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Bright Beginnings School #1 - Chandler, AZ

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Bright Beginnings School #1400 N. Andersen Blvd.
Chandler, AZ 85224
(480) 821-1404PK-8Maricopacharter 

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic72.87362008
Black, non-Hispanic2.988512008

School Head OfficialYear
Mrs. Karen Edris2013


10/31/2012parentWe found BBS eight years ago through as we were researching places to live before our move to Arizona. We visited BBS for a tour of the campus and knew immediately that our children would do well there. We were impressed by the online information about the quality of the school, but fell in love with the atmosphere of a caring, supportive learning environment. Our three kids love their school and are excited about the new middle school as well. I hope that people who have questions about the school come to campus to see for themselves if it is a good fit for them. No one school is perfect for everybody, but I feel that my kids are doing well here and I have no complaints. Also, nobody has ever suggested or requested that I post an online review. I update my review periodically because as time passes, I feel it is helpful to the other parents looking here to have up-to-date information and feedback. This review is my honest, unsolicited opinion as a longtime parent at this school.
8/27/2012parentAs a very long time parent to 3 kids. One in hs, jr. h and my last at bbs elemen. I find these negative comments sad. I want to believe all the criticisms false, however, if there is any truth to any of them let that be a wake up call to fix them. No problems=no complaints. I also realize you will not please everyone and that is why we have choices for our kids education, people! Don't like BBS don't go there. My experience has mostly been positive so I don't see any reason to not recommend bbs.
8/25/2012parentWe have been at Bright Beginnings for 5 years. My children are thriving, having fun & being taught by loving wonderful teachers. All of this talk about NEW principle is ridiculous. She has been the principle/owner since we have been there (& the year before I think too). Of course all places have growing pains when change happens. The people posting negative comments about things do not even have children at BBS anymore as they are in jr high now. We have been nothing but pleased the past 5 years. This year is BY FAR one of the best. There's a new music room, wonderful healthy lunches with lots of fresh choices and the gossipy parents who's children went here before have all left. It is a VERY positive environment and my children love to go to school. They are learning above grade level, being challenged but in a fun and loving way. We are all here to support one another and do the best for our children including the principle and her new wonderful Asst Principle (former teacher) who is always outside greeting the families as they come to school. Please do not believe rating from others who do not or have not even attended the school THIS year & have no place to judge right now.
8/25/2012teacherI continue seeing posts from "previous" employees...It's very sad that these previous employees cannot seem to move on and feel the need to bring down a school where they have previously taught. You may have had some experience that has caused you to feel this way, but should you really use this type of forum where the effects go far beyond one person? Do you think that badly of the people you used to work with? As a CURRENT employee, and an employ who has watched a few teachers come and go, I can say that I am very happy with my job and my administration. I enjoy my teammates and the other teachers I work with. I love my students and my families. I feel supported, and I feel comfortable knowing that if something is bothering me, I can speak to the person I need to FACE to FACE. It is very sad that future and current parents are going to read these false statements being made. To all the parents out there, I hope you will see past these "previous employee" comments, and see them for what they are.
8/23/2012teacherAs an employee, I can honestly state that I have only ever known the owner to completely support me. She cares about me inside and outside of the classroom. The education that the children at this school are getting far exceeds any other elementary school in the valley. Amazing staff are attracted to this school for many reasons and are extremely qualified to give all the children at our school well rounded, individualized, learning experiences. If I didn't feel this way, I would certainly get a job elsewhere as I am extremely qualified and would have no problem doing so. I am sure the other teachers as the school feel the same way.
2/14/2012parentThis is our first year at Bright Beginnings and we previously attended a traditional academy. What a positive difference BBS has made on our child. After two difficult years of my child dreading school and it being a daily battle to get to school this year has been a blessing- a complete turn around. Not only is our house a happy place in the morning I am having to rush to catch up with my child who wants to hurry up and get to school by 8 AM to have some additional play time with friends before school starts. The teachers are loving, smart and fun and the front office has been nothing but helpful. Thank you BBS for the positive impact you have had on our family. We look forward to many more years to come.
2/3/2012parentI am a parent at BBS as well as an experienced educator and I enrolled my sons at BBS two years ago after researching over a dozen schools In our surrounding area. BBS has proven to be a great match for my boys. At kindergarten and 1st grade both are working and being challenged above grade level. Each time I have spoken with administration it has been an open, encouraging and pleasant discussion. My feedback was encouraged, accepted and even invited back. These reviews should focus on the kids and the instructional progress they make that is created by great teachers in BBS classrooms. Be positive advocates for children and the learning environment that allows them to soar! I am pleased with BBS and the instructional model that is being delivered to my kids. Administration is doing a nice job of facilitating all that BBS offers to our children. There is so much to be greatful for at BBS. Let's share and enjoy the positive. It's so healthy for the kids and teachers as well as the community.
1/31/2012parentAfter 4 years at BBS we could not be any happier. Not only are our children excelling they are happy and social. We have been fortunate to have great teachers and aides and small class sizes. I do not really understand why a select group of ladies feels it necessary to take jabs at the admin/principal. My children love the principal, they feel like she is their friend because she reads to their class and has every month since we have been at BBS. She says hello and knows their name. Really if you are not happy with a school then leave. It just gives us a better teacher student ratio.
1/29/2012parentWe have lived in several different states and our children have attended several different types of schools. Before moving, four of our children were old enough to attend Bright Beginnings. Our oldest completed 6th grade and was so advanced academically that we advanced her a year. She entered high school a year early and is still a 4.2 student. Wow BBS! While that alone would be a stellar accomplishment for BBS, we cannot rave enough about all of the extracurricular options that the school continually offers. The school also offers before/after care. For a busy family trying to juggle different schedules, this option is priceless. Finally, on a social/caring standpoint, this school is impressive. There is a genuine concern for the children and their development is important to everyone. There are many options for choosing a school in Arizona, but for a parent looking for strong academics without unnecessary homework / busy work, extracurricular activities for all interests, family like environment and group of teachers with a genuine interest in every child, there is only one choice...BBS. Thank you BBS for the solid foundation and great memories you gifted our children.
1/29/2012parentParents, BEWARE! I totally agree with the post from the previous parent. BBS administration puts several positive comments after seeing a negative comment to boost up the rating. Just go back and read all the comments. You will see the pattern of who's writing what..... The principle (owner) is there just for the $$$....
1/28/2012parentAs a parent of three children who have all gone to Bright Beginnings I can't even begin to imagine our life without it. My oldest is in high school and she is at the top of her class. I attribute this to the wonderful schooling she had at BBS. The principal is open and welcoming for any parent to go and speak with her. She puts the interest of the children first. The teachers and aides are amazing! We moved to BBS from our neighborhood school and it was one of the best decisions we ever made to ensure that our children are well rounded, and well educated.
1/27/2012otherI'm searching schools for my daughter who are 3 now. We went this school to get some information. It seems a little bit expensive for pre-school(around $1100.00 for full day from 7am to 6 pm.) and we are invited to join school tour next week. Probably, we'll join but I wonder a lot about them. As a parent or educator do you suggest this school especially for the little kids up tp K3? If you know more about the conditions and future plans of this school, would you mind share your thoughts?
1/26/2012teacherAs a teacher, I can tell you the BBS is a terrific place to teach! I smile each day as I arrive ready to take on my day. The aides are instrumental in getting our students to excel; be it helping in the classroom, lunchroom or teacher's workroom. Our principal will go to great lengths to help us succeed. She truly loves the children as her own. I have had multiple offers to teach elsewhere. I choose to stay because of the fabulous families, supportive administration, kind and productive staff and peer teachers that help me be the absolute best teacher I can be. This is not only a cooperative work atmosphere, it is a caring, positive and challenging environment for our students.
1/26/2012parentWow, I am saddened to see sour grapes! BBS has set my three children on a course for success. All three have gone on to honors programs, can think critically and have a strong moral compass.My husband and I are grateful to the teachers and adminstration for their leadership and dedication to our children. While there is always room for improvment, the fact remains that this is a safe, exciting atmosphere for children and families. Please don't let a few angry comment dissuade you from taking a tour. It is an amazing place to be!
1/11/2012parentThe administration is extremely rude and unprofesstional--never friendly to parents or the PTA who provides a ton of support to her teachers and students. We left this school after witnessing the Principal's astonishing rude behavior over and over again. Wow, what a change to be a school where the Principal smiles and comes up to talk to you! Too many great families are leaving and fortunately for them their are many other top notch schools available where the administration is friendly, grateful and caring towards the students and families.
12/12/2011parentThis is our son's second year at BBS. He was not chosen in the lottery the first year. He went to public school for kindergarten and we very disappointed even the school rated a 10 on this website. He was accepted to the CATS program for 1st grade so we had to decide between CATS and BBS. The hot lunch program, the lack of a amphitheater and lunch room is the only disappointment we have experienced. We are disappointed that we have not received any updates on the expansion. We want our son to be challenged and he is. We like the separate math classes, full-time teacher s aide and small class size. Of course, we liked the free supplies provided in public school but that is a small trade off. We also wished they had summer and break programs and of course a Jr . High. Otherwise we are happy with this school. And to address a previous poster. I am Caucasian, a working mom, and our son comes from a broken home and this has never been an issue. And as a Caucasian, my son has been the minority in his class for 2 years. I don t know how a child can miss that much homework and the parent or teacher is not aware.
12/11/2011parentI agree with the post below. I am thrilled to have moved my children away from the leadership that has changed the school drastically. We loved our boys teachers and made great friends but the principal is money hungry and quite rude to everyone. I was amazed at our new school that the principal is out every day to say hello to students and families and at dismissal helps children get in their car and smiles. Unlike the leadership at BBS who only is seen outside to yell at parents to move and get off their phone. I also see my sons new principal fill in for teachers, and lunch duties. Actually wiping tables down and cleaning. I am certain you will never see this from the leadership at BBS. It is no wonder why she has lost families and staff. She knew she had to do something big like "buy a jr. high" to try to save the school. However if people think she will be nicer, kinder, remember this is the person who provides no paper or supplies and is seen yelling at the parents ...the same people who actually bring in the supplies and keep her teachers happy. We are happy to have stable and happy leadership at our sons new school.
12/7/2011parentMy kid got in w/ lotto to 1st grade .In 3rd grade I was called into the Principal and told he would be retained with straight A s for not doing 40% of homework although the school year was not over and I had not been advised of the homework situation. The same day I was advised my 2nd child could not attend the next year because she has already been held back once and still continually "refused to sit in the required sitting position of criss cross applesauce". On my kids last day her teacher told me "She is ready for 1st grade". Its interesting their LOTTO produces 99% of students from high income, married caucasian families. We are minorities, low income and I m single. Every year both of my kids were the only one in their class from broken home with a working mom. I believe we were magically selected in the lotto because our app showed he'd gone to private kinder. In hindsite I see my children were kicked out. When i voiced I plans to still bring the oldest kid back next year, I was told my work sched was unstable, asked how I spent my days and told it would be too hard to take them to different schools. I was treated harshly and disrespectfully .
11/23/2011parentAfter much research via this website and personal visits to schools, our family decided to attend BBS. So far, I find this school to be superb. I have students in 2 grades and am an involved parent. I find the teachers have been showing great effort in helping my children adjust to the harder curriculum while providing an exceptional level of parent communication and doing hands-on math and cause & effect science. The principal and staff are very friendly and all that I can expect. Many parents are involved in the classroom activities, partly due to a school-wide expectation for parent involvement. The homework levels meet my higher expectations, and I feel good about all that my children are learning. Classroom behavior is well managed (much better than I have ever experienced at prior schools). Above all my kids are happy.
10/6/2011parentMoving here from out of state, I thoroughly researched options ranging from private school, Chandler ISD, and CTA. I took into account my son's personality, learning style/input from his previous teacher and chose BBS. Pluses: smaller class sizes, 3 levels of Math in each grade, subjects are usually 1 grade ahead, Music/Spanish/Art/PE, hands-on teaching especially in Math and Science, reasonable amount of homework, kids are pretty well behaved (from what I witness when volunteering weekly). Minuses: Indoor lunchroom is too small so most kids sit at a covered outdoor lunchroom. There is no library. Classes maintain their own library but it's not nearly the same as being able to bring home books on various subjects. There isn't enough parking so traffic is a mess. No school nurse. Teachers are developing their own websites because the school doesn't have one for parent/teacher communication. Overall, we like BBS and will keep our son there for now because of his academic progress and is thriving socially. However, I have been looking into the new charter schools more specifically those that go to 8th grade or higher. We may change schools maybe around 5th grade.
9/11/2011parentMaybe we were unclear, but this does relate to the preschool with regard to the tuition aspect. But, the balance remains true with regard to our experiences with staff and administration. Thanks for the clarification.
9/9/2011parentI'm concerned about the validity of the previous poster comments. This is a public charter school and does not collect tuition for the K-6 grades. If they are referring to the pre-school, then they should state as much in their post.
9/8/2011parentWe are hoping that no other child will be treated the way our daughter was treated. The lack of professionalism and commitment to education sums up the overall reaction that we have received. This letter is to inform every parent that he/she needs to be aware of the voice that parents have in their child s education. Not a teacher or a principal can dictate the child s educational future. It is with the teamwork of the parents, teachers, and administrators that will lead to the success of a child s educational future. Without a plan of action, there s no success. BBS did not care enough to ensure the success of our daughter. We wonder how many other parents were treated and dismissed by the staff of BBS after the collection of tuition without giving a child a 100% chance to introduce and adapt that child to their new learning environment? Arizona education has focused a lot on test scores. Sure, BBS does have the majority of students meeting or exceeding standards, but how many of the students were suggested to go to alternative schools due to lack of progress made by students? For profit?....Or for the education of our children?
2/17/2011parent An excellent education is what my child is receiving at BBS. I have read the reviews and am disappointed that so much negative focus is on fundraising. The administration has been very forthcoming about the vast amount of state funding lost and please know that Charter schools are hit especially hard. No family is required to participate nor are they judged or affected in any way if they choose not to participate. My second grader is currently working at a third grade level in math, and he is in the middle math group. He is reading at a fifth grade level. He is being taught in a happy, loving environment. Much of the learning is hands on and fun. He has the added benefit of P.E., Spanish, Music, and Art, all taught by the highest quality teachers. If you are looking for your child to be mired in seat-work academics without the benefit of specials (like the arts) and a well-rounded education, then this school is not for you. If you are looking for a fantastic education at least a grade level advanced - in a loving community, then this may be the school for your child! I urge you to tour the school, talk to teachers and parents and learn more about what BBS has to offer.
2/15/2011teacherTime magazine February 7,2011 has an article on page 53 titled PTA Wars. The first paragragh explains how school budgets are so strapped these days that parent groups are battling to keep basics in the classroom and programs like art and music are being cut and more are to be cut as schools across America continue to lose funding. It sickens and disturbs me to read such negative comments about the wonderful school that I have taught at for the last 15 years. BBS has many teachers that are long term such as myself. We take pride in our commitment to BBS and work hard to provide each student with the best educational experience possible. We have always maintained art , music, drama, spanish and P.E. programs that have never been cut and are expensive to maintain. It is unfair to make false claims about fundraising at BBS when reading this Time magazine article it is clear that this is not an issue that is isolated to our school alone this is the state of America's school system and a problem that needs the help of community, parents and teachers working together. As a teacher of BBS I thank our parents for their support and commitment to our school.
2/11/2011teacherI would hope that most adults would recognize the difference between showing our kids the postive effect of helping to raise money for local charities (Millitary, Animal Shelters, under privileged kids, etc) and raising money for programs at the school. Bright Beginnings does offer a wide range of fundraising options for your family to pick and choose from. It has never been said that you have to participate in all of them. All schools are in the position of having to raise funds or get donatinos. Public schoos are offering up to 15% in raised grades for reems of paper! If you want to help the most, advocate to our state government to stop cutting educational funding!
12/12/2010parentLike most sites which reviews products/places, you have to take the reviews on this site with a grain of salt. On one side you have the staff/adoring parents who post excessively flowering reviews and on the other side, some disappointed parents posting a overly negative review. That makes it hard for anyone looking at this site to make any reasonable judgment call when picking a school. On the positive side, you have small classes, overall good teacher quality, involved parents, large playground, good PE and athletic activities, some good educational extracurricular activities like Math Masters and Star Spellers, and an exceptional after school art program. On the not so positive side, average level of academics. While the academic level at BBS may be higher than the average public school in the area, it does not compare with some of the more academically advanced charter schools. There certainly is a lot of fundraising activities whether big or small almost every week.
11/28/2010parentToo much fundraising! The PTO, the Principal, the classrooms ALL ask you to support them or their cause, almost on a weekly basis. Here's what we have had so far just this year: Entertainment Books, cookie dough/wrapping paper/jewelry, Fall Festival pledges, 3rd grade store, Jamba Juice, picture frames, tee-shirts, Green Bee produce, loose change drive at the Scholastic book fair, water drive, military supplies, and maybe a couple I've forgotten. Whew! I understand the state budget cuts and the need to raise $ but it would be nice if the Principal woud communicate and coordinate her fundraisers with the PTO's fundraisers so the parents don't feel bombarded on a daily basis.
11/5/2010parentMy third grader has been at BBS since preschool and now my youngest kids go there too. I love BBS! The classes are all small with a teacher and aide in the class. The teachers are constantly challenging the students and they encourage strong parental involvement. BBS may not have all the bells and whistles of other schools, but instead you get a "private education" at no cost and loving caring teachers. As far as the fundraising comment...we have had a total of 2 school fundraisers in the past several years! With all the education funding cuts...that's not too much to ask for so your child can get the kind of education and care at BBS. Besides, you don't have to participate in fundraising if you don't want too! It's not mandatory!
9/27/2010teacherI am appalled at the comment that BBS is at best a mediocore school and that we focus more on fund-raising than education and/or student character. Bright Beginnings staff and parents work very hard to create an educational atmosphere that is both creative and challenging. We are consistantly rated one of the best schools in the state. Through the neccessity of state budget cuts we have had to add fundraising as a order of bussiness we have also continued to support charity events in our character counts program. We have done a water drive. We have collected money for books for underprivilaged schools. We have raised money for Phoenix Childrens Hospital. Bright Beginnings always has and will continue to be a place where you will find dedicated staff and parents working together to ensure a queality education for their children.
9/27/2010teacherFor the first time in 15 years of business, BBS has done two fundraisers in order to compensate for the loss of funding from the state. Having done these two we were able to update our computer software and purchase new laptops. In addition, we have been able to maintain FREE all day kindergarten class sizes at 22, aides in ALL classes, offer fine arts to every student on a weekly basis. Parents that look at fundraising from such a narrow perspecitve have not bothered to stay informed about the state of education financing in AZ and therefore, do not understand the challenges schools face to continue to offer a PRIVATE education to their child for free. Fundraisers are no loger optional to schools, however, no parents is ever required to participate.
9/20/2010parentDon't believe all these 1-2 line positive reviews. They seem to have been placed there in order to hide the negative reviews that appear before them. If you are looking for an academically advanced school, BBS is not the place. Their educational standards are mediocre at best. Not much of a personality development either. The focus of this school is mainly fund raising rather than education, and every week there is something or the other to buy or to sell. If you are looking for an academic environment for your kid, look elsewhere. If you dont mind fundraising and fine with fairly relaxed eductaional standards, this is the place for you.
6/24/2010teacherAlthough I have been teaching for 22 years, the last two years at Bright Beginnings have been the very best. The administrative and parent support make it a great place for students and teachers.
5/18/2010parentGreat school, great teachers, and incredible parent involvement. I would recommend this school to parnets looking for an alternative to private school that is free.
5/18/2010parentThe teachers and staff are wonderful, hard-working and nurturing. My son is in pre-school at BBS and has loved every minute of his time there this year. BBS has successfully started him on a love of learning in the classroom.
5/10/2010parentThe information I received from the teacher and administrative staff matches what my daughter tells me so I'm very happy with the communication system. There is always something going on that taps on the children's imagination and problem solving is a critical skill they use every single day. I've been very happy with the teachers my daughter has had in grades K-4. The quality of education is top notch!
5/7/2010otherevery time I visit the school, the halls are full of imaginative examples of their exciting place to learn....I want to go back to school
5/4/2010parentIts a healthy safe enviorment for my child
4/30/2010parentThe Spanish program begins in preschool. Great instruction in the arts and sciences.
4/29/2010parentWe have been very pleased with the teachers, academics, arts and spanish programs.
4/28/2010parentThey provide a great education for my grandchildren.
4/28/2010otherTeacher take the time to sit down and spend the time with the students
4/28/2010otherThey have an excellent teaching program including the Spanish lessons they provide. My nephews have learned so much and love their teachers!
4/28/2010parentI love our school because of their strong academics, wonderful staff and teachers, safe environment and cute campus, small student to teacher ratio, great communication between school and parents, Spanish curriculum and much more. It is a wonderful school!
4/27/2010parentIt has a sense of family and offers a top notch curricullum. Everyone knows each other, it is loving, warm and safe. The perfect environment for learning. My children are very advanced beyond their current grade level due to advanced teaching techniques. They also enjoy a great music, wellness, art and Spanish program.
4/27/2010parentIt is a small school that helps kids reach their full potential while building character.
4/27/2010parentI have one grandchild that has graduated from Bright Begging s and I have 3 grand children attending now. I feel that they get the best education that prepares them for high school and college.
4/27/2010parentBBS has the right balance of traditional education(reading,math), arts, music and challenging activities that help children to grow. It is also a wonderful community of caring parents who volunteer to make the school better. It is also a good value since you are getting a private school education at public school prices (free).
4/27/2010parentThe wide range of educational opportunities for our children constantly amazes me
4/27/2010otherThe teachers love love love and appreciate the children!
4/27/2010otherBright Beginnings has everything my grandchild needs to succeed.
4/27/2010parentThe curriculum is well designed and accelerated at just the right level. They have a wonderful way of pushing children a bit beyond where they would typically go but not too much. Children are wonderfully supported in their learning and offered special area classes that are most often cut from public schools. We are so pleased with BBS.
4/27/2010parentThe curriculum strikes the right balance of challenging the students without overwhelming them....we are amazed at our sons progress, he's doing work we never imagined kindergartners could do, and he's successful!! We couldn't be happier with BBS.
4/27/2010parentGreat staff that care about the education of the children.
4/27/2010othermy nephew and niece both attend BBS... they love it! they are both super smart and are able to stay challenged in the classroom. my sister and brother-in-law couldn't be happier.
4/27/2010otherMy grandchildren are stimulated, challenged, and nurtured at this school - the teachers know their students and care about them.
4/27/2010parentBBS is a caring community with committed families. The teachers are dedicated and involved with each and every student. All three of my children have or are receiving a top quality education.
4/27/2010parentmy neices go there and i am so amazed at how advanced the homework is they do for being so young. seems like they love it too.
4/27/2010parentI love the curriculum at Bright Beginnings. It is very structured and done in a way that the children feel smart and are having fun too. It is a wonderful 'family' to be a part of!!
4/27/2010parentI am a grandparent and am happy to participate in this review. This school has wonderful teachers, a great curriculum and a positive learning environment.
4/27/2010parentBright beginnings i a great school. Their curriculum is challenging, the class sizes are small, and there is a teacher and a teaching assistant assigned to each class. There is a lot of one on one time for the students. Great communication between the parents and the school, keeping us involved in what is going on. I can't wait for my second child to begin school there in the fall.
4/27/2010parentTeachers are really motivating students. My son and his classmates love their teacher very much.
4/27/2010otherEducation system is so much more than the public schools and the staff is great
4/27/2010parentChallenging curriculum yet small classes allow teachers to meet the individual needs of each student
4/26/2010parentB.B. has provided my daughter with an excellent education.
4/26/2010parentBBS is filled with warm, caring, and creative teachers, students and parents! It truly is a community school although children can be from various towns in the area. The academics are excellent nd the students truly excel under wonderful teachers, teacher assistants and a very supportive office staff!
4/26/2010parentThe teachers and office staff are excellent! I highly recommend this school.
4/26/2010otherI think my grand children have eveloped mentally and physically through the efforts of the teachers, staff and parents at Bright Beginnings. They have progressed in their social and communicative skills far beyond children in other local schools.
4/26/2010parentWe have been very pleased with the teaching staff and the educational experience our kids are getting.
4/26/2010parentThe teachers are the core of the school!
4/26/2010parentgood school with really good teachers. great educational package.
4/26/2010parentIt's a great community. Everyone really cares about what happens and tries their best to do what's right for the school.
4/26/2010parentThe small class sizes, amazing teachers, and challenging curriculum have made our two children experience great success in their learning. There is such a strong PTA and parent involvement at BBS and it's been a real joy to be a part of that.
4/24/2010otherWonderful classes being taught and such a supportive staff.
4/23/2010parentThe teachers are superb and the student/teacher ratio is low; the curriculum keeps the kids challenged; and the high parent involvement makes the learning environment for the kids that much more special.
4/23/2010otherOur grandchildren are getting a great education and loving every minute of it. What a great school!
4/23/2010parentThe Staff and PTA make it a safe, fun and enriching environment for our kids. Their test scores prove the success!
4/22/2010parentBecause they work hard and care for their student's education. Also because Frankie Troutman works there! :o)
4/21/2010parentI love the small class sizes and fantastic teacher/student ratio. BBS has a wonderfully active PTA and truly involved parents who are of the same mind to help their child succeed and achieve their full potential. Weekly classes of Music, Art, Computers and PE keep the kids well rounded and an emphasis on character building through the 'Character Counts' program helps develop strong values in our future generation.
4/21/2010parentGreat school, best in all surrounding areas. I sent my kids to a multitude of public, charter, and private schools and this is the school with the best curriculum and which treats my kids the best while teaching them accelerated academics.
4/21/2010parentIt has a great perspective and they have a lot of activities such as art, music, spanish, and wellness.
4/21/2010parentThe teachers are dedicated, they have a ton of activities including Spanish and art, and my daughter is already well above her grade level in reading and math!
4/20/2010parentExecellent teachers, curriculum and community of parental involvement.
4/20/2010parentI love that they are challenging yet encouraging. My daughter loves going to school and she has confidence in herself more than before with her education.
4/20/2010parentBBS is an intimate community of involved and caring parents and teachers. Class sizes are small and each has a teacher's aid. The curriculum is more advanced than the public schools and there are a plethora of after school activities.
4/20/2010parentMy kids have been at Bright Beginnings for 12 years. They have grown to love learning and to expect the best out of themselves and those around them. A combination of dedicated staff and involved families create an atmosphere for success.
4/20/2010otherThe class sizes are small and the teachers are very involved with each child...
4/20/2010parentThis school provides interesting learning not just open the text book and read. Lessons are often related to everyday situations making it easier to understand and also seem more relavent to know. Ever hear 'I will never need to know this!'
4/20/2010parentWe are impressed with the curriculum and enthusiasm our grandchildren have for school. It is fun to see the creative learning in action.
4/20/2010parentI have had 2 children attend Bright Beginnings - and both have loved the experience. As a parent I have always been impressed with the passion and focus that the teaching staff has.
4/20/2010parentThe small class size, teacher and staff support, and common goals (great education, respectful children, challenging curriculum) are daughter's teacher this year is an absolute blessing!
4/20/2010parentI have been a parent at BBS for seven years, and have seven more to go! I appreciate the emphasis on reading, because I believe that gives my children the best foundation for everything else that comes next. I also like the 'specials' of Art, Drama, Spanish, and PE, and feel that this school balances my children with high levels of class work with additional skills.
4/20/2010parentThe teachers are kind, committed and highly educated. The structure is the best in the state for sure.
4/20/2010parentThe education at Bright Beginnings School is excellent! The teacher's are very caring and there teaching skills go beyond what is expected from a teacher. They care for every student's education to excel in every area. BBS has a stong PTA and parent's who are very much involed with school functions.
4/19/2010parentThis school is the best for my child she is getting straight a's and she loves it!!!!!!!!
4/19/2010parentWe were new to the state last year and Bright Beginnigs made my daughter feel welcome. The learning is challenging and they still focus on building good character.
4/19/2010parentI love the small classroom settings and how kids are treated with respect
4/19/2010parentWhat I love about BBS: math break out, foreign language, art, music, class size with aid, and the fundimentals.
4/19/2010parentSmall class sizes, teachers & aids are fully involved and care, high academic standards, private school like learning environment
4/19/2010parentIt has great parent and teacher interaction with high standards.
4/19/2010parentWe love this school, because the good teacher my son has.
4/19/2010parentIt has great Teachers that really care about their students!
4/19/2010otherIt was a great elementary school that focuses on personalized teacher interaction!
4/19/2010otherIt's a great school with outstanding partinership with teacher's and Parents.
4/17/2010teacherI love this school. When I worked at this school it was the happiest I have ever been in my teaching career.
4/17/2010otherOur daughter taught here for many years and has told us how wonderful a school it was- both with the students and staff.
4/17/2010parentMy kids learned a love for reading, music, and art becasue of the wonderful, dedicated teachers.
4/17/2010otherMy granddaughter goes there and she loves it. Just a kindergardener, but if this is any indication of how joyful she will be everyday when she comes home from school, well Bright Beginnings has my trust and confidence.
4/17/2010parentThe teachers are conscientious, caring, and dedicated. My daughters, Victoria and Gloria, love the school.
4/16/2010parentAttending BBS is like living in a small town...everyone knows your name, your children are nurtured by teachers, staff members & involved adults at every grade level, and the parent community is highly involved. The inclusion of Spanish, Art, Music, Drama and PE/Wellness at every grade level guarantees that educating the 'whole' child is a top priority, and this translates to wonderful preparation for the jr. high years.
4/16/2010parentMy kids had a great experience at BBS...great teachers!
4/16/2010parentI love bright beginnings because of the wonderful experience my daughter is having in this learning environment. Awsome teachers, excellent school administration and wonderful ciriculum that is preparing my daughter for a bright academic future.
4/16/2010parentWhen we moved to AZ, we had our children attend a private school, paying tuition. Soon in the 1st semester we noticed that the investment was not paying off and we found ourselves again in the search of another school. We found charter school BBS and since then we have seen academic improvement on our child, not to mention the other great aspects of being part of a community, in this case school community. BBS is a great school and I recommend.
4/16/2010parentBright Beginnings school has been wonderful for my granddaughter. She is challenged daily and has progress greatly in her reading and math skills. Alyssa loves the music and art programs the school has to offer. Thank you Bright Beginnings for giving my grandaughter such a wonderful school year.
4/16/2010parentI love B.B.S because the staff is wonderful and friendly and they take pride in the school. They teach character, honesty and interact with the children. They also have excellent programs which include, art, music, p.e. and computers. They have many fund raisers to help the school which my child loves to attend.
4/16/2010parentSmall Classes/ Great Community Feel/Offers great 'electives'/The best Teachers
4/16/2010parentWe tried private school and public school before learning about this wonderful place. The teachers are great, quality of parents is like nothing I've ever seen which results in an environment where kids learn and grow.
4/16/2010otherOwners are passionate about ensuring their students succeed and provide them with a good education. Their own children attended Bright Beginnings in their elementary years and all (3) are upstanding young adults that have succeeded with honors in Academics. Great Owners, who are great parents, who have great children, who attended a great school in their younger years and they wouldn't expect any less for any child! Bright Beginnings School is #1...
4/16/2010parentTeacher to child ratio, activities, fun with lots of learning, parent participation.
4/16/2010otherThe teachers are dedicated to helping their students achieve a higher quality education and pay particular attention to their special needs. They are extremely caring!
4/16/2010parentGreat teachers. Great aides. Art, music, Spanish, computers, PE. Wonderful community!
4/16/2010parentMy daughter went to BBS K-6 and each and every year was outstanding. I have not encountered another school where the administration and entire staff is truly dedicated to helping the students achieve to their maximum potential.
4/16/2010parentGreat teachers, it's small but not too small, the aids are wonderful, and the curriculum challenging. My daugther loves it.
4/15/2010parentI'm really happy to be at BBS - everyone is accepting and helpful. The staff is always happy and positive. My son actually wants to go to school everyday!
4/15/2010parentsmall classes, great teachers, and aides
4/15/2010parentBoth of my children have had wonderful experience there!!
4/15/2010parentAt BBS you will find great learning environment, Spanish, Art, Music, Drama, before and after school programs. Small class setting, hands on, plus outstanding teachers, friendly front office staff, and a great administrator. My child love to go to school every day to learn and have fun.
4/15/2010parentMotivated teachers, engaging curriculum, caring families, plenty of fun activities year round and happy kids!
4/15/2010parentI love Bright Beginnings School as my child comes home often telling me of all of the great things she has learned. I have never seen her enjoy learning so much. Keep it up!
4/15/2010parentBBS has an outstanding faculty and administration with the ability to teach the student to excel not only in the academic arena, but in the everyday world where the values of responsibility, trustworthiness, caring and respect are reinforced on a daily basis.
4/15/2010parentAmazing school that offers a great education!
4/15/2010parentI used to teach there before moving to Idaho and truly believe this is one of the top schools in the country.
4/15/2010parentOur family loves Bright Beginnings! It is both challenging and nurturing! It feels like family when you walk through the doors!
4/15/2010parentMy children love the school! They love GOING to school. They have VERY wonderful teachers and I feel very good about the education that they are receiving.
4/15/2010parentExcellent teachers and highly academic curriculum, small class size, wonderful teacher aides in every room, spanish, wellness, music, art, drama, amazing parent/family involvement, focus on the individual student, the reasons go on and on! Our 2 children love to learn at BBS!
4/15/2010parentBright Beginnings School is a well blended family whose devotion to each student is evident in academics and citizenship (and beyond!) Many thanks to BBS - you rock!
4/15/2010parentIt is a small, tight knit community with involved parents and exceptional teachers and staff. It has been a wonderful learning environment for all of my children.
4/15/2010parentclose knit community filled with loving and committed parents. This is just on top of the wonderful teachers and small classroom
4/15/2010parentBright Beginnings has an exceptional staff that implements the highest academic curriculum . They are very committed to the students and there families.
4/15/2010otherBright Beginnings School sincerely cares about the success and well being of all students, their families and staff. The administrator, staff and parent involvement is all geared to make and keep Bright Beginnings an exemplary school in all areas. I am very proud and pleased to be a part of Bright Beginnings.
4/15/2010parentI have been involved with the school for 12years. Both my children attended K - 6th grade. They moved on to Jnr. High school having had an amazing education and were very well prepared. I am now employed at the school because I could not bear to leave such a great place.
4/15/2010parentThis school is well organized and has great parent involvment. My child is not just a number. He is personally educated based on his learning style and level.
4/15/2010parentAt BBS, the parents are very involved in the children's education, from volunteering in the classroom, PTA or driving on field trips. The teachers work hard at making the school work fun and interesting. My 5th grader went to Biztown earlier this year and she going to the Challenger Space Center next week. Shout out for Mrs. Johnson who I think is one of the best teachers in the school. She devotes her time to bringing real world ideas to her classroom through the school store.
4/15/2010otheri substitute teach in mesa. when i compare what my grandsons have learned and the level they are at..versus some of the classes in mesa..i am amazed..excited..and happy they are so well taken care of!!
4/15/2010parentThe ART TEACHER Mrs. Crocker, is the only reason our kids even attended this school. She has done such a WONDERFUL job in giving CARING & LOVING instructions to EVERY child in her class! I have never seen any teacher come across with such amazing techniques that have taught our kids to learn & remember the ARTS! WE LOVE THE ART TEACHER AT THIS SCHOOL!!!!!
4/15/2010parentCreative and caring for students' success and loving teachers.
4/14/2010parentgreat teachers, parent involvement encouraged, small class sizes, art, spanish, P.E. - we love it and have been at the school for 7 years.
4/14/2010parentThe teachers are considerate and the teaching standard is awesome
4/14/2010parentWe love BBS because each teacher has an aide and every child gets more one on one attention. Small class size, wonderful teachers who teach to the whole child, and amazing parents who are super involved make our school the best!
4/14/2010parentSmall class sizes, aides in every classroom, excellent extra-curricular activitives and great community of involved parents
4/14/2010parentBBS is a wonderful environment for my children. Super parent involvement, Great teacher/student ratio.
4/14/2010parentWe have been at BBS for 12 years now, this being our last. It has been a God send having this school as the foundation of my childrens' education. We will miss the staff, teachers and community of BBS terribly!
4/14/2010parentBright Beginnings is a fabulous learning environment for my child. Teachers are committed to education, and helping my child learn to think and explore.
4/14/2010parentFrom the Administrative Staff to the Teachers everyone truly cares about the children and their individual needs. The students are challenged. The school has PE, Art, Music, Spanish in addition to the core subjects giving students a well rounded k-6 education. So glad we chose Bright Beginnings!
4/14/2010parentI love that they keep the parents involved and their curriculum is second to none.
4/14/2010parentour first year at BBS and we love it! Should of switched a long time ago!
4/14/2010parentIt's a very good school for early learning. We strongly receommend it.
4/14/2010parentBright Beginnings is an amazing school. Small classroom sizes, aides to assist in every classroom, well-balanced curriculum, teachers determined to reach every student, and dedicated parents make this school like no other. I couldn't imagine putting my children anywhere else.
4/14/2010parentMy daughter attended Bright Beginnings for four years and was well prepared for her middle school years. The staff is wonderful and caring to the students and their families. There is tremendous support from families, PTA, and the teachers. It is truly a community that works together. When many schools are dropping specials, BBS continues to provide Spanish, an awesome art program, PE, Music, and Drama in 6th grade. Many students have attended BBS since preschool. The sixth graders perform a fantastic musical to end their learning years at BBS. This school also has an active Character Counts program and it shows. I would recommend this school to those looking for excellent teachers, structure, curriculum, and leadership with high expectations.
4/14/2010parentBright Beginnings has been great for our kids. The class sizes are small for today's standards (22 kids), and each teacher has a full time aid, so the ratio is more like 11:1. Parents are very involved, and the staff works very hard to keep up the high standards. Our kids are completing their 4th year at BBS and we could not be happier.
4/14/2010parentBecause each class has two teachers and the parents are so involved.
4/14/2010parentBright Beginnings School has a wonderful learning environment with small classes and amazing teachers!
4/14/2010parentClass sizes are small and parents, grandparents, and staff work as a team.
4/14/2010parentthe academic level and the teachers there are one of a kind.
4/14/2010parentBright Beginnings has a bright, dedicated and talented staff who create a wonderful, rich learning environment.
4/14/2010parentKids are taken care very well and acadamic system and teaching is good
4/14/2010parentEach of my 3 sons have attended this school and it has provided an amazing foundation for their academic and personal development growth. We have had passionate teachers that stretch each of my son's to their fullest potential. In addition to the amazing teaching staff we have been fortunate to be involved with--the specials--art, p.e., music,drama/improv and spanish have incredibly talented teachers that are also very passionate about what they do and act as incredible role models to our children. We are grateful for this foundation to our children's lives.
4/14/2010parentGreat teachers, solid curriculum, special classes, small class sizes, and a parent-involved community
4/14/2010parentGreat teachers who really care about their students.
4/14/2010parentGreat opportunity children safe environment to grow & small classrooms staff has personalized interest in the children's education
4/14/2010parentThe teachers! they make the school a great place to be.
4/14/2010parentThe individual attention and the amazing parental involvement. It feels like a great community.
4/14/2010parentWe love BBS for its well rounded education. Very good focus on academics as well as arts, sports, character building
4/14/2010teacherI love the parent involvement and spirit of cooperation amongst the staff!
4/14/2010otherBecause it provides a wonderful education and a safe environment... the kids love it!
4/14/2010parentHands on learning -- small classrooms - 2/1 teacher student ratio --much parent involvement
4/14/2010otherIt is small enough to know each child/parent; provides a safe, challenging learning environment.
4/14/2010teacherThis school attracts amazing families who care about education and their children!
4/14/2010parentI love Bright Beginnings School because the class sizes are small, they have Aides in every room,the parents are highly involved with the school and the teacher's are caring, intelligent,highly educated and they want what is best for the students.
4/14/2010parentMy two oldest sons attended Bright Beginnings. We found the teachers to be marvelously devoted to their students academic acheivements and their character development. The administration was committed to keeping the school's overhead low and making sure the money went to the classroom. Bright Beginnings is a real Arizona treasure.
4/14/2010parentGreat teachers and a great enviroment makes Bright Beginnings a great school. The school strikes a terrific balance between academics (we love the math master and star speller programs for kindergartners) and extra curricular activities and is the perfect fit for my 6 year old. Thank you BB.
4/14/2010parentwonderful and sweet kids, helpful and caring parents and kind and attentive staff!
4/14/2010parentThe parent involvment in the classrooms daily and with the teachers is outstanding!
4/14/2010parentOur oldest has attended since kindergarten - he's in 3rd grade now. The teachers actually care more about their students than their paycheck. It truly is a marvelous school.
4/14/2010parentI love Bright Beginnings because they have a dedicated staff and principal. Also my children receive private quality elementary education for free.
4/14/2010parentBBS is a great school. The principal and teachers are in tune with the students and are providing a great learning environment. My kids have been there since kindergarten and continue to excell, academically and socially.
4/14/2010parentI love the school - - small class sizes, aid in every room, advanced curriculum. All three of my kids attended the school and are doing great in their high school and college studies.
4/14/2010parentAll five of my kids have attended BBS since it was practically first established. My eldest noe a senior in HS and my youngest a fourth grader. We could not ask for a better school. It helps everyone and their special needs it indeed helped my older kids excell in the school they attended now. Thank BBS for everything you have done!
4/14/2010otherThis school has an amazing staff! You can tell that the teachers love their job and the students love their teachers!
4/14/2010parentWe have such a wonderful supportive community, and our teachers are Awesome!
4/14/2010parentPerfect way to get the younger children ready for what ahead of them.
4/14/2010parentI love the small school community, the caring teachers, and the ease of being involved at the school inside and outside of the classroom. The teacher student ratio is small and the special classes are like no public school - art, music, health and wellness, spanish, and drama. It is a wonderful environment which allows your child to gain a strong academic foundation, a sense of community involvement, and a feeling of acceptance and friendship. I have had children at BBS for 8 years and have more to go.
4/14/2010parentIt's a great school. My son went to it and the teacher even help him in after school.
4/14/2010parentWhat I love about Bright Beginnings is the teachers are amazing they really care about the children. The class sizes are small, they have an aide in every classroom. There is a real sense of community at Bright Beginnings.
4/14/2010parentMy grandchildren go there and they love everything about it! Small class sizes, aides in every classroom and a high achieving academic program all under one roof! What more can you ask for?
4/14/2010parentProfessional, well-educated, and talented teachers paired with caring, hands-on, and supportive parents creates an atmosphere where our students excel in a education rich environment.
4/14/2010otherFabulous teachers and aides work together to provide QUALITY education!
4/14/2010parentFABULOUS teachers working together and giving every student a equal chance at earning an education!
4/14/2010parentThe children are learning. Kids that are accelerated learners are learning new things, and kids that are not accelerated are learning just as fast.
4/13/2010parentWonderful teachers, lots of parental involvement, great learning results!
4/13/2010teacherBright Beginnings School has small class sizes that allow for more interaction between the teacher and students. There are lots of small group activities so the children can learn positive communication skills. The teachers have developed wonderful cross-curriculum units for lessons to allow the students to make multiple, real-life connections to the material. The teachers truly care about their students at Bright Beginnings School!
4/13/2010parentWe love the small class sizes, aide time, Spanish, Art, P.E. and Music. It is great to be part of a community of families and staff that are dedicated to our children's education.
4/13/2010parentThey have the best staff and teachers there! They all love what they do and it shows in our kids education!!
4/13/2010parentI love the supportive families of this school!
4/13/2010parentThis school provides children with a private school education, but for free. As an employee of this school I am amazed by the dedication that the staff has for their families. This school is by far the best school environment that I have been involved with.
4/13/2010otherExcellent structure, curriculum, leadership with high expectations of the students.
4/13/2010parentBBS is passionate about their students. My boys love this school!
4/13/2010parentThis school helps develop great character in students!
4/13/2010parentMy girls love this school, they get great academics and great extras like Spanish in all grades.
4/13/2010parentThis school has a great reputation for developing character as well as academics - great school with outstanding teachers!
4/13/2010parentI love BBS because the teachers are wonderful. They take their time teaching our children and they reach out to me as a parent when my child isn't doing well or is having any other issues. I have worked closely with the teachers in regards to my son because we all have the same goal, 'that my son be successful'. I like the fact that the school is small and intimate and that my child is getting the personal attention he needs before he moves on to a larger school.
4/13/2010parentBBS works as a community to educate the students. Parents take an active role in the classrooms and in the development of all of the students not just their own. The teachers are great and recognize and promote the strengths of each student.
4/13/2010parentLove BBS because my daughter is academically challenged, the class size is really small so each student gets more attention (there is an aid too!), they help build confidence and character, parents are very involved in students work, class and events. Overall, I'm very happy to be part of the school community
4/13/2010parentTeachers, Staff are amazing. They really care about the kids.
4/13/2010parentGreat School, Teachers, Staff and Students!!
4/13/2010parentLow teacher student ratios. Families are required to be involved. Children enjoy and want to attend school. Teachers love what they do.
4/13/2010parentSmall Charter School, but feels like a great private school.
4/13/2010parentI love the extracurricular courses at BBS - art, music, wellness, Spanish, and computer lab.
4/13/2010parentBright Beginnings school is GREAT! Everyone is so involved the student, parents and teachers - there is so much commitment from everyone and my child wants to always go to school each day and that makes me happy - he also has so many friends and also is very concentrated on excelling and I know Bright Beginnings has been such a positive experience for my son and our family - my daughter is excited about attending next year and becoming part of BBS.
4/13/2010parentbecause It is just a great school and the curriculum is fabulous.
3/9/2010parentMy son is in kindergarten and so far we love it. Each child is worked individually according to their level so there is always challenge. The reading levels are very high and we are very excited to see what the new math program has in store. The children have lots of hands on, fin activities nd I couldn't be happier academically. They do not have a very strong sports program though with the smaller grounds and not as good facilities to [lay anything serious but elementary age kids don't really care - and overall, I must say I am very satisfied
2/11/2010parentA difficult decision, but we are leaving BBS. I liked the small class size and subjects offered, including art and music. However, I feel that this school is not providing any academic challenge, nor striving for excellence in any area. BBS may have good test scores, but they are teaching at the same grade level as the rest of the district public schools. Other observations include: 1) Poorly defined curriculum (discrepancy between classrooms, grades, teachers). 2) Dismissive principle who puts far too little weight on parent opinion about their child. 3) Expensive and inconvenient hot lunch program (no on-site kitchen, meals brought in). 4) Fundraising efforts which target affluent families, excluding those with less. The small school, family oriented atmosphere has vanished. Coupled with academic mediocrity, there is little motivation to stay.
6/7/2009parentMy children have been at Bright Beginnings School for 5 years now. I find the teachers, administration and front office staff to be very caring and extremely interested in doing anything they can to make our children's school day fun, safe and academically successful. I am very happy with our choice of Bright Beginnings School.
6/6/2009parentI would not recommend this school to anyone. The principal Karen Edris and the front office staff is extremely rude and uncaring to children's needs. My daughter was in gifted program in previous school and I chose this school when we moved to Arizona. But I was so disgusted by the racial attitude of the staff and teachers and principal that I changed my daughter's school after 3 months. I put her in Kyrene school in gifted program and she is very happy there. I would not recommend this school to any parent who cares about their children and who want their child to grow in a healthy atmosphere.
6/3/2009parentMy daughter 'graduated' this year after 7 WONDERFUL years at BBS! She is academically strong, socially ready for junior high, and grounded in self-confidence. BBS was a huge postive and creative influnence in her first 7 years of schooling and personal development!
2/23/2009parentFew schools today give children the well-rounded education available at Bright Beginnings. My daughter and I both feel very fortunate that she is receiving her education at an institution devoted to teaching academics, as well as areas such as art, music, foreign language, wellness and computers - subjects not usually offered at public institutions.
11/13/2008parentThis is my son's first year at BBS and I am amazed at how much he has progressed. He is in Kindergarten. The academics are excellent and he definitely is challenged and in a learning environment, but moreso, the growth he has shown on a social level. The teacher (Ms. Hovis) is incredible. Her love for the kids is evident through her patience and structure in the classroom. I know its only mid-year, but Wow! Ms. Edris is a wonderful leader and it shows through her staff. It's a privilege to be a part of this school.
9/28/2008studentThis school is amazing!!! The teachers are well picked, and the extra classes like clay class and improv are really fun. This is a view from a student in 6th grade, but it still counts. I never want to leave!!!!!
7/17/2008parentWhen my child got into BBS, I had high expectations for the year. However, they were quickly shattered. The rigidity of the school and the outdated teaching methods were a bad fit for my child. Moreover as early as kindergarten, they are already teaching to the test. As I witnessed such disappointments, I checked with many educators, and found that current pedagogical techniques are not being followed at BBS. In fact, the techniques, which I am not allowed to describe in this review, have been found to impair children s intrinsic love of learning. When I expressed my concerns, the teacher and principal were unresponsive and dismissive. Needless to say, after experiencing the antiquated teaching methods along with apathetic administrators, inadequate after care, and strict attendance policy, both my child and I are happy that she will not be returning to BBS.
6/29/2008parentMy familie's experience was very negitive at best. My son started at this school in first grade and was at grade level. What I promptly learned was he was the youngest child in that class. Many of they student's were held back in Kindergarten which made most of the student's over a year older than my son. It's simply easier to get higher test scores when the kids are a year older. So don't be fooled by their supposed high test scores. They should be higher. I was shocked by this fact once we were actually in the school. There are other options that provide a quality education without playing the games with testing that this school does.
4/26/2008parentMy daughter transferred to BBS in 2nd grade from a Chandler Unified School District ranked 9 of 10. In comparison, the bottom-line is the student, parent, faculty, principal and staff achievement expectations at BBS are refreshingly high. The school's curriculum is top notch, challenging and aggressive. This is not the school for parents who do not understand their role in their child's success nor those who are not willing to work closely with their child during non-school hours. The school's history on the National Terra Nova exams is the ultimate measure. It became apparent quickly why the schools math scores, in some cases, are on average as high as top 15 percent in the country. The extracurriculars are great, e.g. private piano lessons on site. The parental involvement is outstanding. BBS is easily one of the best education values in the Phoenix-Metro East Valley area.
3/31/2008parentmy son went to this school about a year ago but had to stop because we were moving. he had a great time there ! he made great friends and great teachers. it would be an amazing experience for your child to come to !
3/27/2008parentBright Beginnings really can be a great place for children, with involved families helping to bring students that value learning. There are some great teachers and my child is loving her class this year as a result of a great new teacher with an exciting classroom. That said, it doesn't seem to be as great of a place for the teachers or families that are very involved. While teachers that have been there for years and are comfortable and settled may still be thriving under the new administration, new teachers coming in don't seem to be given much direction or guidance. There are also major curricular discrepencies. One teacher might do great things and challenge your child and another might not because there doesn't seem to be much accountability or help from the administration.
3/20/2008parentWe've been at BBS for 4 yrs & are very satisfied with the education our child receives. Low class sizes haven't changed since we've been there, exceptional teachers given the freedom to teach their own ways to AZ standards + an aide in every classroom, commitment to fine arts, and expectation to be involved in the school community make it an ideal environment for us. There've been some changes since the original owner sold to her asst principal last year, which has caused what's probably a normal human reaction, fear of change. But I think asking people to be more frugal so the school would not continue operating at a deficit is just plain smart and necessary. Just like any charter school is not for every child/family - it's not for every teacher either. 2 of the 5 teachers that left last year had new babies.
3/6/2008parentWe have been at the school for 4 years and I was very happy until this year. It is no longer academically challenging and not what it once was. There are great families and teachers at the school, but the overall environment has changed.
3/4/2008parentWe have been at BBS for a number of years. No school is perfect, but with that said, we are very happy at BBS. My children have been challenged and have had lots of fun learning as well. It is a shame that in the past few years there has been so much teacher turn over in the younger grades, but I do not think that has anything to do with the new principal. I am very pleased with the teachers, aides, and administration. We think that BBS is a wonderful school!
3/3/2008parentThe biggest issue with the new owner of this school is that she is not an educator. This is a business for and to that, she is not a very good business person either. Increasing class sizes, not retaining experienced teachers, lack of teacher accountability, lack of new teacher mentoring all account for the degradation of this once excelling school. If you have been recently told that BBS is a grade ahead of the public schools - check your sources. This was once the case but not since our new owner. The teachers are teaching from the same grade level text books as public schools. Not only is this school in trouble academically, but also financially. Money raised by the PTA for teacher education, student needs is being forced to be turned over to the owner with no recourse to be used for gravel instead of teacher education.
3/3/2008parentI have two children at BBS. My oldest since he was three years old. I couldn't have gotten a better school for him. All the teachers have worked with him to understand his uniqueness and because of that I'm very happy to say how wonderfully he is doing. The small class sizes and aides won't be found in the huge public classrooms - definitely a plus right there. I also wanted to comment that I feel the teacher turnover isn't much different now then when the owner founder ran the school. They leave for all reasons, some of which where the teachers just having had a baby. If you have been with the school long enough you will know there has been a bunch of them. I credit the current principal for keeping it academically in line with the founder and making it fun for all.
2/26/2008parentWe have been involved with BBS for many years and on many different levels. During this time we have seen some changes, most of them good up until a switch in ownership occured. The new principal is driving the once close knit and caring community of parents, teachers and children in a direction that is very disheartening. Most of the staff obviously no longer enjoy teaching at the school for many reasons. First and foremost the principal appears to only be looking out for herself and her wallet not realizing she is jeopordizing the school. The first wave of turnover in staff occured last year and it is apparently only minimal compared to the amount of staff that will be leaving this next year. If you are considering this school for your child, please be aware that it is not what it use
1/30/2008parentMy children have attended BBS for a number of years. I had a wonderful experience for my oldest child but would have to say that the school is not as challenging or friendly as in the past. There has been huge teacher turnover in the lower grades that will continue next year First grade is challenging and enriching but by third grade the school is 'teaching to the test' The curriculum is not as 'hands on' as a tour will lead you to believe. Some excellent, caring teachers, especially but there is no guarantee your child will get one. Little classroom accountability provided by the administration. Small class sizes and EXCELLENT art program a plus. Due to owner/prinicipal change in 2006 please evaluate school carefully as it is not what it once was. If you have a special needs child be prepared to fight for even basic services.
12/28/2007parentI was looking for a school that was not a daycare,I wanted my daughter's social skills to be heightened. And she has received all that at BBS.I am completely satisfied with the decision to invest in this school- the outcome with my daughter's performance academically and socially,surpasses my expectations
4/12/2007parentWe have been very impressed and satisfied with our move from a CUSD school to the BBS charter school. The academic standards are very high and students are expected to rise to their ultimate potential rather than simply meet required goals. There are plenty of afterschool activities. The curriculum is demanding and has a strong variety of teaching methods. There is never a boring day at BBS. The change is leadership has brought out a few disgruntled parents as you would expect with such a situation. However, in comparison to what I have experienced elsewhere, this school is excellent and a great choice for a student who needs a more challenging curriculum.
4/12/2007parentAt last count, at least 17-20 different before or after school activities at BBS were offered, including choir, sports, chess, math, art, drama/improv, sign language, etc. This variety of programs is a real luxury; and not found at other schools of comparable size. BBS has changed administratively, and with change comes (drum roll) change.
4/4/2007parentThe principal is not sensitive to parents and school needs, as shown in some of her administrative decisions. My children like the school and the classes they have been in. Teachers are innovative. Classes are small. When the previous principal left, there was quite a bit of staff turnover. The school previously offered numerous after school activities. But in 2006-7, these offerings decreased significantly, partly due to after-care availability. Parent loyalty expected but not reciprocated. Academically-- very good at this time.
6/9/2006parentGreat school because of the dedication of the principal and the teachers. Focused on critical skills like reading, writting, Math and science. Both my childs academic performance and her social skills have improved tremendously since starting at Bright Beginnings. I whole heartedly recomend this school to other parents.
6/6/2006parentWe love Bright Beginnings School. The academic program is very accelerated and the teachers make learning fun. The staff really cares! Extracurricular activities are limited however. Parent involvement is extremely high.
3/2/2006parentMy kids have been at this school for years, and we love it. The teachers, aides and principal are all wonderful, caring people. Academics are a year ahead of the public schools. I wouldn't have my kids anywhere else.
1/15/2006parentWe really enjoyed this school. The classes are small and the teachers are excited about teaching. My child really gained a great deal academically at this school and had fun learning. In comparison to public school this school really strives to be on the academic edge. The did lack a number of the extra options that are available in the public school but I felt we were able to balance out what was missing.
10/5/2005parentThe academic program at Bright Beginnings is certainly head and sholders above most of what is out there. The small school atmosphere is a wonderful advantage. Smaller class sizes and more individual attention are what I was looking for. The administrative staff know each family by name and take an interest in what is happening in their lives. Parent and family involvment is a key to the success of the Bright Beginnings program. Teachers are encouraged to teach the way that is best for them, so your child gets the very best of each teacher. It is a wonderful community.
5/15/2005parentExcellent academic program, caring teachers, nice classroom facility.
4/21/2005parentWe've been attending Bright Beginnings for seven years now, with 4 of our children. We love our school. The staff cares about our concerns and about our children's individual needs. We've moved 25 minutes away, but are still willing to make the drive every day for 10 more years till our youngest is old enough to move on.
3/24/2005parentThe school appears to have a high quality curriculum with a focus on the integration of school and community.
3/24/2005parentso far so good. what i have seen and heard so far has been impressive.
3/15/2005parentBright Beginnings is a wonderful elementary school. My children have really excelled there. The teacher/student ratio is 10/1. There is a full time aide in the classrooms. They really give the students a great learning environment.
2/22/2005former studentThis school was a great place for me when I was in junior however they don't have a junior high program. Also the school atmosphere has changed. It is no longer the place I felt safe and happy. Its still a fair school...but not like it used to be. There aren't a lot of sports but there is some afters school classes.
2/22/2005former studentThis school is not as good as it used to be. The principal needs top decide on her discipline and what her philosophy is, instead of allowing any parent who comes by the dictate her actions. She is wishy washy! This creates problems no matter how good the teachers are.
2/21/2005parentOverall good school - but they need to hold children accountable with nightly homework and weekly testing. My son has become quite lazy in the last few years he's been at BBS. Teachers are nice and parent involvement is great to see.
1/31/2005parentIts a great school.My children learned how to read in kindergarden.No pressure just relaxed learning. My children didn't even know the were learning.Music and art programs are great the kids have alot of fun.The kids know most of the parents because the parents want to get involved.
1/24/2005parentI'm a parent at this school currently and though they offer quite a bit in terms of field trips and special activities (music, Spanish, art and PE) I really don't believe they hold the children accountable enough with daily homework and learning of the basics (spelling, math and English skills. I'm actually considering placing my child in a more traditional learning enviroment before they fall behind.
1/17/2005teacherThis school is wonderful. The principals are friendly and available to all parents. Class size is small and the students recieve alot of one on one with their teachers.
12/25/2004parentMy child's experience at this school has been excellent. Her kindergarden program includes spanish, sign language, art, music, computers and much more. But best of all, she loves the teachers.
12/16/2004parentThis is a good academic school with some really fine teachers. We chose it because they offer a nice balance between academics and creative learning as well as some flexibility for individualizing instruction. Example, our child goes to the math class one year ahead of her grade. The school suffers from some disorganization and inconsistent quality in teachers. Make sure you meet your child's teacher in advance and talk to parents of children who have had the same teacher and you will have great results with this school. The administration is not consultative and as a result you feel that important decisions are made arbitrarily or 'off the cuff'. Example, while on vacation last year, 1 week before school started, we received a phone call that our child would have to 'test into' her year ahead math class the next day. Reasonable policy. But why the last minute announcement?
10/28/2004former studentI went to this school for 3 years. I loved it. The teachers I had were great. Since then it has changed though. It isn't the school it used to be. I still think its okay though.
10/2/2004parentWe sent our son to pre-K here and it was fantastic! The teachers care about the students, they strive for a variety of learning styles and experiences for the students. There is a sense of community at the school.
9/24/2004parentWords cannot explain how wonderful this school is. I took my child out of public school because I didn't feel that she was getting any quality education. BBS teaches to the higher level student, and in doing so, brings all children regardless of levels upwards in all areas including academic, social and personal growth. The staff is wonderful. When your child has to reenter to the public schools they will be at the top of their class.
9/6/2004parentBright Beginnings has an excellent academic program for all grades. The teachers use all types of learning. The kids enjoyed the music and arts program as well. I just wish it had gone all the way to the 12th grade!
7/6/2004parentBright Beginnings is a wonderful school. The teachers and assistant teachers are incredibly caring and well-organized. The office staff 'has their act together! The campus is beautiful...clean, warm, inviting. Spanish, Art, Music, PE, and Health are taught by passionate experienced teachers. Parent involvement is available in any area you would like. (I helped at reading time.) We love the family hikes, Skateland evenings, school performances, and family dances. The school gets better each year! We have had kids there for eight of the ten years they have been open. They have the best achievement test scores because they teach the kids to think!
6/25/2004parentMy child attended preschool at Bright Beginnings because administrators said that their Kindergarten had higher standards than most of the public schools and that their Pre-K program would prepare the students for the Kindergarten. After paying $2,000 and completing the preschool program, my child was entered into a 'lottery' for Kindergarten enrollment and was not accepted. The school does give siblings preferential placement, but does not offer that to pre-K students for Kindergarten. My child doesn't understand why he has to leave the school and friends that he loves.
9/27/2003parentThis school is wonderful! I am so pleased with the teacher's commitment to the education and well-being of their students. There is a great deal of parent involvement, as well. It really is like a small community surrounding. The teaching philosophy emphasizes reading skills very early on, which continues to be valuable throughout education. My child is going into junior high next year and I am quite concerned about the quality of the public schools in this area compared to our experiences at this charter school.
5/1/2003 Very supportive principal according to teachers; participates in activities that draws outside talent into the school for art and other subjects; small class size; very good at listening to parent input.
4/17/2003 Best Charter School around! Great parent involvement and small class sizes. Wonderful, caring, dedicated teachers.
3/31/2003  The best thing I ever did for my son was to enroll him in this wonderful, innovative school! Excellent education and a close-knit school community.

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