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Chris from Surprise, AZ
Surprise, AZ
Surprise Law Enforcement The city of surprise is a beautiful place. It would not be a good place to live however. They have a young eager police force. You are taking a BIG risk driving through the city of Surprise Arizona. You better watch out for the police. They are hiding around every corner, constantly pulling innocent victims over. Giving out tickets that cost huge bucks for any little thing they can find. I don't know if this is a big source of revenue for the city of Surprise, AZ or what. I know I am always highly paranoid with a death grip on the steering wheel while driving through the city of Surprise, AZ. I see the police always pulling people over, I wonder when they are going to get me. I was lucky for about a year, then suddenly, on Halloween night 2014, bam they got me. It was a darkly lit area coming out of a strip mall with my little daughter in her Halloween costume, just about to go trick or treat. I was making a left turn and wammo a big young eager police got me. I asked why I was pulled over and he said I made an illegal left turn coming out of the strip mall. Like I said it was very dark, there was no median and I did not see any signs posted. I let the young officer know and he pointed to a little tiny sign way high up on this light poll as he handed me a computer printed ticket from the mother ship. The ticket will cost me almost two hundred dollars. Wow, what a gut punch! Thanks City of Surpise. While I was pulled over I saw two other people pulled over in my vicinity at the same time. Can we say entrapment? The police have no remorse, they act like brainwashed robots. It seems like a military zone in Surprise, AZ but they are swarming the wrong folks. Just good people, trying to make it. It is a real shame, the city of Surprise is such a gorgeous city. My Advice is to stay away from the City of Surpise Arizona, there are nice little cities around it, unless you like getting BIG fines! Yours Truly, upstanding citizen Chris.

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