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Simply. Terrible. - 5/6/2018
This state is so bad that there isn’t even a law that says you can’t tie your dog to a fence on a 2 ft chain without food or water in 100+ degrees for days.
There is a HUGE drug problem here. Many abandon houses on one side of town (within walking distance of the downtown cultural area) where the drug addicted homeless people stay.
Florence finally opened their first homeless shelter last year. It’s been at capacity since.
When the temp drops below freezing they have no plan for the homeless - no “code blue.” People and pets simply freeze to death.
EVERY Florence local is heavily religious. They go Sunday and Wednesday night. You can not make friends with these people unless you are the same devout Christian type.
The handful of Jews here seem tolerated - if only because “Jewish” doesn’t register on locals radar. They have no idea what Judaism is.
There is no decent Chinese restaurant. One Chinese restaurant was caught taking food back out Read More

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MOST OF SOUTH CAROLINA IS THE BIG LIE-especially F - 4/28/2014
The "Growth Initiative of Myrtle Beach" extends to Florence, 90 miles inland. There are HUGE disparities in the demographics published and reality.

1. THERE IS A RACE WAR. It is a shock to the system to see it. Blacks hate whites and whites are disrespectful to blacks.
2. Economically depressed area cannot even support a Panera Bread or a Pier One.
3. Most of the architecture looks like temporary tenement style.
4. ONLY gasoline and cigarettes are cheaper. EVERYTHING else costs more than living in New York or South Florida.
5. They HATE Read More

Lack of creative restaurants and fine dining - 12/31/2011
Florence is a great place to go out for BBQ or fried foods but it lacks creative or fine dining options. There are some good ethnic options. Not a good town for foodies.Read More

Great Place to Live! - 6/3/2011
Florence is a great place to work and live in SC. It offers an excellent hospital system, adequate interstate infrastructure, and decent shopping. It has an interconnected walking trail and a multi-park system. The cost of living is fantastic (although I realize the unemployment rate is very high). It has a convention center, The Florence Little Theater, and a new fine arts center. It's about 90 minutes away from the beach, two hours to Charlotte, NC. Although there are enough restaurants for the size of the city, it could use a greater variety.  Read More

Indoor season/outdoor season - 6/2/2011
Florence, SC is a pleasant small city in the Pee Dee section of SC between the mountains and coast. Although it boasts pleasant to mild cooler months, the warm months can often make one forget the cooler. Essentially having two extended seasons, summer from mid-May through mid-October and very shortened autumns and springs bracketing a generally mild winter from late November through March. Frequently, the only options available during the extended summers are in the pool or indoors, while the moderate cooler months invite plenty of outdoors enjoyment. If you like or do not object to muggy heat, this can be a very nice place to Read More

Worst Town Ever!!! - 1/6/2011
Florence is sadly not a great place to live... Many "locals" try to cover up all the flaws, but there are SO MANY reasons why someone should never live here. Many local "southerners" are extremely oblivious to reality and what true character means. This town is VERY corrupt, unfriendly, dirty, and UGLY. The people here are not welcoming and do not show any type of "Southern Hospitality" whatsoever. On top of all of that... the town is very segregated and closed minded. I moved to Florence, SC two years ago and I am counting the days till I'm gone!! If someone was thinking about moving to this area... I would highly recommend them to think Read More

Considering moving there. - 1/27/2010
In regards to living in Florence SC,
We now live in Cols. Ohio, and really
don't like it here, too many people, weather isn't
good, only about 75 days of sunlight a year.

Crime rate is climbing.
Need some advice.

thank YouRead More

florence - 1/25/2010
good cost of living, but not a lot to do. florence still has quite restrictive blue laws. crime is fairly high. there is gang activity. if you are from the north some people will be stand offish and unfriendly. It is probably about 10 years behind similar size towns on the west coast and the north east in terms of technology and ways of doing business .unattractive downtown area. unfortunately i've lived in 5 states and i like this town and this state the Read More

Florence, The Good and The Bad - 4/8/2009
We have been living here since August and overall we like the city. It is only about an hour and a half from Myrtle Beach, which is nice. We like the mild climate here and it really wasn't too hot even in August. Generally, the people here in Florence are nice, but there is still alot of predjudice between blacks and whites. The crime is high here for it to be a smaller city. We had our van stolen in Septmeber right out of our drive-way and we live in a nice development. Thankfully we did get our vehicle Read More

Not much to offer - 11/8/2008
We've lived in Florence for about 2 years and can honestly say that this is not for everyone. The schools are horrible and we are paying a private school for the same level of education that is offered in public schools in the Upstate of SC. Gang violence is prevalent, particularly in the north side where murder seems to be a common event. The infrastructure of the city is terrible with roads that needed to be paved years and years ago continually being ignored. Downtown is downright ugly although they are working hard to revitalize the area with the new Little Theater and plans for a new performing arts center. Unfortunately, the progress is at a snails pace due to what appears to be the class warfare going on at city council. You can't just put up nice new structures in the midst of a junk yard and expect the whole area to shine. As far as the people, I've seen my share of both kinds but there is a somewhat closed mindedness in the city because I guess they were never used to having Read More

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609 W Evans St
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910 Cardinal Cir
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3438 Hammock Ct
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504 Holly Cir
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2208 Warner St
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1017 Via Salvatore
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3627 W Forest Lake Dr
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