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73.24% of the people in Salt Lake City, Utah are religious, meaning they affiliate with a religion. 8.71% are Catholic; 59.34% are LDS; 1.01% are another Christian faith; 0.08% in Salt Lake City, Utah are Jewish; 0.48% are an eastern faith; 0.44% affilitates with Islam.

  RELIGIONSalt Lake City, UtahUnited States
  Percent Religious  73.24%48.78%
  Catholic  8.71%19.43%
  LDS  59.34%2.03%
  Baptist  0.84%9.30%
  Episcopalian  0.26%0.63%
  Pentecostal  0.73%1.87%
  Lutheran  0.53%2.33%
  Methodist  0.43%3.93%
  Presbyterian  0.39%1.63%
  Other Christian  1.01%5.51%
  Jewish  0.08%0.73%
  Eastern  0.48%0.53%
  Islam  0.44%0.84%


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re: Mormons Suck!!! - 2/27/2013
Did your bishop write that for you? Let's look at the list for real, shall we? 1. Mormons are TOO nice and TOO accepting... AS LONG AS THEY THINK YOU WILL CONVERT.... (read more)
re: Mormons Suck!!! - 2/27/2013
Hi Luke, Mormon's are also humble and not self righteous at all. They, as a rule, so tolerant and accepting of opposing points of view. On balance the are so open... (read more)
re: Mormons Suck!!! - 2/27/2013
Luke! Your kidding right? ha ha ha. I laughed all the way through your writing! Don't we all wish we could live as healthy as Mormons... (read more)
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Lonliest place we have ever lived
Married, one child, in our early 30's. We moved from DC to UT for work and our child's health. As converts to the LDS (Mormon) faith, we were thrilled. We thought, more... (read more)
I have lived here on and off because OF family and family alone otherwise I'd be gone already. The PROS and only pros are: beautiful mountains, hiking, recreation,... (read more)
re: People in Salt Lake City smell disgusting and
nah bruh SLC is bae... (read more)
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