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38.67% of the people in Seattle, Washington are religious, meaning they affiliate with a religion. 15.46% are Catholic; 3.08% are LDS; 7.35% are another Christian faith; 0.79% in Seattle, Washington are Jewish; 1.50% are an eastern faith; 0.65% affilitates with Islam.

  RELIGIONSeattle, WashingtonUnited States
  Percent Religious  38.67%49.42%
  Catholic  15.46%19.69%
  LDS  3.08%2.06%
  Baptist  1.35%8.17%
  Episcopalian  0.80%0.64%
  Pentecostal  2.05%1.90%
  Lutheran  1.98%2.36%
  Methodist  1.45%3.99%
  Presbyterian  1.86%1.65%
  Other Christian  7.35%6.72%
  Jewish  0.79%0.74%
  Eastern  1.50%0.54%
  Islam  0.65%0.85%


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re: God in Seattle
I agree with Ken. People are hiding behind "Spirituality" instead of choosing Religion as an excuse to not have to face reponsibility for consequences of their actions.... (read more)
RE: God is dying in Seattle
If only there could be one less Christian for every rainy day in... (read more)
Re: God is dying in the northwest
In responce to the post regarding religion in Seattle I have to sadly agree with the original poster. There are alot of people in Seattle that are religious but not... (read more)
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Seattle/Miserable Town
I spent five unhappy years in Seattle, going to college. It is true what people say about the place being unfriendly. If you say something to someone at a bus stop,... (read more)
Its what you expect
Yeah it does tend to rain 8 months out of the year while hovering in the 30s and 40s which makes the rain bite into you a bit. Traffic is very very bad. Rush hour is... (read more)
Great city but don't be naive
I lived in Seattle for 34 years and worked downtown nearly all that time. I know the downtown and surrounding areas very well and feel I can speak fairly about the... (read more)
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