K  10.94%10.09%
  Income between 75K and 100K  12.42%12.25%
  Income between 100K and 150K  13.58%12.82%
  Income between 150K and 200K  4.96%4.78%
  Income greater than 200K  3.70%4.64%
  Management, business, finance  15.91%14.36%
  Engineering, computers, science  7.91%5.24%
  Community, social services  1.95%1.66%
  Legal  0.85%1.17%
  Education, library  6.39%6.10%
  Arts, design, media, sports, entertainment  2.26%1.88%
  Healthcare practitioners and technology  5.04%5.49%
  Healthcare support  2.53%2.47%
  Firefighters, law enforcement  2.37%2.24%
  Food preparation, serving  6.71%5.61%
  Building maintenance  3.61%3.97%
  Personal care  3.40%3.54%
  Sales, office, administrative support  24.73%24.89%
  Farming, fishing, forestry  0.18%0.73%
  Construction, extraction, maintenance/repair  7.86%8.56%
  Production, transportation, material moving  8.31%12.10%
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Colorado Springs advice for those looking to move
The up front, bottom line, don't. I bought into the idea 3 years ago that Colorado Springs would be a good place for military veterans with a security clearance and an... (read more)
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Wow, that really set the story straight. First of all, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you need to do some research before moving anywhere. CS is a... (read more)
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Colorado Springs has a stultifying cultural scene
CS is in a very beautiful natural setting but the lack of any progressive vision here has created a small and alienating downtown, a decaying historical section, and... (read more)
Living at altitude
As a life long resident of Colorado Springs I can't think of a better place to live if you enjoy outdoor activities including skiing, camping, hiking, hunting, biking,... (read more)
Could Be Better
This city has had significant growth during the last 14 years. Urban sprawl is everyhwere. Crime is on the increase. City severely lacking in mass transportation. Not... (read more)
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