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Jenna from Fontana, CA
Fontana, CA
Fast growing town that no one seems to leave I grew up in this fast growing town and it feels like home. When my family first moved here in 2003, there was empty land and not a lot of people, but now it feels like there isn't much room left! This south suburb of Las Vegas is great because you get the view of the Strip which has the tall buildings, food, and nightlife of a city and a comfortable suburb with horses and trails. This place feels safe, and for the most part it is, but of course you will see some people that will make you nervous, but they tend to stick to themselves. I'm not sure about the crime in the area, because nothing had ever happened to me. I'm a young girl and I'd take the bus home at night and walk home by myself without ever being bothered. There are a lot of pedestrian accidents and disputes between families that get out of hand. The drivers here suck, but traffic isn't anything after living in California for a while. Everybody seems to move here and never leave. I did, but I only know a handful of other people who did, too. UNLV is nicknamed University of Never Leaving Vegas. Not sure how true that is, but is seems like the town grows on you. It feels like there are a lot of people here that have conservative and southern values and politics, but somehow the state continues to lean liberal. Maybe they're just more outspoken.

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