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2023 Compare Cities Commuting:
Eugene, OR vs Boise, ID

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- The average commute for residents of Boise is 0.1% longer than it is for residents of Eugene.
- 7.7% fewer residents of Boise work from home compared to residents of Eugene.

 Eugene, ORBoise, IDUnited States
 Commute Time181826
 Commute Mode
 Eugene, ORBoise, IDUnited States
 Auto (alone)65.6%80.6%76.4%
 Mass Transit4.1%0.7%5.1%
 Work at Home5.9%5.4%4.7%
 Commute Time To Work
 Eugene, ORBoise, IDUnited States
 Commute Less Than 5 min.3.1%3.2%2.9%
 Commute 6 to 9 min.14.4%11.7%9.8%
 Commute 10 to 14 min.24.5%21.7%13.6%
 Commute 15 to 19 min.24.9%23.4%15.3%
 Commute 20 to 24 min.15.9%18.0%14.6%
 Commute 25 to 29 min.3.9%7.0%6.4%
 Commute 30 to 34 min.5.5%8.7%13.7%
 Commute 35 to 39 min.0.8%1.1%2.9%
 Commute 40 to 44 min.1.1%1.3%3.9%
 Commute 45 to 59 min.1.4%1.7%8.1%
 Commute 60 to 89 min.3.0%1.3%6.2%
 Commute greater than 90 min.1.4%1.0%2.7%

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Reviews for Eugene    89 Reviews
Don’t move here - 6/20/2022
It’s cold and rainy and cloudy most of the year on June it rained and was cloudy every day except 3. The weather is mostly cloudy even if it’s not raining. If you want... Read More

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Love this town - 6/17/2022
Moved here from Austin, Texas about three years ago. I've lived in the Bay Area, California, San Diego, Los Angeles and various towns in Central Texas (Georgetown,... Read More

Eugene is a great place to live - 6/4/2022
Eugene has its warts, just like any other city. But in my view, the good things far outweigh the bad aspects. What I like the best is the location, right on the... Read More

Reviews for Boise    130 Reviews
Low wages and Months of hot weather. - 9/6/2022
My wife and I moved here in 2018 with pans to eventually buy a house and start a family. We bought a house at the end of 2019, if we hadn't there's no way we could... Read More

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Boise is a Democratic stronghold in deep red ID. - 7/11/2022
Boise is often characterized as a right-leaning city, as Sperling mistakenly did in their synopsis of Boise. But, the truth is the city its not just blue; it is deep,... Read More

Wonderful city with incredible outdoor lifestyle - 10/1/2021
We’ve been in Boise for about two years. To be upfront about my biases, we love it here, so keep that in mind. That said, this review is my attempt to provide a balanced... Read More

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