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Dreary not Dreamy - 3/16/2019
Dreary not Dreamy ! Seems to be a drug problem, as well as a homeless abundance. Took a walk and became quite uncomfortable. We are leaving earlier than our initial plan. Read More

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High crime and Utilities ripoff - 3/23/2016
Stay away from Lake Worth! Don't let the artsy cute town full you!
I moved here less than a year ago and moving out as soon as my lease expires.
I've been offered heroine by random people while walking my dogs, there's prostitution everywhere..we find used condoms on our driveway pretty much on a daily basis...there is a lot of abandoned boarded houses that are used asome drug houses...lots of homeless people, some are nice some not. Just yesterday they almost beat up to death(not sure if he survived) a helpless homeless guy, that actually was very nice and polite literally next door to my house we use to bring him food at night when cooking sad...
We live in the "good area" of Lake Worth so just imagine how bad it is if you just go on a couple of blocks away!
Now, regarding that utilities department is a monopoly you do not have a choice and they charge you whatever they want! I live on a historic cottage which is 1000 square feet and my electric Read More

houses - 2/26/2013
love those little key west style houses there with the different colors and hope to buy one Read More

Love it here! - 10/20/2012
We moved here from Central Illinois and LOVE it! We live in Lakeview Estates and couldn't be happier with the home prices, and what you get for your money in real estate. Yes, the summers are hot, but they are hot and humid in the midwest too. We are very pleased with the schools, lack of state income tax, big city amenities and especially the shopping! We found Read More

Great small city - 8/22/2012
Lake Worth, which is lovated between West Palm Beach (10 miles north) and Boca Raton (20 miles south) is an oasis in thejungle. It is filled with friendly, warm, fun loving people who seem to come from out of the 60's. It is an artsy community, with lot's of restaurants and music. Well worth taking a look Read More

Lake Worth - 10/10/2010
Nice Place.. Good summers... excellent Read More

LW - 4/9/2010
it Read More

Unincorporated Lake Worth - 8/7/2008
Head west...just west of Jog Road you will find Lake Charleston. This is where you will find the safest, friendliest neighborhoods and best Read More

If you like hot weather, this is the place for you - 2/18/2008
I have lived here for 37 years and don't know why I haven't moved from this sauna steambath before now. The hot weather must have fried my brain and left me unable to make clear decisions. Also if you are retiring, you will be able to find many people of "retiring age" in this Read More

No snow - 2/20/2007
We were apprehensive about the hot steamy summer down here, but it was really no worse than Manhattan in July and August. It's 7 degrees in NY today and we are golfing Read More

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211 N F St
Bed 2 | Bath 2

4360 Cambridge St
Bed 3 | Bath 3

8775 Palm River Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 3

3389 Lago De Talavera
Bed 6 | Bath 7

9179 Silver Glen Way
Bed 3 | Bath 2

7900 Sonata Bay Pt
Bed 3 | Bath 3

1615 N Lakeside Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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