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It was a good town 10 years ago and still is. - 10/11/2019
I like Las Cruces a lot. It's a small town, but it's growing. 10 years ago I moved away, and have been back about a month now. While the population has increased quite a bit during that time, and a LOT of new construction has happened out toward the Organ mountains, the city still has much of the same feel. Sorta. If you come here expecting lots of things to do you will be frustrated, because there isn't much to do. They keep trying to revitalize downtown, but it isn't working. There's a few art galleries, the Branigan Center and Museum for art exhibits, a restaurant or three, some community plays, and some new Brew Pubs that will probably go out of business once the novelty wears off. But that's OK. The big attraction is the Saturday Market, which is pretty neat. Some of the musicians are great, and the food trucks have basic stuff like breakfast burritos and the like.

Out where I moved to, it's all new construction and safe and clean. That's the best thing about the Read More
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Nine-year Resident's Opinion - 6/20/2019
We have lived here nine years. The climate is great and many people friendly. The politics seem to be a bit shady and shopping is somewhat limited. If you need more variety you can always hop down to El Paso. Don't expect local news to be the best. Often the newscasters report doesn't match the video they are playing. If you are a person of faith and protestant there is a very limited choice here. We were originally from the midwest and had many choices for worship, but here you only have choices if you are Roman Catholic. There are many choices for eating out though. The Mexican cuisine here is top Read More

A Nice Place to live and work, or retire - 5/14/2019
Been here 4 years. It is a good place to live. Not a place of amusement parks, many malls (we have one) but the mountains are cool. There are events weekly and there is a live theatre in downtown. There is adequate healthcare for the 100,000 population. I like the weather much better than Oregon, Florida but not as much as California. The people are more friendly than the aforementioned Read More

There are reasons people retire here. - 4/14/2019
I was born and raised (through first year of college) in Las Cruces. I left in 1972 to finish school and join the military. In the intervening years I have lived in various parts of Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Colorado, and northern New Mexico. I also spent a year in Northeast Africa and have spent extended periods in other parts of the United States without moving there. During all that time, I continued to make frequent visits back to Las Cruces to visit family. My wife and I have been fortunate enough to spend the past three years nine months traveling the country full-time in an RV. During these travels we've always been on the lookout for "that place" to settle back down when we come off the road. After considering all the places we've visited, going through our criteria, and weighing all the options, it looks like it's going to be Las Cruces again. Every place has its trade-offs or pros and cons, but Las Cruces has a good mix of low cost of living, good weather, low risk for Read More
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A very backward state, a very boring place to live - 1/6/2019
OK when I first moved here I loved it because of the friendly people and the beautiful mountains. But now that I have been here a year I can't wait to leave. Reason: for a city just over 100,000 people I can't believe how little there is to do. Except for having a great Saturday market downtown, which is one of the best that I have seen in any city that I've visited or lived there is very little to do here. Very few organizations that are active other then the drinking organizations like VFWs etc. The parks here are a joke, very few and very very small. No city music organizations either, even with the university here there is little coming from that either. All the usual national groups that I just assumed would have clubs here because of the city size aren't here, like the Sierra Club. Political organizations are pretty weak. So unless you want to hang out in a bar or sit in front of your TV then there's not much open here for you. The drive to El Paso is a nightmare because the Read More

Wonderful place to retire - 4/15/2018
I have visited Las Cruces a couple of times in recent years, and it checks off several boxes for my wife and I and our retirement list.
For one, climate is important to us. There are 350+ days of sunshine per year, and the average high temperature in January is around 60 degrees. It can easily reach 100 or more in the summer, but the air is dry, and evenings cool down substantially.
The scenery of the Chihuahuan Desert and nearby Organ Mountains is amazing. There are lots of activities available for those who enjoy the outdoors. White Sands National Monument and Alamogordo are less than and hour away. The mountains of the Lincoln National Forest are just a little further. Many places have trail systems for hiking and biking.
New Mexico State University provides sports and cultural events, as does University of Texas El Paso. The San Diego Padres AAA affiliate is also in El Paso.
Food and culture are also great qualities of Las Cruces. There is a unique Read More

Las Cruces, New Mexico - 11/27/2014
I am interested in moving to Las Cruces, New Mexico. Would love to hear what other retirees have to say that have moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico. Read More

A balanced opinion on LC - 9/26/2013
I've lived here since 1988, went to middle and HS here and always used to want to "get out" and live by the beach in Cali; always ended up coming back because other places are so much more expensive.
Being older (late 30's) and having traveled and lived in Cali and Kentucky I have something to compare to and understand the + and - better now.
I'm writing this because I'm about to move to actually have a chance to find a decent job- used to work at NMSU many years and if you have a decent-paying job, its not bad here, mostly because the EP airport is <1 hour away!
If you're a doctor or nurse, wealthy retiree, Government worker, Prof at NMSU, or own your own car dealership (moon astronaut Frank Borman has one here!), you'll do fine, almost everyone else seems to survive on welfare, marginal pay, fighting pit bulls or dealing you-know-what.

There are several things I like about Cruces, and I want to be fair.

If you like Read More

Nice City but Beware of Sprawl and those BAD ROADS - 10/23/2012
I have lived here 4 years now, and being a transplant I do feel a little out of place but the people are friendly enough; but it still has the small town attitude. It also has a tad redneck feel to it as well and you will see that around town, but for the most part there is alot of tolerance for people of different varieties. The southern portion of New Mexico is more conservative, but Las Cruces is neutral or a bit progressive, but nothing like the more progressive northern New Mexico. The biggest areas that Las Cruces is suffering is it has above average crime issues, but the police are way on top of that all the time; mostly property crime and there is very rarely any violent crime. I do have an alarm system installed in my house, however. The schools are not top notch, but there is a cutting edge high school built called Centennial that is trying to change the image of the town. The University is the heart of the town along with the cultural feel and the Organ Mountains. The Read More

A Pleasant Climate, A Pleasant Place - 10/13/2012
For those who like high desert, warm (hot) summers and mild winters, Las Cruces is an up-and-coming place to live. Situated at the juncture of Interstates 25 and 10, Las Cruces well-placed for those who like to travel. Summers often see temperature highs in the upper 90's and low 100's and winters tend to be pleasant. Lows (at night) will hit freezing and below, but rarely see much by the way of single digits. Should one care to find cooler temperatures during the summer or snow in the winter, the mountain towns of Ruidoso and Cloudcroft are within a two-hour's drive. When experiencing adequate levels, Elephant Butte Reservoir provides plenty of water recreation for those particularly warm summers. All in all, Las Cruces provides a pleasant climate for those considering a move to the desert Read More

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