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55.55% of the people in Ames, Iowa are registered as Democrats. 41.71% are registered Republican. Remaining are independent: 2.74%.

  VOTINGAmes, IowaUnited States
  Democrat  55.550%51.066%
  Republican  41.714%47.205%
  Independent Other  2.736%1.729%


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Iowa Michelel Ames
Of course I did not put the right town in. What outsider needs any more bull____? yes, I think Iowa needs to change the signs they have when you enter their state to... (read more)
Best college town!
I loved my experience in Ames, IA during my 4 years of college. I miss living there, and while my experience might be different from that of regular residents, I think... (read more)
Not a very culturally diverse college town
As far as college towns go, Ames is far less diverse than most. Largely due to it being Iowa, a state known for being overwhelmingly white. There are a handful of... (read more)
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From California to Iowa
Hello, I am in San Jose Ca, but am seriously thinking of moving somewhere much slower for a better quality of living. I've just turned 59, so I'm kinda preparing for... (read more)
Good and Bad
Like every other city Ames has both good and bad points. The good points are: low cost of living, very friendly people, lots of outdoor activities and quite a few events... (read more)
Ames is an okay place to live, if you're a college student or retired. Beyond that, living here is very... (read more)
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