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69 School(s) in Worcester Massachusetts

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School NameGradesAddressZipPhoneCountyTypeDistrict Name
Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public SchoolK-1210 New Bond Street
Worcester, MA
01606(508) 854-8400WorcestercharterAbby Kelley Foster Charter Public School District
Bancroft SchoolK-12110 Shore Dr
Worcester, MA
01605(508) 853-2640Worcesterprivate 
Belmont Street CommunityPK-6170 Belmont Street
Worcester, MA
01605(508) 799-3588WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Burncoat Middle School7-8135 Burncoat Street
Worcester, MA
01606(508) 799-3390WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Burncoat Senior High School9-12179 Burncoat Street
Worcester, MA
01606(508) 799-3300WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Burncoat Street Preparatory SchoolPK-6526 Burncoat Street
Worcester, MA
01606(508) 799-3537WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Canterbury Street Computer-Based Magnet SchoolPK-6129 Canterbury Street
Worcester, MA
01603(508) 799-3484WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Central New England Christian AcademyK-7266 Lincoln Street
Worcester, MA
01605(508) 755-5595Worcesterprivate 
Chandler Elementary CommunityPK-6114 Chandler Street
Worcester, MA
01609(508) 799-3572WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Chandler MagnetPK-6525 Chandler Street
Worcester, MA
01602(508) 799-3452WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
City View Discovery School PK-680 Prospect Street
Worcester, MA
01605(508) 799-3670WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Claremont Academy7-1215 Claremont Street
Worcester, MA
01610(508) 799-3077WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Clark Street Developmental Learning SchoolPK-6280 Clark Street
Worcester, MA
01606(508) 799-3545WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Columbus Park Preparatory AcademyPK-675 Lovell Street
Worcester, MA
01603(508) 799-3490WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Doherty Memorial High School9-12299 Highland Street
Worcester, MA
01602(508) 799-3270WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Elm Park CommunityPK-623 North Ashland Street
Worcester, MA
01609(508) 799-3568WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
First Assembly Christian AcademyPK-1230 Tyler Prentice Rd
Worcester, MA
01605(508) 853-8641Worcesterprivate 
Flagg StreetK-6115 Flagg Street
Worcester, MA
01602(508) 799-3522WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Forest Grove Middle School7-8495 Grove Street
Worcester, MA
01605(508) 799-3420WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Francis J McGrath Elementary SchoolK-6493 Grove Street
Worcester, MA
01605(508) 799-3584WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
G Stanley Hall School3-124 Mann St
Worcester, MA
01602(508) 755-3698Worcesterprivate 
Gates Lane School of International StudiesPK-61238 Main Street
Worcester, MA
01603(508) 799-3488WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Goddard School/Science TechPK-614 Richards Street
Worcester, MA
01603(508) 799-3594WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Grafton StreetPK-6311 Grafton Street
Worcester, MA
01604(508) 799-3478WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Heard Street Discovery AcademyK-6200 Heard Street
Worcester, MA
01603(508) 799-3525WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Holy Name Central Catholic Junior/Senior School7-12144 Granite St
Worcester, MA
01604(508) 753-6371Worcesterprivate 
Jacob Hiatt MagnetPK-6772 Main Street
Worcester, MA
01610(508) 799-3601WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Kathleen Burns Preparatory School5-12280 May St
Worcester, MA
01602(508) 849-1930Worcesterprivate 
Kathleen Burns Preparatory School6-1281 Plantation Street 2nd Floor
Worcester, MA
01604(508) 849-5600Worcesterprivate 
Lake ViewK-6133 Coburn Avenue
Worcester, MA
01604(508) 799-3536WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Lincoln StreetPK-6549 Lincoln Street
Worcester, MA
01605(508) 799-3504WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
MA Academy for Math and Science School11-1285 Prescott Street
Worcester, MA
01605(508) 831-5859WorcesterpublicMA Academy for Math and Science School District
May StreetK-6265 May Street
Worcester, MA
01602(508) 799-3520WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Mercy Centren/a25 W Chester St
Worcester, MA
01605(508) 852-7165Worcesterprivate 
Midland StreetK-618 Midland Street
Worcester, MA
01602(508) 799-3548WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Nelson PlacePK-635 Nelson Pl
Worcester, MA
01605(508) 799-3506WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
New Jewish AcademyK-815 Jamesbury Dr
Worcester, MA
01609(508) 799-7888Worcesterprivate 
Norrback AvenuePK-644 Malden Street
Worcester, MA
01606(508) 799-3500WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
North High School9-12140 Harrington Way
Worcester, MA
01604(508) 799-3370WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Notre Dame Academy9-12425 Salisbury St
Worcester, MA
01609(508) 757-6200Worcesterprivate 
Our Lady of the Angels Memorial Elementary SchoolPK-81220 Main Street
Worcester, MA
01603(508) 752-5609Worcesterprivate 
QuinsigamondPK-614 Blackstone River Rd.
Worcester, MA
01607(508) 799-3502WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Rice SquarePK-676 Massasoit Rd
Worcester, MA
01604(508) 799-3556WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
RooseveltPK-61006 Grafton Street
Worcester, MA
01604(508) 799-3482WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Seven Hills Charter SchoolK-851 Gage Street
Worcester, MA
01605(508) 799-7500WorcestercharterSeven Hills Charter School District
South High Community9-12170 Apricot Street
Worcester, MA
01603(508) 799-3325WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
St. Mary Elementary SchoolK-650 Richland St
Worcester, MA
01610(508) 753-0484Worcesterprivate 
St. Mary's Junior/Senior High School7-1250 Richland St
Worcester, MA
01610(508) 753-1170Worcesterprivate 
St. Peter Central Catholic Elementary SchoolPK-8865 Main St
Worcester, MA
01610(508) 791-6496Worcesterprivate 
St. Peter-Marian Catholic Junior-Senior7-12781 Grove St
Worcester, MA
01605(508) 852-5555Worcesterprivate 
St. Stephen Elementary SchoolPK-8355 Grafton St
Worcester, MA
01604(508) 755-3209Worcesterprivate 
Sullivan Middle School7-8140 Apricot Street
Worcester, MA
01603(508) 799-3350WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Tatnuck Magnet SchoolK-61083 Pleasant Street
Worcester, MA
01602(508) 799-3554WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
The Nativity School of Worcester1-410 Irving St
Worcester, MA
01609(508) 799-0100Worcesterprivate 
Thorndyke RoadPK-630 Thorndyke Rd
Worcester, MA
01606(508) 799-3550WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Union Hill SchoolK-61 Chapin Street
Worcester, MA
01604(508) 799-3600WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
University Pk Campus School7-1212 Freeland Street
Worcester, MA
01610(508) 799-3591WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Venerini AcademyPK-827 Edward St
Worcester, MA
01605(508) 753-3210Worcesterprivate 
Vernon Hill SchoolK-6211 Providence Street
Worcester, MA
01607(508) 799-3630WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Wawecus Road SchoolK-620 Wawecus Rd
Worcester, MA
01605(508) 799-3527WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
West TatnuckPK-6300 Mower Street
Worcester, MA
01602(508) 799-3596WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Woodland AcademyPK-693 Woodland Street
Worcester, MA
01610(508) 799-3557WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Worcester Academy6-1281 Providence St
Worcester, MA
01604(508) 754-5302Worcesterprivate 
Worcester Arts Magnet SchoolPK-6315 St Nicholas Avenue
Worcester, MA
01606(508) 799-3575WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Worcester East Middle School7-8420 Grafton Street
Worcester, MA
01604(508) 799-3430WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Worcester Kingdom Academy7-1291 Canterbury Street
Worcester, MA
01603(508) 754-3528Worcesterprivate 
Worcester Seventh-Day Adventist1-4, 6-82 Airport Dr
Worcester, MA
01602(508) 753-4732Worcesterprivate 
Worcester Technical High School9-121 Skyline Drive
Worcester, MA
01605(508) 799-1940WorcesterpublicWorcester Public Schools
Yeshiva Achei Tmimim AcademyPK-1222 Newton Ave
Worcester, MA
01602(508) 752-0904Worcesterprivate 

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