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F**k Idaho in general - 10/25/2019
Moved here 3 years ago. Biggest mistake I have EVER made. People in Idaho are some of the rudest, most stuck up, pieces of s**t I've ever encountered. When it's dark outside, everyone thinks they have to use their brights and could care less if they're behind you or coming your direction, as long as they can see they don't care. And on the topic of driving, people are maniacs here. Always riding your as$ even on the freeway when there's other lanes for them to go into, they choose to get very close to you and try and push you, so they can be in front of every car, everyone just seems to need to be the first car in front. People will literally try and race you. Even if you're going 10 over the speed limit its not good enough for anyone. Oh, and people LOVE cutting you off! If people find out you weren't born here, or didn't grow up here they freak out and automatically think you don't belong and damn near shun you. Like it's the damn united states, people can move wherever the hell Read More

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You can have shitti Boise! I'm out! - 9/25/2019
I moved to Boise in 1999 and I loved living there ...well up until about 2012. Firstly traffic is horrid and road rage is on the rise and the road construction is the slowest I've seen anywhere and it's everywhere too. It will take a year to widen a less than a mile stretch of road and by the time they are done widening it ...well it needs widened again. What use to be a 15 to 20 minute commute across town now takes sometimes an hour ...back roads or not doesn't matter anymore. City planning and development is a joke (Boise needs a new Mayor and the whole city council replaced as they are not qualified enough to handle the fast growth / size). Crimes are increasing and so is drug use. It seems like everyone hates on everyone in Boise now (Natives vs Newcomers). It's definitely not a friendly small city anymore. Ever since the city passed the "needle exchange" law I have noticed now when I go down by the River near the college and even all the way down to Eagle ...I find used Read More

Great if you like bad traffic and bad air :-P - 8/23/2019
I was born in Boise and lived there for most of my life, just shy of 40 years (1976-2016). It used to be an amazing place! I moved to rural Maine because it had become so congested, cramped, noisy and the air quality was often terrible. I returned this summer (2019) three years later for a visit to find it much worse.

IF a person lived in LA county and spent 3-4 hours a day commuting in gridlocked traffic, I can see how the Treasure Valley might seem a respite. But then they also have to accept the inversions of Boise winters which are abysmal, even for someone from LA county. For the rest of the "sane" people out there, I can't imagine what they see in the place.

It is urban sprawl from the foothills into the desert. When will there be no open space between Nampa and Caldwell? It's horrible. I've spent plenty of time driving in Chicago and the Treasure Valley traffic can be far worse. At least in Chicago there is world-class dining and entertainment. Boise Read More

Growth isn't always the greatest. - 7/6/2019
We moved to Boise about 7 yrs. ago. We absolutely loved it and thought we had found the perfect place. It was perfect for awhile until the housing market started going up. It is now a sellers market, and even though it's still a beautiful place to live, it has gotten very expensive to buy a home. Home prices have doubled and we see no end in sight. Not only has the market increased, but so has property taxes. They've gone up above 10 % to say the least. Rent is also sky-rocketing and it's becoming unaffordable for anyone with a fixed income to retire in. What once was a sleepy town, has now become one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. Growth is okay, when managed properly, but when greed sets in, it loses its charm. We love it here, but I think Boise has outgrown Read More

Great Place to Retire, Live, and Play - 4/25/2019
This city has been my home off and on for about 15 years now and even though i had to leave a couple times this city has brought me back to happiness. The people are as friendly and warm as the sunny days here. The seasons are moderate and not extreme. The Capitol area is wonderful, and the city itself is beautiful abound. So many negative people have put Boise down, but that somehow it seems to be the ones that are jaded because they think that growth is too fast, or that too many 'californians' move here. This is simply not true. In fact, there was negative growth for almost a decade as many were leaving a few years back. But now good growth is come back as many weeds have left. Don't ever believe the naysayers, ever. Try out living here in Boise before putting it down. There is so much to do and so much to see and experience here. Read More

One of the Top 5 cities to Live - 3/4/2019
Boise is a wonderful place to raise a family. Crime is super low, and it is an all american football/college town. It has grown in leaps and bounds and has many opportunities for small business and technology growth. Please consider moving to Boise. It has more sunny days than California, fairly clean air, and lots to do. There are lots of nice folks here who will welcome you from wherever you are and with open arms! While I cannot give a five star review, because that would be my utopia-- that doesn't exist anywhere. Cost of living is decent and there are plenty of surrounding cities to consider living and working if you want.  Read More

Boise, NOT one of the most livable places at all. - 2/21/2019
We have lived in the Boise area for many years. It's an OK place to live, but all this hooey about "most livable place in America, etc" is WAY overblown. Especially recently. It's crowded. The traffic is terrible. If there's a half inch of snow on the ground, the traffic slows to a halt. All the main roads are jammed with traffic night and day. There is construction everywhere. Most of the "city planning" is driven entirely by money. Most of the outlying areas are as we say "10,000 houses surrounding a Walmart Supercenter." Prices on everything are spiking. The home prices are WAY higher than the median prices indicate. It's well over $300,000 for a decent 3/2 these days. It's VERY cold in the winter, and the wind blows all the time, year-round. The fabled bike trails by the river are heavily trafficked by people who don't know how to ride bikes. It's wet, cold and muddy all winter. If you are a fisherman or a hunter, be advised that the fishing is at best mediocre, Read More
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There is no place better! - 12/23/2018
I moved to Boise from Austin Texas 4 years ago. I love it here! It’s big enough to have so many amenities, shops, parks and all the outdoor perks but it is not crowded or expensive. And the mild climate with 4 clear seasons and low pollen is Read More

Get a Life - 12/8/2018
Having lived in the Boise area for over 6 decades, I still love it and find All it's people wonderful.

Many of my friends and neighbors are from California - all who I love dearly.

The only folks I know that have a problem with people from California are undereducated underachievers.  Read More

What a Great Place! - 9/1/2018
I grew up in Kentucky and have lived in Idaho for 20 years now and we love it! The land, the weather, the incredible things to do and how friendly everyone is surprises most people. I think the one thing that makes me proud is how often people visiting comment that we are so happy and friendly.

Is it perfect? No, but the more I listen to the TV, read news articles and talk to people the from various place, the more I like Read More

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