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Tupelo, MS
Culture and Recreation I am a native of Tupelo, Mississippi. I have wanted to move away from this town since I was younger. It's really not a bad place to live. It just doesn't offer much as far as places to go and things to do. Don't get me wrong but there are plenty of restaurants here and that is what people here do most. Eat. The really nice places we have to go are considered mainly for a certain class of people. If you aren't fortunate enough to have been born with a silver spoon or from a family of wealth then you unfortunately won't know or be invited or made to feel welcome at certain events in this town. You have to be someone well known and popular with everyone to get the A-1 treatment. I could talk forever on this subject so let me move on. The weather here is terrible. Tornado's year round, very, very, very, and I mean VERY hot and humid weather, almost unbearable. I try to stay out of the sun and under air conditioning during the day. It is torture to live in this much heat and its just about year round. We barely have a winter. Every now and then we may get a little snow, but not very often. Most people here just settle and don't seem to want anything more out of life. Tupelo is more of a laid back retirement type place to live for when you have retired and just want to relax and not worry about anything but enjoying what is left of your life. It has jobs but even with a degree they can be hard to get unless you know someone. If you are black then you can hang it up. Chances are very slim. Most places hire family and friends. The jobs noone wants are easy to get and those are the ones that work the hell out of you and offer you very little benefits. Some offer nothing at all. I have plans to move to California in the spring of 2013 in hopes my chances of suceeding at something will increase. I visited California in July and it was beautiful. I have been many places but this is far better than any place I've been. So many politically open-minded people and a neverending list of things to do and places to go. I can't say enough about it. I can say that I didn't look forward to coming back home. I desperately wanted to stay. Tupelo is okay but I have had enough of the same ole,same ole,day after,day after day.It is not for the young and outgoing.

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