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43.35% of the people in Raleigh, North Carolina are religious, meaning they affiliate with a religion. 4.19% are Catholic; 0.68% are LDS; 10.24% are another Christian faith; 0.88% in Raleigh, North Carolina are Jewish; 0.45% are an eastern faith; 0.78% affilitates with Islam.

  RELIGIONRaleigh, North CarolinaUnited States
  Percent Religious  43.35%49.42%
  Catholic  4.19%19.69%
  LDS  0.68%2.06%
  Baptist  14.06%8.17%
  Episcopalian  1.02%0.64%
  Pentecostal  1.72%1.90%
  Lutheran  0.60%2.36%
  Methodist  5.56%3.99%
  Presbyterian  2.76%1.65%
  Other Christian  10.24%6.72%
  Jewish  0.88%0.74%
  Eastern  0.45%0.54%
  Islam  0.78%0.85%


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BORING suburban sprawl

I am stuck here due to my husbands job and there isn't more than a week that goes by that I'm not in tears because of this. There was never a lot of character to... (Read More)



news=the north won

the level of hatred of Northerners was a surprise to us (you like our money though). The drivers here have no courtesy toward others on the road, refuse to signal and... (Read More)




Yes lots of Yankee are up tight, but there are all kinds in all places. I'm from Michigan and a lot of people up hear are tight wads but in other area of Michigan people... (Read More)



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