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49.74% of the people in Nashua, New Hampshire are registered as Democrats. 48.62% are registered Republican. Remaining are independent: 1.64%.

  VOTINGNashua, New HampshireUnited States
  Democrat  49.742%51.066%
  Republican  48.618%47.205%
  Independent Other  1.640%1.729%


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nashua nh
Nashua ok . the winter can be cold and summer hot. Fall is the best time around here.... (read more)
You get it all
Great place to live if you find something great about all seasons. Winters can be long and wintery mixes of precipitation is always expected. Springs can be short with a... (read more)
Getting Around in NH
Getting around in NH/MA is challenging if you do not have access to a car. Nashua is approximately 6 miles north of the northeastern MA state line. In Nashua there is... (read more)
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I have lived in many places across southern NH - and Nashua is by far the most community oriented place I have lived. The Library, Main Street initiatives, and parks... (read more)
no reason to live here. it's pretty rough actuall
I lived here for three years when I worked for a major defense contractor. since that time i have been in gainesville, FL (an amazing place) and nowhere, Taiwan... (read more)
RE: "Conservative and Lower Middle Class - 10/11/2
I have lived in Nashua for over 20 years, having previously lived in MA (10 years), preceded by growing up in So Cal. I find the opinions expressed in "Conservative and... (read more)
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