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Enjoy the stars as you sleep under them. - 6/9/2019
I have lived in Ventura County since 2006 and that includes Port Hueneme, Oxnard, Camarillo, and Ventura. This city has a lot of friendly, down to earth people that seem to enjoy the area. In comparison to Santa Barbara (30 minutes north) it is more affordable but over the years the Ventura city council have been attempting to increase city revenue. They have replaced free street parking on Main Street, near a lot of shops, with metered parking and after the St. Thomas fires occurred rent sky rocketed for rentals. It was really sad to see the greed when so many displaced citizens were in need of housing.

Juxtapose the current minimum wage set at $12 with the average rent for a one bedroom apartment in Ventura city at $1,955. A person working 40 hours a week would be making $1,920 gross income. So as you can see, needing a roommate will necessary and a lot of home owners rent rooms out of their homes because they have high mortgages, sadly. People come here for the Read More

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Beauty Lost - 10/19/2018
Ventura used to be a beautiful town, well loved by all who lived here. Then, in the late 80's, Orange County got too crowded and people started moving North. Now we are overcrowded, filthy, and the homeless capitol of the west. The beaches, once filled with children are now filthy and unsafe to walk on. Houses and apartmental buildings have been built behind every house so that no one has a yard any more. Once a treasured jewel, Ventura has become the place for decent people to leave. I can't wait to move Read More

My Opinion, this is the best place to live in Cali - 1/31/2018
At Wells Road and Telephone Road, it was deemed the perfect weather, in the Continental United States, at an average temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit. This place is Read More

Very Expensive - 7/1/2017
I have lived in Ventura since 1988 and it is now 2017. The one thing great thing about Ventura is the weather. It's mild and does not get very cold.
We have a couple of months (May and June, and sometimes into July) where it is very overcast and cloudy. We do not experience really warm summers, it is usually around 68 to 75 degrees being right on the ocean.
Even though I work full time and make $26 an hr. I cannot afford to live here anymore as the rents have gone way up. A one bedroom apt. goes for about $1500 a month now and anything larger than that can be as much as 2 to 3 thousand. Sales tax is up to 7.5% and the state just increased the gasoline tax and registration fees for your cars again. There are lots of camera controlled intersections so the city can collect additional revenue from traffic violators. Quite a few rude drivers around here as well that have no regard for the safety of others, also a lot of regulations compared to other places.
If your car Read More

Good and Bad - 4/24/2016
When I was a teen my family moved to Ventura. Back then is was a small town that did not have much to offer for young adults which bothered some but since I'm a outdoors type of person I enjoyed the beach and mountains in the winter with snow. I tell people you can drive to the beach and snow in the same day. Back then the mall was open and the city did not have all of the resturants they do now. There are all types of eating places from local business to chain.

I do miss the climate. I have lived in other cities in the U.S. from Fort Walton Beach, Honolulu, Belton, Texas and Chapman, Kansas. Hands down it was the best place I every lived with Honolulu being a close second for climate and things to do. Ventura is only a 45 minute drive to LA.

However, the reason I do not live there is the cost. I ended up being homeless last time I moved back there. Even the housing projects had a two year waiting list with them not even taking names. I never want to be Read More

Pay for sunshine & ocean - 2/17/2015
Ventura is a wonderful place to live....if you can afford it. Economists say that as coastal property gains popularity with retirees, people will be buying their retirement homes cash with no thought of mortgage cost/interest rates. This will age the population and unfortunately younger families will be looking further inland or at denser new developments. The good news is that these retirees will also buy investment properties so rental properties will be available.

Ventura is still cheaper then Santa Barbara or Malibu/Coastal LA for housing. It has all the amenities you could desire, first class hospitals, shopping, boating, etc.

I highly recommend trying to find your place in the sun here. The weather is the best in the Read More

Overall, a nice place to live. - 8/22/2013
I have lived here almost my whole life. The climate is mild - a lot of sun compared to many places; however, I personally don't care for the 2-3 months of fog in the summer and would love to go someplace where there are more disctinct seasons, with a hotter summer. The summer fog (which usually starts in June and everyone calls "June gloom") usually breaks up around noon more or less each day, but it will be windy at the same time and the wind will blow it back a couple of hours later. Fall is the warmest time of year. Winter is a little chilly (to me), but usually sunny. Winter also offers the clearest and cleanest views of the Channel Islands off the coast. Spring can get foggy as well, and rather windy. There are many outdoor activities, since there is the beach (including the harbor w/shops & restaurants and the Channel Is. Nat. Park Visitor Center, and farther north there is the pier, playground area and promenade for walking/biking), the Channel Islands and also the Read More

A Mixed Bag... - 1/10/2012
I relocated to Ventura about a year and a half ago for a job after having spent over ten years living in the Los Angeles area. So first I will give the good. The weather, as other have stated is purely awesome. While it's true that we do get a lot of fog in the Spring and Summer I would take this any day over 90 plus degree days in Los Angeles and the fact is that many coastal areas in Southern California are very similar. And although I am not a beach person I would definitely say the beaches in Ventura are very nice. Unlike LA beaches it is never very difficult to find parking and the crowds are way better than they are in Santa Monica or Manhattan Beach.

Another positive, again in comparison to most areas in Southern California, is that Ventura is quite bit cheaper than most decent places to live in Southern California. In Ventura is it possible to purchase a three, or even four bedroom house, for between $350K-$450K in a good area. You will not be living four blocks Read More

Best Climate in US - 7/5/2011
Coming from the Mid-West I really dislike very hot weather. However, after living a few years in Ventura I have to say this area has the very best climate I've ever experienced. When it's hot in LA it always cooler in Ventura due to the winds off of the ocean. Absolutely a great place climate wise, however you do pay extra for the nice Read More

A real gem - 1/19/2011
I lived in Ojai for 18 years--which is located about 10 miles inland of Ventura, and I used to go to Ventura all of the time. The beaches are wonderful, the climate is second to none. The downtown shopping district (Main St.) has seen some real revitalization over the past few years. I now live out of state, but come back to Ventura every summer for a week and look forward to a time when I can afford to live in the area again. The parks are simply OK, as some are vandalized, but the Marina is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. The city is very bike friendly and the people are friendly as well. The crime rate is well below the national average, but housing is--well--too rich for my blood at the moment. What makes Ventura so great is that you are close to Santa Barbara and LA, as well as mountains. You are close to everything! Ventura is the place to be if you enjoy being outdoors--plenty of tennis, cycling, golf, and surf for a lifetime. If you want quality museums and Read More

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916 Olympia Ave
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