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30 School(s) in Clifton New Jersey

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School NameGradesAddressZipPhoneCountyTypeDistrict Name
Christopher Columbus Middle School6-8350 Piaget Avenue
Clifton, NJ
7011(973) 470-2360PassaicpublicClifton Public Schools
Classical Academy Charter School of Clifton6-820 Valley Road
Clifton, NJ
7013(973) 278-7707PassaiccharterClassical Academy Charter School of Clifton
Clifton High School9-12333 Colfax Avenue
Clifton, NJ
7013(973) 470-2312PassaicpublicClifton Public Schools
Garfield Auxiliary Middle School/High School7-1243 Clifton Ave
Clifton, NJ
7011(973) 272-7465PassaicpublicGarfield Public School District
New Hope SchoolK-8780 Clifton Ave
Clifton, NJ
7013(973) 473-4144Passaicprivate 
Number 1 Elementary SchoolK-5158 Park Slope
Clifton, NJ
7011(973) 470-2370PassaicpublicClifton Public Schools
Number 11 Elementary SchoolK-5147 Merselis Avenue
Clifton, NJ
7011(973) 470-2401PassaicpublicClifton Public Schools
Number 12 Elementary SchoolK-5165 Clifton Avenue
Clifton, NJ
7011(973) 470-2404PassaicpublicClifton Public Schools
Number 13 Elementary SchoolK-5782 Van Houten Avenue
Clifton, NJ
7013(973) 470-2410PassaicpublicClifton Public Schools
Number 14 Elementary SchoolK-599 St Andrews Boulevard
Clifton, NJ
7012(973) 470-2411PassaicpublicClifton Public Schools
Number 15 Elementary SchoolK-5700 Gregory Avenue
Clifton, NJ
7011(973) 470-2418PassaicpublicClifton Public Schools
Number 16 Elementary SchoolK-5755 Grove Street
Clifton, NJ
7013(973) 470-2420PassaicpublicClifton Public Schools
Number 17K-5361 Lexington Avenue
Clifton, NJ
7011(973) 458-6017PassaicpublicClifton Public Schools
Number 2 Elementary SchoolK-51270 Van Houten Avenue
Clifton, NJ
7013(973) 470-2380PassaicpublicClifton Public Schools
Number 3 Elementary SchoolK-5365 Washington Avenue
Clifton, NJ
7011(973) 470-2390PassaicpublicClifton Public Schools
Number 4 Elementary SchoolK-5194 West Second Street
Clifton, NJ
7011(973) 470-2382PassaicpublicClifton Public Schools
Number 5 Elementary SchoolK-5136 Valley Road
Clifton, NJ
7013(973) 470-2386PassaicpublicClifton Public Schools
Number 8 Elementary SchoolK-541 Oak Street
Clifton, NJ
7014(973) 470-2392PassaicpublicClifton Public Schools
Number 9 Elementary SchoolK-525 Brighton Road
Clifton, NJ
7012(973) 470-2396PassaicpublicClifton Public Schools
Passaic County Elks CP Centern/a15 Union Ave
Clifton, NJ
7011(973) 772-2600Passaicprivate 
Pope John Paul II Elementary SchoolPK-8775 Valley Rd
Clifton, NJ
7013(973) 458-9282Passaicprivate 
Sacred Heart SchoolK-843 Clifton Ave
Clifton, NJ
7011(973) 546-4695Passaicprivate 
St. Andrew Elementary SchoolPK-8418 Mount Prospect Ave
Clifton, NJ
7012(973) 473-3711Passaicprivate 
St. Brendan Elementary SchoolPK-8154 E 1st St
Clifton, NJ
7011(973) 772-1149Passaicprivate 
St. Clare Elementary SchoolPK-839 Allwood Rd
Clifton, NJ
7014(973) 777-7582Passaicprivate 
St. John Kanty Elementary SchoolPK-837 Speer Ave
Clifton, NJ
7013(973) 773-8090Passaicprivate 
St. Paul Elementary SchoolK-81255 Main Avenue
Clifton, NJ
7011(973) 546-2161Passaicprivate 
St. Philip the Apostle SchoolPK-8779 Valley Rd
Clifton, NJ
7013(973) 779-4700Passaicprivate 
The Learning CenterK-1, 3, 537 Speer Ave
Clifton, NJ
7013(973) 773-8090Passaicprivate 
Woodrow Wilson Middle School6-81400 Van Houten Avenue
Clifton, NJ
7013(973) 470-2348PassaicpublicClifton Public Schools

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