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Thoughts from a visitor (IGNORE THE PERSON BELOW) - 9/18/2020
The person below me said to not bother with Nashville, this was what he said (if you want you can skip this portion):
"If you like the following, you’ll love Nashville:
1. Scary, terrible drivers
2. Very high violent crime rate
3. Conservatives
4. High humidity
5. Poverty
6. Mostly uneducated population."
Now here's what I think about this. First the drivers, of course you're gonna have bad drivers, what big city doesn't? Now about the crime, I can't really say how bad the crime is because I don't live here but I have travelled through here several times. But as someone who was born and raised in the St. Louis area, I can guarantee that the crime isn't as bad in Nashville as it is there, or even Memphis. Thirdly conservatives, this was the part where I realized the person below is from the West Coast. Surprisingly, Nashville is quite liberal. You would think the country music capital of the world would be as conservative as can be but Read More

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Don’t bother - 9/5/2020
If you like the following, you’ll love Nashville:
1. Scary, terrible drivers
2. Very high violent crime rate
3. Conservatives
4. High humidity
5. Poverty
6. Mostly uneducated population. Read More

A city stuck in the past - 8/19/2020
Having moved back here after living in a couple other cities for the last 7 years, I can see where Nashville has lagged behind in terms of the times.

Most obviously, they have the worst commuting system in the country for a big city. In other cities, I could easily ride my bike a couple miles on a bike path or even side walk to work. In Nashville, they have cars. There are no other means of transportation. This city is devoid of any form of modern transportation outside of a motor vehicle. There are no bike paths, no side walks, no light rail. Everything requires you to get in your car and drive. Oh excuse me, they have a "bus" that has a radius of maybe 10 square miles. Considering the number of people who commute from surrounding counties such as Rutherford and Williamson, you can imagine the amount of congestion. Not to mention, red lights are just a suggestion in this state. I think they have a total of 6 sidewalks in the entire city and they are all downtown. Read More

Cosmopolitan City, American Issues - 1/16/2020
I've lived in the Nashville metro area for about 14 years. There is so much I can say about this place, each with its own positivities and problems.

First is education -- Nashville public schools have a rightful reputation of being sub-par; they're definitely not the worst in the country, or even the state, but they come with problems you would expect with low funding. Parents in the area sometimes will go into debt to put their child in a private school -- some can make a public school work for their child (some districts in neighboring counties are okay in this department).

Second is lifestyle/entertainment -- Of course, live music is great. Not just country either. Emo, pop, post-grunge, hip hop, these scenes are also doing pretty great; it's really just the tourists who go downtown who are a bit too rabid about their love for country music and whiskey. The tourists can be unreasonably rude, however -- even the ones coming from backwoods areas. There are Read More

Country folk - 12/13/2019
The most commonly spoken word/phrase in Nashville, verbalized by each and every resident is a resounding.......YEEEEEHAWWW!!. The city council opens it's formal sessions, and teachers greet their students first thing in the morning with a........You guessed it! City employees must address their bosses at the beginning, and than again at quitting time with a .......That's right! I recommend to all perspective new residents, practice this skill, and as soon as you pass over the county line, roll down your window and yell........!! I think you'll be Astonished and Amazed at the response you get. Welcome to Nashville

Read More

Goodbye From a Native - 11/18/2019
Nashville used to be pretty okay, but in the past several years it has turned into total crap. The rapid growth with no change to infrastructure has caused traffic to become the worst in the country. The things you see on the road here will make your jaw drop, and it may cost you your life. Road rage is not uncommon here either.

The type of people that have flocked to "new Nashville" are the worst. They are obnoxious, aggressive, low brow, and ignorant. They are caricatures of "southern, country living" and bring every stereotype associated with that dialed up to 11. Big ridiculous trucks, blind support to Trump, obesity, pop country music blaring, open air racism, an alcohol problem, in your face evangelism, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, dip chewing, all come to mind when I consider the new residents that are hyped to be here. If they don't fall into this camp, they tend to be the artsy fartsy type living off their parents money.

The sense of entitlement with Read More

Stop moving here it isn't special. - 8/20/2019
I've lived in this city my entire life, born in Vanderbilt, my kids were born there as well and I was here to see the downtown area go from diversity to one sided country themes. I get so sick and tired of being yelled at by pedal taverns full of Bachelorette parties. The bars are all named after country music stars, racist bouncers, rude bartenders, and if you were a bar that played anything other than country right before the tourist hype you probably got your doors padlocked and forced to sell only to become some old ass country music stars museum. The hype has brought some new restaurants but compared to the other cities I've been too there isn't really anything that stands out (I'm looking at you hot chicken). Traffic sucks, old Republicans don't want a transit system, the churches run our politics, people are paying 400k+ to live in some real shady areas because they're being described as "Hip" these are areas I refuse to go to because they'll rob you for a nickle. This city has Read More

Nashville is the armpit of America. - 7/5/2019
Nashville is the most boring mid size city in America. Nothing of real quality exists anywhere in Nashville. There are no good or healthy restaurants, there is not one men’s haircut that is even above average. There isn’t one good clothing store or department store. If you are a sophisticated person with any kind of taste or money this is the last place you would ever want to live. Nothing here caters to sophisticated people at all. The drivers here are the worst drivers you’ve ever seen in your life. I’ve seen people go in reverse on the highway because they missed their exit. I’ve seen people drive with one half of their car on the curb so they could sneak through traffic. Maybe 25% of the population ever uses their signal and nobody obeys the speed limits. Eventually you’ll be so terrified of driving among these idiots that you’ll never want to go anywhere because it’s not worth the risk. I don’t know if at some point everyone in Tennessee that had an IQ under 50 got a free house Read More

Nashville native weighing in - 4/24/2019
I was born in Nashville, grew up here went to college here (for a while) and then I moved away for a job. I’ve lived in several different cities in the US and traveled extensively for work. I moved back here 4 years ago after the birth of my second child and I have to say, it’s changed. It’s changed and not in a good way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great place for visitors but living here when compared to other major cities Nashville has a lot of work to do. The daily traffic is gridlock and drivers don’t obey traffic laws so it makes it worse. People will block the entire intersection during the other directions green light, run red lights, texting while driving, don’t know how to’s these things that start to grind at you and then transit was voted down and no one has re-opened the discussion though it’s desperatly needed. Downtown is flooded with bachelor and bachelorette parties and yes it makes it u desirable for locals that want to go out and have a nice evening with Read More

What a dump!! - 9/11/2018
I’m originally from LA and I’ve been to dozens of countries and hundreds of cities so I think I’m someone whose opinion should be considered pretty accurate on where Nashville ranks as a city. Nashville is a dump and an extremely overpriced dump. Of all the places I’ve traveled to, Nashville is by far the least sophisticated. The food in Nashville is on par with that of Eastern Europe, and if you’ve ever been to Eastern Europe you know what I’m talking about. Restaurants that get 4 1/2 to 5 stars on Yelp in Nashville, would get 3 stars in coastal cities and would be out of business within a year. The drivers in Nashville are the worst in the country if not the world. All the entertainment is downtown and parking is at least $15 to $20 for the night. Downtown, The Gulch, and Midtown are totally unlivable due to all the bachelorettes screaming in their pedal taverns all night long. Most importantly, 90% of the city is nothing but inbreds, rednecks, and slow southern people who get Read More

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