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Ted from Beaumont, TX
Beaumont, TX
response to Kelly and this place sucks, rednecky, I got a good laugh from this item. About This place sucks, TAMU Bryan Tx, etc. Did you not do some research before you came to this Aggieland. I sure hope by now you finished that Master Degree because if you have not you are not going to no matter how long you hang around. Did you know that in the days of the hippy era there was not even one of them there? When U T students were going to classes chanting Hey Hey LBJ how many boys have you killed today that AMU was mostly the corp? Girls only got there in 1967. What are they very conservative and intolerant about that grips you? Are you surprised? Did you not know ahead? Did you get one of those 20,000 scholarships to help them salt and pepper their population? Did your daddy who was an Aggie make you go? You know highway 6 runs both ways. There are only about 15,000 Aggies there in the summer. The place goes to sleep and then wakes up when the Aggies return in September. Businesses shut down. People take vacations. Teachers, etc come to summer school, meaning adults. Women and lots of them bring their computers, study hard, stay in their living quarters and all subjects are harder because they go so fast. Of course it is hot. Summer starts Mar 15 and ends Oct 15. You can fry an egg on the sidewalks, people wear sandals and wrap around skirts to class. Knee length shorts. Walk a mile to park their cars. Did you not know? You stayed in 3 months must have meant no car. no friends. no dates. nothing to do. had to study. did not get dark until 9:30. Welcome to Aggieland in the summer. Why didn't you have classes and a job. Bet I knew why. Someone else paid for your course work and you paid a typist to do your papers after you stapled together some pages you got here and there and gave them to the typist. Summer school is hard work. Those people piling in there from elsewhere are there to make A's. Especially the women. I did 12 years of summer school at Lamar U, Sam Houston U, U of H, TAMU and it was far more difficult than the academic year. How come you had nothing to do. Next summer take more hours and get you a job and you will have plenty to do and not just hang around and sleep and complain like the 2 percenter you are. I will make some suggestions to you that I found to do there. The libraries at TAMU and city of Bryan are really good. If all else fails, read all the new magazines of your interest once a month or more often. Bryan city library has a really good Texas history section. Grocery shop on Sat night or Sunday night and if you are somewhere that has a small kitchen learn to cook some simple things. If in a dorm room, might order a tiny refrigerator off in www and stock it with some sandwich makings and some cokes and put together some fine eatings. Join a church and go to more than one. Look at people coming out into the parking lots and decide which one based on the ones that look most like your parents, your family, you. Assign yourself some topics and write some essays of about 1,000 words on things that come to mind. Your family members, your home town specific places. Do like Faulkner or someone said; write about every inch, every leaf, etc in your own home town. Then put them in some sort of logical order and make and outline in the front and turn it into a table of contents and lastly, number the pages. Here are some things I like to do now and for several years before. Find some free movies and clips on the youtube and watch them. Not the pay for ones, but things like old John Wayne movies, find one or two and look in the right side and see the list of whole movies there. watch some. How about some fine concerts by singers who would have had to pay big bucks to hear; The Everly Brothers; The Brothers Four; The Kingston Trio; Peter, Paul and Mary, Porter Wagner, Johnny Cash; Pete Segar singing something about up to my knees or other part of the body in the big muddy and that big fool keeps saying push on. That is what he got put off national TV by LBJ guys maybe the Sumters Brothers also. See when singing songs like We shall over come and he is talking about union workers. See him at age 30 and then at 90; John Denver; and all the great girl singers. Watch some clips from great movies such as; Splendor in the Grass. Natalee Wood, Warren Beatty; The Long Hot Summer w/ Joan Woodward and husband. Earlier clips form the Great Gadsby. How about The Lover and Damage and Conversations with other Women. Are Les Meserable the 10th Anniversary live performance. then 25th Anniversary London. Listen to 10 different ladies sing The Rose. Watch Janice Joplin. Nina Simon. Beatles. Now write all these down for ideas on as piece of paper. Turn them up to fill up the screen and sit back like they were in concert just for you. Right in your room there will be class, culture, and beauty. How about A Beautiful Mind. The English Patient; clips from Brokeback Mountain. Those scenes from Monument Park in John Wayne movies in the background. Some spegetti westerns. A little music from young Supremes, Diana Ross, Statler Brothers. Dolly Parton and various guys she sings with, the more of them you click on to the more of them turn up. This ole Aggie has given you lots of ideas of what you can do free and with very little effort except the click of the mouse. One more thing to do in the library. There is a section in the TAMU library with news papers from major cities and some from other countries. I liked to find the real estate sections and read the ads. Also see the same news stories and see how they are treated in the various places. Then there is people watching, but better to do that in the academic year as there are so few around in the summer. Click back on the internet and when you are feeling up to it watch Ike Eisnhower and the troops find those Jewish/Nazi camps and see what they saw. Watch JFK on the grassy nall in Dallas and Jack Ruby shot Oswald in front of everyone on live TV. Watch the marches from Selma Ala and the lunch counter sit ins. Watch Buno monkeys do it, lions do it, rhinos do it, watch the movies of Betty Davis, Ingred Bergman, Doris Day, watch swing, jitterbug, watch Sissy ride that mechanical bull. Trvolta dance in Saturday night fever. Watch Swashy dance in Dirty Dancing. What Hank Williams and hear him sing and then 12 others sing his songs. You would never run out of things to do right there in your air conditioned room. While eating snikers and drinking diet cokes and unbuttered unsalted popping corn popped in brown paper lunch sacks in that microwave oven just push the button that says pop corn. Buy plain store brand plastic sack, about 3 lbs, about 2.99 in cost, enough for 2 weeks every night if you want.

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