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good neighbourhood with less crime - 7/18/2014
I am a senior looking to move in a nice area in orange county. Thank you kindly for your help.  Read More

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Are Newcomers wearing blinders regarding Middletow - 10/1/2008
Having lived in Middletown for the last 12 years, I have seen enormous changes. I can only imagine what natives have noted. Firstly, by Manhattan standards apartment living is by far more affordable "if" I stress your income is decent enough. The employment opportunities here are mainly blue collar minimum paying jobs. Most commute to Manhattan in order to "live". Crime, where did the stat of 1 percent come from? In the past 2 months2 murders have taken place downtown! It has some cute shops, new cafes... Lacking a real community fun atmosphere,NYC's Greenwich village had back in the 70-80's. Goshen is far prettier. Not intended to insult, I call Middletown the cesspool of Orange County! The schools (Public)are below average. Having one High School, housing Police Officers, many Sentinels walking the floors monitoring 5 gangs !! it maintains a LOCK DOWN POLICY reserved for inmates. The Punk who threatens and bullies kids has the right to be there. WHY????????? We all live by laws, Read More

Very nice town, but gets a bad wrap. Dunno how - 8/1/2008
Well first off let me say I like, but not love middletown. I am originally from the city. I have been here for one year and my mom has been here for a few. Im a young kid who moved back in with mom so I could attend the college that is not to far from us.

What I have noticed about Middletown is the gossip passed on about it. You will get those people from Goshen, Pine Bush, or other cities and towns that are close by, who make lil judgements and remarks about a city they dont live in. When I moved up here I tried to get a feel about the people and if there was a crime level or any of that stuff. Its very very low up here.

I think in 4 years up here my mom has heard about one murder, and a handful of store robberies. The robberies mostly ended in someone being arrested due to good citizenship. Now coming from queens, nyc. These small numbers are unthinkable even in one week. I lived in a great neighborhood down there but you have to take into consideration Read More

the good, the bad and the ugly - 8/4/2007
i have lived in middletown my whole life and can speak from a lot of experience. the apartments aren't affordable at all, unless you get section 8 and then you are living with a lot of crime. i used to live in the projects and one time when my boyfriend opened up our front door he was propositioned by a drug dealer. we moved to a safer complex where our neighbors headlights were stolen and the condo's across the street recently had a gang shooting. a lot of people from the new york city have moved up here, bringing crime and high prices. i pay $850/mo for a one br aparment + utilities. and the only jobs are in the service sector making minimum wage up to $8/hr.
the only things to do in town are eat, go shopping at the mall, movies or the smelly bowling alley. we have all the popular chain restaurants and nothing upscale. there is a big hispanic population here so it would help to be bilingual. if you have a lot of money this place would be nice, but all you would be Read More

A Brief Look - Housing/Cost of Living - 12/5/2006
Middletown, N.Y. is in the heart of Orange county about 90 miles or so north of Manhattan. This area is close to all spectrum of recreation related to the nearby Catskill Mountains and the Hudson River. Hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, winter recreation and a richness in the early history of the United States all combine to create an attractive prospect for relocation if your lifestyle leans toward those pursuits. The negative side of the situation is the fact that Orange county was one of the top 2 fastest growing counties in New York state! Spill over from more urban crowded, and expensive southern counties by families seeking more property and square footage and less crime for their buck. Willing to endure the 1hr 40min drive ( weather & traffic permitting)to the city everday to keep their higher salary to sustain their new life "in the country". This has naturally driven up the overall cost of living in this region and it is quickly losing it's "country charm". Local residents Read More

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544 Midland Lake Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 3

2 Prince Ln
Bed 6 | Bath 7

864 Route 17M
Bed 3 | Bath 1

545 McMurray Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 4

80 Watkins Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 1

274 Tamms Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 2

45 Benjamin Ave
Bed 2 | Bath 1


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